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Family relationships are an endless source of feelings and situations that you want to share with others. Sister statuses are a good way to tell the world about the happiness of having the best friend in your life. A selection of such expressions will help to highlight exactly those words that are so important to say to a dear person. Our site offers statuses about a younger sister and lots of sweet little sister quotes. Read and smile, because this relationship is one of the most multifaceted.

Little sister quotes

When the younger sister falls, the older one helps her up. And if the older sister fell – the younger one would laugh.

The greatest happiness in life is to have a younger sister. Every time I am upset, she runs up to me and says that she loves me. At such moments, the desire to live flares up with renewed vigor.

little sister quotes little sister quotes Little sister quotes little sister quotes

I would always love to share the news with my younger sister first of all, but she already knows everything.

Parents give us life, nurture and instill love in us. But the best gift they can give us is a little sister.

Only a sister is able to penetrate deep into the heart and heal even the most terrible wounds.

You will never hide anything from your younger sister: she always knows even what you have not done yet.

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I am immensely grateful to my parents for giving me a loved one with whom I can be best friends. And this is my little sister.

A younger sister is irreplaceable support for life, which will help you only go forward. Only her you are obliged to understand and forgive her all your life.

Little sister sayings

You can tell your younger sister the most intimate secrets and not be afraid that someone will find out about it. After all, she has the most direct participation in these secrets!

The younger ones always want to seem more mature, and only the older sister knows how little you really are.

It’s nice to know that you are not alone in this world. People come and go and only your own sister will always be there, even if she is far away!

It is impossible to quarrel with a younger sister for a long time: either she will need something from you, or you will need something from her. A truce is inevitable.

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Sometimes it seems that my sister and I, like a cat and a dog, are completely different. But on quiet family evenings, you still realize that we are one unit with her.

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It is easy for me to share one room with my younger sister: in the evening and at night she walks, I sleep, and in the morning and afternoon – the opposite is true.

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How I envy those people who have a little sister. I think these people are happier than the rest.

Your sister is your mirror image: outwardly she looks like you, but, in fact, she is completely different.

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