Condolence messages on death of mother

Condolence words on death of mom

Life is fleeting and sometimes ends. How can you express condolences on the death of a mother to your loved ones who have lost? It seems that the words are commonplace and empty. But condolences are imperative. In moments of grief, even a few words of encouragement will help comfort those who grieve and show them that we are close and ready to help. How to express condolences is not so important: the main thing is to say something from the heart, to participate and support the grieving. Here is a collection of condolence messages on death of mother.

Condolence messages on death of mother

Beloved people do not go away. They just stop being around. Remember that your mother is always there, in your heart!

You had a wonderful mom. Many were jealous of you, because she was so kind. Do not cry, she sees you from heaven. You can always talk to her, but, alas, you will not hear the answer.

Condolence messages on death of mother condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother condolence messages on death of mom

I was beside myself with grief when I learned about this tragedy. Dear, I sympathize with you with all my heart. Hold on!

I do not even know what words can support you, my friend. I’m really sorry. Just do not give up!

If there is a paradise, then I am sure that your mother is there now, and she is well there. I don’t think she would like to see your tears. Cheer up, if only for her.

When you are sad, my friend, look at the sky. And imagine that somewhere there is your mother, living a calm, carefree life. Her spirit still loves you, even though he is not near.

Condolence texts on death of mom condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother condolence texts on death of mom

We’ ll never forget her smile, her kindness , her hug, her. So sorry for your loss.

Friend, do you remember that life is a series of white and black stripes? So, now, of course, you have a black stripe in your life, but remember that everything will be fine soon. Hold on!

Condolence words on death of mom

She was your most important person, I know. Sorry I do not know what to say at this moment. I’ll be there, just know it.

Your mother was a very wise woman. She loved everyone equally, never cheated on anyone. I always treated her with respect. Accept my condolences, friend.

I remember how she asked that if she ever died, I would take care of you. I will always be your right hand friend. You can contact me for support at any time.

Hard to survive. I believe. But understand that she no longer hurts now. Her soul and body are free, and now she flies over us and sees us. Take her in your soul, and keep it as the most valuable thing.

condolence card on mothers death condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother condolence card on mothers death

I know she was irreplaceable. You’ll miss her anyway. But know, she would be happy if she saw you joyful, enjoying life. Do it for her!

Let me hug you, my friend. I understand that this will not replace your mother’s arms, but just understand that we all here wish you well. You can rely on us.

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Your mother really was a great woman. All her friends admired her. So this is a big loss for all of us. I hope she hears us now. We love you!

Incredibly difficult to understand. Why precisely she? After all, she loved to live so much! I believe that her spirit will always be with you. She will be your invisible support.

Mother's death condolence words condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother mothers death condolence words

Your mother always smiled. I am sure that for all people she will be remembered by a happy, cheerful woman. We all condole you, friend.

On the day your mother passed away, it started to rain. I did not attach any importance to this, but when I learned about the incident, I realized that even nature was grieving for the loss.

She is probably better off in heaven now. Such a beautiful lady has no place in our sinful earth! Her place among the angels.

Let me take your hand, my friend. Don’t cry, your mother sees us now. Her image will always haunt you. Let her be your guardian angel.

Condolence texts on death of mother

We loved your mother like our own. You know that this news shocked us, not less than you. Let’s rally and relive this pain together, friends.

Telephone call. Shock. Pain. Tears. I cannot collect all the thoughts in my head to express my feelings. I am broken with grief, and I have no idea what it is like to you now, friend. But we will survive it together!

We are in great pain at this hour. Your mother was a person with a great soul. We will remember her as the most worthy person. If we can help you with something, contact us immediately!

Your mother played an important role in our lives. She did so much for us that it was impossible to thank her in full. My condolences to you!

Until now, the news of your mom’s death seems like a ridiculous mistake! It is impossible to realize this! We will always remember about her! 

Everyone who knew her grieves now, because such a tragedy cannot leave anyone indifferent. I will never be able to forget her and I assure you that I will support you in every possible way.

My heart is broken by yesterday’s news. I worry with you and remember your mother with the warmest words! It’s hard to accept the loss! Everlasting memory!

Shocking news for our whole family! Such a misfortune … How can we help you, my friend?

I am overwhelmed by this news. How so? Why she? I do not find the answers to these questions. Friend, admire and be proud of your mother. She lived a decent life!

I do not believe that she is gone forever. How could she leave us? Dear friend, be strong. This is not an easy moment for you, but I believe you will overcome it.

The loss of a mother is the hardest loss. This pain is hard to deal with, and I cannot find words that would ease your pain. Hope time will heal your mental wounds.

How much good she did to her neighbors! How we all loved her! With her leaving, we have lost a piece of ourselves. We really empathize with you!

Words cannot convey all the pain and sadness that we are experiencing right now. All this is like a bad dream. Eternal rest to her soul.

I was stunned by this terrible news. It is hard when you lose loved ones, but the death of your mother is grief, against which there is no medicine. I cry with you!

Mom’s departure is an incomparable grief. She was a model of femininity. The memories of her will be as endless as her kindness to all of us. And this is how we will remember her forever!

I do not represent the magnitude of this tragedy for you. But I see you broken, my friend. What can I do for you to ease the pain of loss?

Death takes the best. Unfair, but true. Just know that your mother was a beautiful woman. No one expected such a turn of fate.

The connection of the child and the mother is inseparable. And even death is not able to break it. Your mother will always be in your thoughts, in your memories, in your heart.

Your mother was so pure and so sinless that, probably, God considered her an angel, and decided to take her to heaven. But do not be afraid. Her spirit will always be with you, so you will never be alone.

The news of the death of the mother brought me astounded. I could not realize it for a long time and come to my senses. After all, recently I saw her happy smile, and could not even think that I would not see her again. Condolences.

Memory … It always reminds of a close person, and at the same time, holds thoughts in the past and does not allow us to live. Find the best option for yourself. Live with her in your heart, but do not let the memories destroy you.

It was painful to hear about this grief. We all believed in the best, and prayed for her health, friend. Hold on, our family is sorry for you.

What grief! Irreplaceable loss! Keep her image in memories, and know your mother was the most beautiful person I knew.\

How difficult it is to accept what defies explanation. Such a beautiful person and such a quick demise! I hope she feels good in heaven now.

On that beautiful day, nothing foreshadowed trouble. But the sudden call and the news of your mother’s death shocked me. I still cannot come to my senses, and tell you the words of condolence. Just know that our family will always support you.

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