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Do you have a brother or sister? Then you are not alone in this world, since you are connected by blood and spiritual ties with another person. Believe me, there are many people who do not have such wealth and are very sensitive to it. Usually, girls dream of an older brother, in whom they hope to see a protector and friend. We’ve picked out the best brother and sister quotes for you! We hope you can recognize yourself in them!

Brother and sister quotes

The sister is both the brother’s mirror and his opposite.

Two brothers are a constant competition. But brother and sister are constant support.

brother and sister quotes brother and sister quotes Brother and sister quotes brother and sister quotes

There is one man, besides dad, who will love you even without makeup. This is a brother.

The elder brother has a responsible task: to be an example of how men should behave. Thus, he will help the sister make the right choice.

A sister’s modesty is a brother’s wealth.

Happy are those people who are waiting with trepidation and anticipation to meet their brother or sister.

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Parents give us life, nurture and instill love in us. But the best gift they can give is a brother or sister.

Brother is four letters, kilometers of understanding, and lifelong friendship.

Brother and sister sayings

A friend can be compared to a brother or sister whom you have chosen yourself.

An older brother or sister is always an example to follow. That is why, if you are the eldest child in the family, bear such a responsibility as if you already have your own. 

People who have a sibling already have much more than others. They will always have someone who will support them in difficult times. 

What is good news worth if it cannot be shared with your sister?

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A sister is the best friend you can’t get rid of.

Do not be angry about past grudges: a sister-brother relationship may not be perfect, but at least let there be no resentment between you.

Little sister quotes

When you’re on a bad relationship with your brother, there is at least one less protective factor.

The sister is the person who will help to clean the apartment, and will not walk and lament. She will lament, but in the process.

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Our brothers and sisters are our mirrors. They, like no one else, know our shortcomings and weaknesses. And yet they still stay with us.

To be a friend is to be a brother or sister to a loved one. Unite your soul and his, without merging into one, and become one great power.

No matter how close you are to your brother or sister, you can rest assured that you will always have the support to keep you from giving up.

Sometimes brothers tease or hurt their sisters. But, in fact, they are willing to risk their lives for them.

As a child, you thought that your brother or sister was your main rival. But as you grow up, you begin to realize that they are your best friends.

Throughout their lives, brothers and sisters teach each other how to make compromises, forget past fights, and forgive one another.

Sisters and brothers have an amazing, unique relationship: today they are the best friends, and tomorrow they are the most sworn enemies.

If you have a brother or sister, the least you can do for them is to say that you love them. Don’t forget this!

Brothers and sisters are connected for life by an invisible thread. They can be separated by distance, but they are always connected by love.

One of the main tasks of older brothers is to be support for younger sisters during a period when their ideal world is crumbling.

Brothers and sisters can endlessly swear, say hurtful words to each other, but they never stop loving, although they do not admit it.

Our older brothers and sisters are guides to the adult world. They know when to be supportive, and they do it naturally, while adults do it with judgment.

If life is a journey, then make sure that you are always accompanied by a faithful friend: do not spoil your relationship with brothers or sisters.

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