Congratulations on new baby boy


Congratulations on new baby boy

The Lord gave you the most coveted gift in life – a child!  Let the newborn baby grow up healthy, and bring great joy to the parents!

There is one more man in the world! Let your newborn son, like the sun, illuminate your life, filling it with love and joy!

Today even the sun shines especially brightly. Indeed, today, you became the parents of a little son! Let he become your reliable support and pride.

My congratulations on the birth of an heir! Let your baby have good health, great appetite and a wonderful ability to sleep all night long!

We were happy to hear about the new additions to your family! Let the baby bring you an ocean of joy and positive feelings from the first days of life.

We congratulate you on the arrival of the long-awaited little angel! Let him, like a star, illuminate your home with happiness!

We wish your newborn son to grow up surrounded by light, love and kindness! May good health and a happy fate be given from above!

The day that you have been waiting for has come, and which will change your life once and for all! I wish your little son a long and happy life and continued good luck.

You now have three people in your family and this is the most real happiness. May all the blessings of the world flow into his hands!

Today all the problems have disappeared, as there is one more amazing boy in the world. Let the kind guardian angel protect your newborn son and keep him from any troubles.

On this joyful day, I congratulate the parents on the happiness that the Lord has sent you! Let this little ray of your love become a real sun for all people around!

Let the world of your family be filled with warmth and light with the appearance of your newborn son.

Please accept my congratulations! Your family has replenished: a beautiful little boy was born. Let this little sun warm your life with kind warmth.

Let your newborn son grow up as a wonderful guy: kind, strong, wise. May he live up to all your best hopes!

I congratulate you on the birth of the hero! I wish your baby health and longevity, and your parents – patience and joy!

Congratulations on your addition! Let your little adorable creature bring new emotions and joyful pleasant chores into your life.

The greatest happiness in the world is to hold your newborn son in your arms after nine long months. May he multiply your life with love and happiness!

This day will be the beginning of a new life for you. Let your newborn son bring you a million sunny, touching moments!

Congratulations on the birth of the heir, the successor of the family! May you have enough wisdom, strength and patience to go through life hand in hand with your little treasure!

I wish the new little man, who has just come to our world, a kind guardian angel, and happy parents – to raise him in love, support the first timid steps and develop talents.

A son was born in your family – this is a real miracle. May he be the happiest person on the planet. Let, while he grows, life prepare the most pleasant surprises for him.

So you have waited for the birth of a boy! Let this tiny successor of the family become your main pride!

I wish you endurance and patience so that your newborn son always feels loved, and you have a hundred thousand reasons to be proud of him!

Let the appearance of a son in your family open up in you a huge potential of wisdom, fantasy and love, which will help you raise a real man from a cute baby!

Congratulations on the birth of your son! We wish you to raise a man, your protector, and just a kind, fair person whom you will be proud of!

Your long-awaited son was born! Let your life from this unforgettable moment turn in a new direction.

Congratulations on the birth of a boy! We wish the baby to grow up as a real man, like his father.

The first smile, the first words, the first steps, the first school successes are waiting for you! Let the birth of a son bring not only a lot of trouble into your life, but also a lot of joy!

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