Baby shower wishes

Baby shower greetings

Here you will find plenty of baby shower wishes.

Baby shower wishes

Pregnancy is good for you, honey. May the coming year of growing up a child be unforgettable for you!

Think positive! After all, the right way of thinking can change your life for the better! I wish easy childbirth!

I see you shining with happiness! And I understand for sure that there is a good reason for this! Happy holiday!

You will have a difficult period in life. But do not be afraid, dear. There will be a person next to you who will make you happy by his presence. And this is your baby!

The birth of a child is an opportunity to express your love to one person. I wish you a carefree life span!

Baby shower wishes baby shower wishes Baby shower wishes baby shower wishes

Childbirth is a blessing that descends on your family. Welcome the new family member as if he were a long-awaited guest!

The child has not yet been born, but you are already full of love for him. No doubt you will be the best parents!

Baby shower greetings

Since you are a loving person, I think that having a baby is your best decision in order to get rid of an excess of love! Happy baby shower!

I kindly envy you, dear ones. Not many families can experience such happiness as having a child. I wish you easy childbirth!

It will be a tough time, I know. But believe me, all difficulties will be forgotten with time. And you will remember it with a smile!

Finally there will be a person in your life whom you will embrace as much as you like. And you have the right to do it! Happy holiday!

Cute baby shower messages baby shower wishes Baby shower wishes baby shower messages

Incredibly happy for you! After all, I do not often hear that my friends are waiting for a child! I hope you have strong nerves to cope with this period!

New guest is on the way. I hope you have carefully prepared for his arrival! After all, he will be capricious enough to shake your nerves! Happy baby shower!

I congratulate you on the onset of a sleepless period in life! The following years will be filled with children’s cry, tears and diapers, but I hope that love and happiness will also be present in it.

You have a wonderful opportunity to relive the moments of childhood with your child. Happy for you!

Cute baby shower messages

A child will drastically change your life. Initially, you will feel that this period is the most difficult of all. But believe me, then you will remember only good moments.

Enjoy cleanliness in your house, until a small wrecker appears, and does not begin to destroy everything in his path. Easy pregnancy to you!

The child is the beginning of unlimited love. Be sure, as long as he lives, love will always be in your heart! Congratulations!

I will not even ask how you feel now. I understand everything by your eyes. You are happy and it is beautiful!

Congratulations on your change of occupation for the next couple of years. Now you are a mother on maternity leave, but this does not mean that you will not work. Your job is to take care of your baby around the clock!

The birth of a child is proof that angels exist, and they have a human appearance. I congratulate you with the onset of an important event!

Now you look absolutely happy. But after the birth of your angel, you will see that true happiness has come not so long ago. And its name is parenthood.

Dear ones, get ready for a state of perpetual exhaustion, mixed with unlimited happiness! This fancy combination will make this period unforgettable!

I am sure your baby will be like you, not only with facial features, but with habits and character. He will be a truly wonderful creature!

With the advent of the child, you will begin to acutely feel the lack of budget. And diapers will not cause this. You will buy all the collections of toys to your child, so that he will always be happy!

Congratulations! Here’s my main advice. Show the maximum of your love for the child in the first years of life, because when he grows up, he will be busy with other concerns.

The baby is your continuation. I am glad that soon you will give birth to your small copy, which will always be with you!

To give birth to a child is to give birth to a friend for life. You cannot be sure that he will be with you always. But you will definitely never be lonely.

I look forward to the appearance of your baby! These little fingers … The first smile … It’s hard to imagine how much you are waiting for his appearance!

Your baby will definitely be happy! It is impossible to be sad when he has such a beautiful mother! Easy pregnancy to you, dear!

The pain from the birth of a child is nonsense, compared to that when you step on a detail of Lego. Easy parenting you, dear!

I am glad to share your excitement before such a significant event. But let me dispel your fear. When you become a parent, you will learn what true happiness is and what it looks like.

Your child will teach you a lot. Get ready for anything! However, less nervous, because your mood can affect the mood of your child.

Becoming a parent, you will be surprised how you lived without your child before. I am glad that your life turned out this way! I wish you easy childbirth!

A thousand congratulations on this exciting moment. Tears come to my eyes. Probably now you are as happy as ever. I sincerely wish you easy childbirth!

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