Beautiful quotes about flowers


Beautiful quotes about flowers

Flowers are the best things that the Lord created, but forgot to endow with a soul.

“Nothing is impossible,” proves a flower blooming in the desert.

Stretching out their hands to the sky, people often forget about the flowers under their feet.

The heart is like a flower. It cannot be opened by force. It should open itself.

If every person could see the true beauty of a flower, then the world would be much better.

Flowers are blooming everywhere for everyone who wants to see them.

There are flowers that bloom early and there are flowers that bloom late. People flourish the same way.

Love is like a wild flower. It can be found where we do not expect it.

Flowers are the remnants of paradise on Earth.

If it rains in your life, focus on the flowers that rain will bloom.

Flowers live a really bright, but short life, like most of great people.

A flower that turns towards the sun does it even in bad weather.

Flowers are some kind of material “vibes” that people can exchange with each other.

Flowers don’t solve all problems. But they are a good start for that.

A person who loves flowers cannot be angry.

Only flowers live so desperately blooming, as if they understand better than people the transience of life.

Art is a relentless attempt to compete with the beauty of flowers. And it is always unsuccessful.

People should learn from flowers to see the best, as a flower, even in the most cloudy weather, seeks the sun.

Take care of the flowers, rather than chasing butterflies, and then the butterflies will come to you on their own.

Everyone wants to contemplate the beauty of a flower, but not everyone is ready to plant seeds for this.

Artificial flowers don’t smell, just like fake love doesn’t bloom.

Love is like a flower that grows and blooms with proper care.

Roses instill us a love to nature, and thorns instill respect.

This is what nature intended: the rain should fall, the flower should bloom, and the human soul should love.

The flower is like true love. If you don’t take care of it, sooner or later it dies.

In order to bloom magnificently, the flower first sprouts through the ground. Likewise, people need to go through trials in order to achieve something.

The flower does not compete in beauty with other flowers. It knows it is unique.

Each flower blooms at the right time for this, not adjusting to anyone but itself.

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