cute quotes about friends


Cute quotes about friends

A true friend is a person who will tell the truth about you personally, but to everyone else tell what a wonderful person you are.

Having many friends means not having a single real one.

Good friends go to someone who knows how to be a good friend himself.

As rare as true love is, true friendship is even rarer.

A friend is one soul living in two bodies.

A friend is a person in whose presence you can think out loud.

A friend is someone who gives you complete freedom to be yourself.

A person must be accepted as he is. This is the only way true friendship can appear.

A true friend is one who, even in difficult times, will hold your hand and see your soul.

Those who illuminate the lives of others will not be left without light themselves.

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you for who you are.

Each of our friends is a whole world for us. A world that only appeared thanks to our chance meeting with this person.

Too much can never be done for a devoted friend.

Of all the things that fate gave us in order to live life happily, above all is the ability to make friends.

Love can be unrequited. Friendship – can never be so.

Relatives are a family given to us from above. Friends are a family that we are free to choose ourselves.

Anyone who wants to have a friend without flaws is left without friends.

Friendship penetrates into the life of all people, but to maintain it, sometimes you have to endure resentment.

Friendship is the harbor to which a person aspires. It gives a person joy and peace of mind.

There are people we forgive and there are people we do not forgive. The ones we forgive are our friends.

There is no point in choosing friends, since this activity is useless. Friends are gifts of fate.

It’s not so hard to die for a friend as it is to find a friend worth dying for.

The winner has many friends, and only the loser have real ones.

The law of friendship prescribes to love a friend no less, but no more than oneself.

Friendship is a healing balm for love disappointment wounds.

It is important to be a friend to a person while he is alive, and not when he has already died. The dead need nothing.

Make friends with those who are better than you. You will suffer, but you will grow.

Only the person who comes to the rescue when he is not even asked about it is important.

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