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A little girl is an image of a child who is not afraid of anything, looks ahead with interest and still believes in miracles. How we sometimes lack these qualities in adulthood! We stop believing in fairy tales, in a better life, and in the fact that everything will work out. Our site has selected the best little girl quotes. Read, be inspired, and never neglect the desires of your inner child!

Little girl quotes

A little girl in the house is a bunch of pink hairpins, elastic bands, dresses and a lot of happiness.

Every little girl is a princess. And it can’t be otherwise.

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I cannot love someone more than the one who calls me mommy.

If you have a daughter, you become happy. Immediately.

My little daughter doesn’t have to be strong. She must be affectionate.

A little girl is a bright sun. Who else can smile so beautifully?

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Yes, she keeps me awake, but at the same time she gives me an incentive to move on.

Every mother should remember that one day her little daughter will follow her example and not her advice.

Little girl sayings

The only girl that I will carry in my arms from the first minutes of our meeting is my daughter!

There is no greater joy for old people than a daughter. At least until the little granddaughter appears.

A girl shouldn’t be obedient. She should be happy.

A little girl is of great value not only for parents but also for all relatives.

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My little girl calls me mom. And from this happiness, I suffocate.

Daughter is too harsh a word. I have a little girl, a little princess, but already a very big dream.

Happiness has settled with us for a long time. And all because our daughter was born.

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Even though any daughter is very similar to her mother, she is still unique.

Try to get better every day. Just to set the right example for your daughter.

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She will grow up, and we will gossip with her about guys. But let’s not tell Dad anything!

Even if someday we do not understand each other, I will still love her, my little girl.

As soon as you look at your daughter, every time you think: how did you live without her at all?

It’s always nice to hear a timid “love”. Especially if your little daughter said it …

Love your little girls, because they feel all your emotions!

You are a good mother if your daughter trusts you with her secrets.

Have a daughter? Forget saving, but get ready for true love!

Happiness is lying on the edge of the sofa, while there is a little girl in the center, and this is your daughter!

The weak point of the father is his little girl, his own daughter.

Do everything so that your little daughter dreams for a longer time and believes for a longer time that dreams can come true.

Her childish heart clings to me, and I clearly understand: she loves me more than anyone else in the world.

I believe that my baby is the most beautiful girl. And I will not allow her to doubt it even for a second.

If you want to be surprised every day, look no other way. Give birth to a daughter!

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