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Sometimes it happens that quarrels arise between two people. And sometimes there are not enough words to express your regret for a certain act. A great solution is beautiful apology phrases that fit different situations. Even one small message can reconcile two people who have inadvertently quarreled. Say unmatched words of apology brightly. Here is a great collection of I am sorry messages.

I am sorry messages

I am ready to sacrifice a lot, just to make up for the scar of resentment on your heart. Let me touch this scar with my soul, begging for forgiveness.

Let me sew up your wound of resentment with the threads of sincere forgiveness. I hope that your trust in me is not lost.

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I know my act was terrible. But I believe that you will forgive me, because a heart that truly loves will still find a place in itself for forgiveness.

Forgive me if you find the strength for this. I will apologize until you believe in my remorse. 

Sorry for those hurtful words that flew from my lips in a fit of anger. Don’t take them personally. I am sincerely sorry for what I did.

My prayer for forgiveness, like a light breeze, will gently touch you and fly into heaven, in search of your forgiveness…

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I ask you one thing – be able to open your soul for forgiveness. I will not be able to be free as long as I am tormented by the pangs of my conscience. Deliver me from them.

Holding a grudge, you will forever extinguish the fire that burned in our hearts. Be able to forgive, and then we will be together, as before.

I am sorry sayings

Please do not hold grudges in your soul. Let all misunderstandings remain in the past, and your heart will become easy!

Having decorated our lives with bright colors, the artist suddenly decided to change the picture and added a black spot of resentment. Forgive me. Let’s get rid of this stain and find the long-awaited happiness?

You are my battery. Next to you I am charged with energy and desire to live. Do not deprive me of this happiness. I beg you, be able to forgive me…

Don’t be angry in vain. Let’s turn over this sad page of life, and start our relationship with a clean slate!

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Our world, woven of desires and fantasies, was overshadowed by my wrongdoing. I admit my guilt. Admit you, too, that your offense must be consumed by forgiveness.

My lies were like a thunderstorm, but your forgiveness will return us a clear palate in our relationship. Forgive me for all that I have done.

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Let’s replay the last scene. I admit that I blabbed too much. Please come back.

My soul is covered with a dense layer of the snow of separation, which takes away all the warmth you have given me lately. Sorry. Don’t let me freeze.

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Our relationship is very important to me. And I want no grievances and disagreements to come between us. Most of all now I want to make peace with you!

There are no perfect people in the world, and I am no exception. Sorry for causing you so much inconvenience sometimes. I will try to fix it.

We sometimes want to stop time or turn it back. After all, we are people, and we tend to make mistakes. Only your kind heart will forgive me for my mistakes.

We are human beings, and sometimes we make mistakes for which we are ashamed. I made such a mistake recently … And now my soul is very bad. Please give me one more chance.

Life is too short to waste precious moments in meaningless quarrels. Forgive me! Let’s catch up as soon as possible!

I would like to turn back time and correct the error, but, unfortunately, this is unrealistic. Know, I am infinitely sorry for what I did.

I regret everything that I have done and I understand that nothing can be returned back! Just know that no matter how your fate turns, you can always rely on me.

Everything that I have done is difficult to understand, but I beg you to forgive me! I hope that you can still put everything back or start over.

I understand that I have been wrong more than once, but still I ask you to give me one more chance! A chance to fix everything and make you the happiest man in the world!

Tell me what do I need to do to make you forgive me? I know I disappointed you, but I miss you.

This message is my attempt to renew our relationship. I’m very sorry that this is how it turned out. I dream of bringing everything back.

Now there is the emptiness inside me and resentment against myself. I want to see your messages again, wait for the call and run to your meetings. Forgive me for the stupid wrongs.

If I could turn back time, I would never have made those mistakes. I am insanely sorry that my rash prank turned out that way.

I didn’t know that you would be offended so much, and it pains me to know that I am to blame for this quarrel. I promise that I will never commit any rash acts from now on.

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