Happy retirement wishes for coworker

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Does your friend or colleague retire? It’s time to congratulate him!  You can cheer up by reminding that finally the long-awaited vacation has come, or you can joke because of age and retirement. Your message may contain different subtexts, but in any case, it should be positive. Here you will find lots of happy retirement wishes for coworker. Indeed, for any person, retirement is, albeit a long-awaited, but exciting and new period in life. Therefore, he will no doubt be pleased to receive words of support from you. We have collected for you top happy retirement messages, which you can apply in your speech, regardless of the reason.

Happy retirement wishes for coworker

Congratulations on your retirement! From today everything belongs only to you. Enjoy this time and live as good as never before. Wish you all the best!

All your hard work is over. Now, you can do everything you want. So, let’s get started with the celebration! Hurray! Happy retirement!

happy retirement card for coworker happy retirement wishes for coworker Happy retirement wishes for coworker happy retarement card for coworker

Dear, it’s time for you to take the holidays you‘ve been waiting for so long. I guess that the sun, beaches and warm weather would be perfect for this new beginning. Enjoy your life now! Happy retirement!

Retirement? Yes, you deserve it! It’s an amazing time to start a new stage of your life without any worries about work. Sounds perfect, right? So, may this new start be the best. Congrats on retirement!

For me, retirement has a different meaning. It means, you aren‘t old, you are free. So, enjoy your freedom and do everything you‘ve wished for. Of course, don‘t lose your head. Happy retirement and perfect celebration!

Cheers to your a long waited and dreamed retirement! You are and will always be the best person and worker. We all perfectly know you and what you’re planning to do. So, go crazy, buddy! Happy retirement!

happy retirement wishes for coworker happy retirement wishes for coworker Happy retirement wishes for coworker happy retirement wishes for coworker

Thank you for all your hard work and all the ideas you shared with us. It was an amazing time, but now it’s time to say you a very happy retirement! There’s nothing bad to have more free time for yourself, your friends and family. Enjoy it!

May all your positivity stay the same as before. Retirement is just one more step closer to yourself. Sleep long and well. Wish you the best time ever! Congrats!

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Good bye messages to colleagues

Who said that retirement is something bad? Nobody ever. So, don‘t listen to what others say and love this beautiful time. It‘s your time to shine again! Happy retirement!

I‘ll miss you and all your brilliant minds. You are absolutely amazing in all areas and a person like you will never be. However, it‘s your time to be even better and surprise us one more time. You‘re fantastic. Happy retirement, buddy!

retirement greetings to colleague happy retirement wishes for coworker Happy retirement wishes for coworker retirement greetings to colleague

Happy retirement, dear colleague!  Work with you was unbelievable because you are one of the most interesting and creative people I‘ve ever known. Hope, we‘ll meet soon because you‘ll have more free time than before. Ha, ha. Be happy!

Wishing a very happy retirement to the best colleague! Work with you was easy, funny and full of good memories. Hope we‘ll continue to be close friends, not only ex-colleagues. Good luck, dear, and celebrate this day!

Nice retirement messages for colleague

I can’t imagine our workplace without you, dear. You were the spirit of all of us. Always with smile, funny, full of good minds and undoubtedly the most inventive. We all miss you. But, you must be the happiest. Happy retirement!

Enjoy your long sleep, cozy mornings and late-night movies. Everything you have to do – enjoy your beautiful time and life. Send you the biggest luck and hope to see you soon in not working environment. Congratulations, colleague!

Happy retirement to my favorite colleague! Wishing you the best on your new milestone. To tell the truth, I‘m jealous of you that you don‘t have to get up early. It‘s so hard… Appreciate it! Congratulations!

Congratulations on retirement, colleague! The fun will now start to the maximum. So, be ready for adventures and crazy things. I know, you want it. Just don’t be shine. Happy retirement!

happy retirement card happy retirement wishes for coworker Happy retirement wishes for coworker happy retirement card

Congrats on retirement, colleague! No more papers, stress and overtime in your life. Just warm bed, tea and time for yourself. Almost relaxing every day. It‘s awesome! Be happy, dear.

Colleague, thank you for your hard work and contribution to our work. You were absolutely one of the best co-workers and friend. However, the last task for you is to prepare your fun-do list for your free time in retirement. Wish you good luck!

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Congratulations on promotion to the best position in your life! No control, no hard work, no stress. It’s a fairy tale, not life. Be happy and wish you all the best at this new step, colleague!

Happy retirement, colleague! Mornings at office vs mornings at home in your bed? I think, now it will be much better. Free from everything, uhh… I’m jealous, but happy for you. Hope you feel the same happiness. Congrats!

Retirement greetings for a friend

Happy retirement, fellow! Now you know what that feeling is. But, don’t worry and be happy. Happy as never before. Wish you the greatest time of your life. Congratulations!

No more work, no more meetings, no more hardly achievable goals. That‘s great, buddy! So, don‘t be sad and enjoy your long vacation. More smile and more positivity. Happy retirement!

Sincerest greetings on your retirement, dear! Retirement is just like the longest coffee break and nothing else. Do everything as always, just don’t think about the job. It’s a simple and easy way to enjoy this time. Congratulations!

You’re not old, you’re just ready to love and live your life. Retirement is a new beginning, not the end of your life. Also, you have me, and we‘ll be the best retirement team. Happy retirement, friend!

For your devotion to work, you’re worth the best vacation. Not a week, not a month, but many many years. It sounds perfect! So, have a vacation all your life and be as happy as possible. Congratulations on retirement!

May every time of your life be filled with happiness and joy, because you won’t need to go to work and get nervous, buddy! Hope your retirement day will be marked accordingly. Happy retirement!

Have a happy and crazy retirement, friend! Now you have enough time for your craziest ideas and hobbies. Do whatever you want and need. It’s your life, your time and your retirement. I’m with you. Congratulations!

Dear friend, hope your energy and spirit will always accompany you, because now you have so much time to do something different. You are different, too. Hope this time will be beautiful and one of the most excited. Happy retirement!

No one can tell you when you have time to rest. Retirement doesn‘t mean you have to stop and do nothing. It means you have to live as never before. With more power and energy. It‘s your time to live your life freely. Happy retirement, friend!

This is another beginning of your life, dear. But another doesn’t mean that you won’t have me next to you. I’ll always be your friend and I think we’ll have a perfect time together in our retirements. So, be happy! Congratulations!

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