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Motivational quotes about friendship

Motivational sayings about friendship

Everything in our life comes and goes: money, work, things. Only people stay with us. Moreover, only those people for whom we are dear and who are dear to us. Friendship is an indicator of how interesting, important, and valuable people are to each other. Indeed, true friendship is much more than just pleasant communication in a cheerful company. We have selected the best motivational quotes about friendship for you, which will once again emphasize how important it is to appreciate your friends.

Motivational quotes about friendship

There cannot be many true friends. If there are many of them, then they are not real.

Love is a feeling that comes and goes, and friendship will last forever. Don’t betray your friends for the sake of relationships.

Motivational quotes about friendship motivational quotes about friendship Motivational quotes about friendship motivational quotes about friendship

If you can survive the betrayal of your friends, you will survive everything!

Only the person who is a friend to himself can acquire true friends.

Friendship is your hut where you can always find shelter. The only pity is that not everyone is able to understand this.

A bad friend is like a shadow. In cloudy weather he is not visible, but when it is sunny, he immediately appears nearby.

Motivational image about friendship motivational quotes about friendship Motivational quotes about friendship motivational image about friendship

There is only one true friend. The rest are just good acquaintances and people who are near you at the right time.

A true friend rejoices at the success of a neighbor. Imaginary friend hates him for it.

Motivational sayings about friendship

Do not trust all the secrets to a friend, because he also has friends.

Your best friend is your own reflection in the mirror.

Friends don’t have to be perfect, it’s enough that they are with you at a difficult hour.

Friendship is essential to life. Since no one wants to live without friends, even if he had all the other benefits.

Motivational words about friendship motivational quotes about friendship Motivational quotes about friendship motivational words about friendship

Without friendship, no communication between people has value.

True friendship is possible only when the silence does not bother the interlocutors.

Funny quotes about best friends

A friend is the person who sees your smile and will feel your soul crying.

The best way to keep your friends is not to betray them.

Motivational card about friendship motivational quotes about friendship Motivational quotes about friendship motivational card about friendship

A true friend is someone who, holding your hand, will feel your heart.

A friend is not the one who helped you rise, but the one who did not let you fall.

A true friend is not one who sympathizes in trouble, but one who shares your joy without envy.

Friends are the most important part of your life. Appreciate their tears, cherish their smiles, and guard your shared memories.

Friends are a family that we choose ourselves.

Only those people who know how to forgive each other’s shortcomings can be connected with true friendship.

Motivational words about friendship

It is not so difficult to die for a friend as it is to find a friend who is worth dying for.

A true friend will be with you even when you are wrong. When you’re right, everyone will be with you.

Appreciate people who are not afraid to ruin their reputation and hold your hand, even if others turn against you.

A friend is someone who not only dances with you in the sunlight, but also walks alongside you in the shade.

Friendship is when one is always ready to sacrifice himself, and the other is never ready to accept it.

The loneliest woman in the world is a woman who doesn’t have a close friend.

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Funny quotes about life lessons

funny sayings about life

Life is our most important teacher. That is why, from all incidents and life stages, you need to learn a lesson. Only in this way will we gain experience that will help us not to make mistakes of the past in the future. But it happens that life teaches us lessons, but we do not notice them, and we repeat the mistakes over and over again. How to be in such a situation? The main thing is not to despair, and treat everything with humor! On our site you will find the best collection of funny quotes about life lessons.

Funny quotes about life lessons

Life is what happens to you while you make other plans.

The biggest bankrupt in this world is a person who has lost his life enthusiasm.

funny quotes about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny quotes about life

Life experience has convinced me that people without flaws have too little merits.

You can’t repeat the same mistake twice. The second time is no longer a mistake. It’s a choice.

You can think that you have found the right path in life. But you have no right to assure yourself and others that this is the only way.

Don’t look for a path that will get rid of problems. Look for a way to solve them.

funny words about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny words about life

Each of us chooses his own path, and there is nothing to complain about fate. You have made a choice and you have received the corresponding result.

If you are at the bottom, then you are in a really good position: you have nowhere to go but up.

Funny sayings about life lessons

New horizons open up only as you move along the way. Life is boring and monotonous for those who stand still.

If you try, you have two options: it will work or it will not work. And if you don’t try, then there is only one option.

There is a lot of rubbish on the path of life. And you are either a sweeper or a broom.

Do not follow where the trail leads you. Instead of it, go where is no path and leave a trail.

funny image about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny image about life

A person lives best in those moments when he does not know that it is possible to live better.

Life is not a series of black and white stripes. This is a chessboard, and it all depends on your move!

Funny quotes about gym

Everyone must understand everything for himself, must go his own way, climb higher or fall to the bottom.

Sometimes just one confident step decides more than the entire path of life. It is able to change the fate of a person.

funny card about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny card about life

Only those who have passed through the pitch darkness are able to sincerely admire and rejoice at the dim candle light.

Life is like a marathon that you can run in any style. You just need to check in at the designated points.

Funny thoughts about life lessons

If you know your path, then luck and misfortune will move you forward anyway.

When you reach the goal, you understand that the whole path was the goal.

Every life is a picture. Parents give us a canvas, fate gives us a frame, society gives us paints. And we have to draw ourselves.

It is necessary to learn from the mistakes of others. You cannot live long enough to do them all on your own.

Live as if this day is the last, and one day it will be so. And you will be fully armed.

Life is a cross-country race in which everyone strives to get ahead in order to come to the finish line last.

When life examines, nerves are the first to fail.

Sometimes happiness falls so unexpectedly that you do not have time to jump aside.

Don’t go with the flow. Don’t swim against the current. Swim wherever you want!

A person’s life is counted in the moments that he wants to stop.

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Stay focused quotes

stay focused sayings

The world is infinitely large and diverse, there are so many interesting things in it that one life is not enough for us to learn everything about them. And therefore, given that our intellectual abilities are limited, and our memory also has its limits, we are forced to make a choice.  We can achieve mastery in only a few areas of activity, but even this will not be enough to satisfy the thirst for knowledge.  Indeed, even for this we need to focus all our attention on this matter and spend years of our lives on this. Therefore, you should make your choice as soon as possible. And to once again see how important it is to manage your attention, read these stay focused quotes.

Stay focused quotes

The ability to concentrate and use your time efficiently is all that is needed to succeed in business or any other area of life.

If the concentration is a basic property in the psychology of attention, then attention management is a key ability to manage your time.

stay focused quotes stay focused quotes Stay focused quotes stay focused quotes

Being talented in many things and learning quickly is not a miracle. This is concentration.

To think clearly, you have to work hard. And it’s worth it, because in this way you can do absolutely everything.

It is often more important to focus not on what to do, but on what not to do.

The more we focus on a particular aspect of our life, the more we assess its impact on our life as a whole.

stay focused thoughts stay focused quotes Stay focused quotes stay focused thoughts

Interruptions from other people in your work are relatively minor compared to the countless times you interrupt yourself.

Concentration is the secret of strength.

Stay focused sayings

Concentrate on finding your goal, then focus on achieving it.

Attention to any subject depends on your interest in it.

Sometimes we give so much attention to what we don’t have that we lose the ability to appreciate what we have.

Work efficiency increases exponentially if you don’t take breaks.

stay focused words stay focused quotes Stay focused quotes stay focused words

A person must not only get rid of unnecessary actions, but also from unnecessary thoughts, and then unnecessary action will not follow.

An immature mind jumps from one subject to another, while a mature mind strives to go all the way.

Good time quotes

The ability to focus your attention on the most important tasks and do them completely is the key to success.

Doing two things at once means doing nothing at all.

stay focused image stay focused quotes Stay focused quotes stay focused image

The field of consciousness is insignificant. It can only accept one problem at a time.

Make your mind as focused and alert as possible so that it can intuitively sense the truth that is everywhere.

The key to success is focusing on the things we dream of, not the things we fear.

No painstaking work can be done without concentration, self-sacrifice, work and doubt.

Beware of the dissipation of your forces, strive to constantly concentrate them.

The time it takes you to achieve mastery depends on the intensity of your attention.

The secret to the success of any human endeavor is complete concentration.

Focus on the essential issues. For decision making, this means walking through one door and closing all the others.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is our main problem. We all have twenty-four hours per day.

Concentration is a great antidote to anxiety.

Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate, and make sure you know exactly what you want. No one can hit the target with their eyes closed.

It makes sense to direct your anger towards the problem rather than people, focusing your energy on answers rather than excuses.

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Beautiful quotes about myself

Beautiful words about myself

Quotes and statuses about yourself are just those phrases that characterize and describe you. People are very different, and each person should choose quotes about himself independently. We try to place a variety of statements on our website so that everyone can choose the most appropriate statement about himself. You can use statuses about yourself in social networks to enable your friends and everyone else to understand you better. Just pick the right one and use them for the right purpose!

Beautiful quotes about myself

Loving yourself is the key to letting life love you.

A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.

Beautiful quotes about myself beautiful quotes about myself Beautiful quotes about myself beautiful quotes about myself

Strong, positive self-esteem is the best preparation for success.

You need to be more indulgent towards yourself and accept yourself unconditionally, no matter what happens on your way.

True self-love means not judging your body, your thoughts or your actions.

When a person believes in himself, he does not try to convince others. When a person is pleased with himself, he does not need the approval of others. When a person accepts himself, then the whole world accepts him.

Beautiful sayings about myself beautiful quotes about myself Beautiful quotes about myself beautiful sayings about myself

If you do not love yourself, then no one will love you either. First, you need to love yourself.

Do your own business and don’t worry that someone may not like it.

Beautiful sayings about myself

Every decision you make is right. Because only you know what you really want.

Growth begins when we begin to acknowledge our own weaknesses.

Each of us has our own oddities. We should all be proud of our individuality, and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.

It’s never too late to be who you could be.

nice words about myself beautiful quotes about myself Beautiful quotes about myself nice words about myself

It is important to fall in love with yourself first and share that love with someone who values you, and not seek love from outside to compensate for the lack of self-love.

Love is a great miracle cure. Love yourself, and then miracles will begin to happen in your life.

Good time quotes

Having low self-esteem is like moving through life when you break your arm.

Most of the shadows in this life are caused by you, standing in your own sun.

lovely quotes about myself beautiful quotes about myself Beautiful quotes about myself lovely quotes about myself

Your willingness to be intimate with your own feelings creates space for intimacy with other people.

Never tilt your head. Always hold it high and look the world directly in the eyes.

Ultimately, the meaning of our whole life is to accept ourselves as we are.

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your job.

Our self-esteem tracks our choices. Every time we act in harmony with our heart, we already deserve respect. Every choice counts.

Beautiful words about myself

Always remember that you not only have the right to be a person. You owe it to be.

Self-love is the source of all other love. Stop looking outside yourself for your value.

The hardest task is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to force you to become someone else.

There is no point in trying to become who others see you. The reward for conformity is that you will love everyone but not yourself.

Each of us has unique gifts. It is our privilege and mission to discover our own special light.

Accepting yourselves as you are is to value your imperfections as much as your perfections.

To be beautiful is to be yourself. You don’t have to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

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Funny quotes about gym

funny sayings about gym

Gym and healthy lifestyle… These concepts always go hand in hand, and are hardly perceived separately. There are plenty of funny quotes about gym. Sports fans will find a lot of interesting things in the gym jokes. The best funny statuses about the gym can not only cheer up those who read them, but also motivate them to start going to the gym to do sports.

Funny quotes about gym

People who do morning exercises die a hundred times less often than others. Because there are a hundred times less of them than the rest.

After a tumultuous but short romance with an exercise bike, I returned to my ex – the sofa. Old love doesn’t rust!

funny quotes about gym funny quotes about gym Funny quotes about gym funny quotes about gym

Sports activities are never superfluous. But it’s better to understand this now, not at the moment when half a dozen zombies will chase your fat body.

Both men and women go to the gym for one thing – to get the perfect female body.

Some people drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill there.

Every day I want to start doing the barbell, but my wife with homemade cutlets always spoils everything.

humorous quotes about gym funny quotes about gym Funny quotes about gym humorous quotes about gym

Any, even the coolest, sports simulator at home turns into a hanger.

Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time. Never before have I constrained myself like that for money!

Funny sayings about gym

If you don’t know what to do, then squat. Thus, you will not solve the problem, but you will be distracted and pump up your ass.

Any, even the coolest, sports simulator at home turns into a hanger.

Getting off the couch and going to workout is already half of your workout.

Don’t put off the idea of joining a gym. Go now and you will have a real reason to be proud of yourself!

funny image about gym funny quotes about gym Funny quotes about gym funny image about gym

One missed day of training can be worth the victory.

A good athlete is not one who is tense, but one who is ready. He does not think and does not dream, he is ready for anything that might happen.

Funny quotes about photography

Only when your whole life turns into training can you get a taste of it.

So that you don’t really envy me, I hide my gorgeous abs under a layer of fat.

funny card about gym funny quotes about gym Funny quotes about gym funny card about gym

Train so that you can deliver a thousand blows, strike so that one is enough!

If you go in for sports, then you need it, then you are a person who can achieve results not only in sports, but also in life.

Training is the cure for all diseases!

It is impossible to be created for sports, but creating oneself for sports is difficult, but real.

Humorous quotes about gym

Being in good shape is like a political act: you take responsibility for your own life.

Choose a gym near your home. After all, shortness of breath should appear in training, and not on the way to them.

When you train for years, you have nothing to regret, even if you failed to become a champion. You got better anyway.

The only person who can tell me that I am weak in something is the coach.

There are times when I want to start doing sports. Then I go to bed and wait for it to pass.

Recently my coach told me that sports will help me grow up. He was right, after the last set of push-ups, I feel like an old man.

If you think you’re fat and ugly go to the gym! And then you will only be ugly!

I prefer going to the gym in the morning, until the brain is fully awake and does not understand what I am doing.

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Education quotes for students

education sayings for students

Student years are a wonderful time that gives a lot of discoveries, fun and allows you to make new friends. Student and study are inseparable concepts. During their studies, students often lament how hard life is. But as soon as they say goodbye to the university, they realize that this was the best time in their lives. We bring to your attention a selection of education quotes for students. Put them in your statuses and remember that a student is a state of mind!

Education quotes for students

A sign of a good education is to speak about the highest subjects in the simplest words.

Nature has taken care of everything in such a way that everywhere you find something to learn.

education quotes for students education quotes for students Education quotes for students education quotes for students

Education is something that stays with you forever, even when everything you taught is forgotten.

A person who has received education only in an educational institution is an uneducated person.

Only the wisest and stupidest people defy learning.

Both upbringing and education are inseparable. It is impossible to educate without passing on knowledge, all knowledge acts upbringing.

education thoughts for students education quotes for students Education quotes for students education thoughts for students

Learning without thinking is useless, but thinking without learning is dangerous.

Education helps the student understand his potential.

Education sayings for students

Whatever you study, remember that you are doing it for yourself.

A student who learns without desire is a bird without wings.

There is no need to prove that education is the greatest good for a person. Without education, people are rude, poor, and unhappy.

Higher education shows a person how little other people know.

education image for students education quotes for students Education quotes for students education image for students

Education is the debt of the present generation to the future one.

The best education is one in which students are able to train teachers.

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Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

In order to be able to come up with thoughts, you must have an education.

education card for students education quotes for students Education quotes for students education card for students

The difference between an educated person and an uneducated person is the same as between the living and the dead.

An educated mind is distinguished by the ability to admit thought and disagree with it.

Education thoughts for students

The benefit of education is that no one can take it away from you.

Education is a weapon, the effect of which depends on who is holding it and at whom it is aimed.

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing self-control and self-confidence.

The aim of education should be to teach us how to think rather than what to think.

The direction in which a person begins his education will determine his future.

A person’s education does not end until he dies.

Education is the consistent discovery of our own ignorance.

A person who graduates today and stops studying tomorrow becomes uneducated the day after tomorrow.

A wise education system will at least teach us in such a way that the young man will still know how much more he has to learn.

Its fate depends on the education of the people of the country.

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Little sister quotes

little sister sayings

Family relationships are an endless source of feelings and situations that you want to share with others. Sister statuses are a good way to tell the world about the happiness of having the best friend in your life. A selection of such expressions will help to highlight exactly those words that are so important to say to a dear person. Our site offers statuses about a younger sister and lots of sweet little sister quotes. Read and smile, because this relationship is one of the most multifaceted.

Little sister quotes

When the younger sister falls, the older one helps her up. And if the older sister fell – the younger one would laugh.

The greatest happiness in life is to have a younger sister. Every time I am upset, she runs up to me and says that she loves me. At such moments, the desire to live flares up with renewed vigor.

little sister quotes little sister quotes Little sister quotes little sister quotes

I would always love to share the news with my younger sister first of all, but she already knows everything.

Parents give us life, nurture and instill love in us. But the best gift they can give us is a little sister.

Only a sister is able to penetrate deep into the heart and heal even the most terrible wounds.

You will never hide anything from your younger sister: she always knows even what you have not done yet.

little sister words little sister quotes Little sister quotes little sister words

I am immensely grateful to my parents for giving me a loved one with whom I can be best friends. And this is my little sister.

A younger sister is irreplaceable support for life, which will help you only go forward. Only her you are obliged to understand and forgive her all your life.

Little sister sayings

You can tell your younger sister the most intimate secrets and not be afraid that someone will find out about it. After all, she has the most direct participation in these secrets!

The younger ones always want to seem more mature, and only the older sister knows how little you really are.

It’s nice to know that you are not alone in this world. People come and go and only your own sister will always be there, even if she is far away!

It is impossible to quarrel with a younger sister for a long time: either she will need something from you, or you will need something from her. A truce is inevitable.

little sister image little sister quotes Little sister quotes little sister image

Sometimes it seems that my sister and I, like a cat and a dog, are completely different. But on quiet family evenings, you still realize that we are one unit with her.

Funny quotes about family

It is easy for me to share one room with my younger sister: in the evening and at night she walks, I sleep, and in the morning and afternoon – the opposite is true.

little sister card little sister quotes Little sister quotes little sister card

How I envy those people who have a little sister. I think these people are happier than the rest.

Your sister is your mirror image: outwardly she looks like you, but, in fact, she is completely different.

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Good time quotes

good time sayings

Everyone in life has had good periods, the memories of which warm the soul even in the most difficult times. They evoke incredible nostalgia, a desire to return there and live these minutes over and over again, even if in thoughts. We have collected for you these awesome good time quotes. Do you want to find some relevant thought about memories and nostalgia? Then here you are.

Good time quotes

Each passing minute is another chance to change your life.

Life is measured not by the number of breaths taken, but by the number of those moments when happiness takes your breath away.

good time quotes good time quotes Good time quotes good time quotes

Remembrance is the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled.

Nostalgia is the realization that life was not as bad as it used to be.

Dreams and memories, like the future with the past, are just an ornament of the present.

You need to learn to keep memories, and not drag them along like a heavy load.

good time thoughts good time quotes Good time quotes good time thoughts

Life is the interval between dreams and memories.

Take care of all your memories, because you will not be able to relive those moments again.

Good time sayings

While youth is not passed, it must be turned into joy. Only through these memories you can warm yourself up in old age.

Often people easily destroy what exists, being confident that a brighter time will come next. It is a pity that they do not see the expediency of cherishing the present.

To identify good times, you need to return to them again, but already in memories.

There are moments that you want to stretch out for your whole life, and there are people you want to see always.

good time image good time quotes Good time quotes good time image

If the best times haven’t come, then they are not over yet.

Good times come when the time is running out.

Smile sayings

The great science of living happily is to live only in the present.

Memory is a strange artist: it refreshes the colors of life and erases shades of gray, keeping only the brightest colors and the most expressive silhouettes.

good time card good time quotes Good time quotes good time card

It’s so nice when there are moments in your memory, remembering which a smile appears on your face.

The most important skill is the ability to enjoy life. And remember, no matter how old you are, now you are living the best years of your life!

If you can always smile at life, life will always smile at you.

When you don’t expect anything from life, you get everything.

The only thing that gives us a sense of life is risk. We are alive while we risk.

Before we die, we will regret only two things: that we loved and traveled too little.

Good time thoughts

Before it’s too late, do not forget that the work of a lifetime is not a business, but life itself.

The meaning of life is in life itself! You just have to seize the moment and enjoy the little joys of life.

The only bank where you can put all your savings is memories. This bank will never fail.

Good times can’t last forever. Therefore, it is worth making an effort to memorize them down to the smallest detail.

Life is made up of good times and bad times. That is why, it is worth distinguishing them and understanding that if you feel bad now, it is temporary.

Don’t live with regrets about imperfect things. The entire path that you have traveled should be exactly what it is. Experience is invaluable.

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Sad quotes about death

sad sayings about death

Death is certainly not a very inspiring topic. However, in our selection you can look at it from the other side.  On the one hand, talking about death is always sad. On the other hand, we are still alive! It inspires hope, awakens optimism and invites you to taste the other joys of life. So if you are sad, then remember that while we are alive, we can change everything! Here is a collection of sad quotes about death.

Sad quotes about death

A person dies when the last memory of him dies.

Death is probably the best invention of life. It is the cause of change. It cleans the old to open the way for the new.

sad quotes about death sad quotes about death Sad quotes about death sad quotes about death

If you live every day as if it is your last, someday you will be right.

Each person carries in the depths of his “I” a small cemetery, where those whom he loved are buried.

Those people whose life has the greatest value have the least fear of death.

Death is the greatest mathematician because it solves all problems flawlessly.

sad thoughts about death sad quotes about death Sad quotes about death sad thoughts about death

You may or may not be afraid of death, but it will come inevitably.

People need to fear not death, but empty life.

Sad sayings about death

Realizing the approach of his death, a person changes his attitude towards life.

Death is cruel, but the worst thing happens not when the body dies, but when memories fade away.

Death for a person is nothing, because when we exist, death is not yet present, and when death is present, then we do not exist.

When you comprehend all the secrets of life, you will strive for death, because it is nothing but another secret of life.

sad image about death sad quotes about death Sad quotes about death sad image about death

The death of those who create immortal deeds is always premature.

Living people should be treated kindly, and only the truth should be told about the dead ones.

Miss you words for mom

It is better to die without thinking about death than to think about it even when it is not threatened.

Since we all have to die, I choose to die in pursuit of a beautiful goal.

sad card about death sad quotes about death Sad quotes about death sad card about death

Death is so disgusting that none of us is able to watch its approach without horror.

Only those people are able to feel life, who often happens to be on the brink of death.

Death has nothing to do with us, because when we are, then death is not yet, and when death comes, then we are no longer.

Sad thoughts about death

It is necessary that what you die for should be worth the death itself.

Do not be afraid of death, then you will win. Two deaths cannot happen, and one cannot be avoided.

One who has cognized the fullness of life does not know the fear of death. The fear of death is only the result of an unfulfilled life.

The choice between life and death is more imaginary than real. Real human choice can only be between a good life and a bad one.

Each person individually is mortal, while humanity as a whole is immortal.

The idea of immortality is life itself, its final formula and the main source of truth and correct consciousness for humanity.

Everyone knows that death is inevitable, but since it is not close, no one thinks about it.

Death is the resolution and end of all sorrows, the limit beyond which our sorrows do not cross.

People fear death much more than pain. This is strange, because life is much more painful than death. After death, it no longer hurts.

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Thank you quotes for parents

Thank you words for parents

Parents are our guardian angels, because they raised us as we are now. They put all their energy, time, and love into us. And now, it’s time to thank them. You can give them expensive gifts, but we believe that the main gift for parents is our time together and attention. Therefore, words of gratitude from your lips will be as appropriate as possible. You can find a lovely collection of thank you quotes for parents on our website.

Thank you quotes for parents

My beloved parents! You gave me the most expensive gift in the world – life. I want to give you all the flowers and stars of this world! Thank you for every moment of my life!

You, like Guardian Angels, are always by my side. You give me your love, wisdom and experience. Every moment I feel the warmth of your hearts. I love you so much Mom and Dad!

Thank you quotes for parents thank you quotes for parents Thank you quotes for parents thank you quotes for parents

I am grateful to you for your love and care, which you surrounded me, for your wonderful upbringing, for the fact that you taught me kindness and wisdom. This helped me to achieve great success and become happy.

My dear mom and dad! Thank you for giving me so much – your love, home comfort, it’s always in my heart! Thank you for that! The best place on the globe is the ground under your feet!

Your love always warms and protects me! You showed me how to live! And yet, next to you I feel like a little daughter!

Beloved parents! Life is an invaluable gift that you have given me. I thank you endlessly for my upbringing. I wish you longevity and good health.

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Dear Parents! Thanks to you, I learned to love, be responsible and successful. In the cycle of different events, I always feel a reliable rear, I know where I will be accepted and understood.

I thank you for your unconditional love, for your ability to listen, understand and help. You are always happy about my success and strive with all your heart to help in difficult times. Even if I throw all the riches of the world at your feet, I still cannot thank you for everything!

Thank you words for parents

Thank you for being with me. Your support is my confidence in the future, your love is my wings behind my back. Be happy and prosperous, always be proud of us.

No matter how life turns out, those happy years that you gave me will always be a source of optimism, faith in yourself and others. You are an example for me!

I sincerely thank you for your good upbringing and advice, for tender love and boundless kindness. I remember your instructions; you are always an example for me.

You have given the correct guidelines for me to walk my life. You have presented a happy childhood and carefree youth. Please accept my bowing down and my sincere thanks.

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Words have not yet been invented that fully expressed my gratitude to you – it is immeasurable. Be healthy, live in abundance, share your warmth and wisdom with your grandchildren.

Thank you for the desire to give birth to a new person and give him your love and care! I thank fate that this person was me! You are the best!

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No one in the world can break the thread that has connected us since the moment of my birth. Because you have woven so much love and emotional care into it that we will never be separated.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Now it is my turn to protect you from all the hardships of the world with my love, returning you every smile, warmth of heart and every caress.

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Thanks to you, I am quite a happy person with my own worldview, beautiful dreams and a kind heart. I wish you a long life!

My achievements are your merit. You tried to educate me, give all the best, and make my world brighter. And no matter how old I am, I will always rejoice in your warm smiles.

Thank you for my life and for every kind word, thank you for every happy day and every magical moment. I always feel like a carefree child next to you.

Parents are not just mom and dad. Parents are the beginning of life and a happy childhood. I wish you a long life in health and prosperity.

Appreciation words for parents

I want to thank you for giving me life, for giving me your strength, and that you are always patient with me. I hope that life will give me great happiness to always be with you.

Thank you for the patience with which you raised me; for the wisdom with which you taught me; for the dedication with which you have supported me. Thank you for everything, family!

Dear parents, thank you for your life experience and your own example of how to love, appreciate, what to grow and strive for. And also for love, care and a sense of importance.

Thank you, dear parents, for your help in raising children! You teach them a lot of things; you let them in with new, incredibly interesting data. Thank you for always being there!

You are the dearest people to me. You remember my first steps and first failures, but also remember the first achievements. Your patience, kindness and love make my life happy.

Dear Parents! All my life you are there, as a reliable rear, support and protection. You have always encouraged and instructed, did not allow you to lose heart, give up, retreat. Thank you very much.

I am lucky to have such wonderful parents. I would like to say thank you for your parting words in life, for your patience, for your care, for an unforgettable experience. You are the best!

Mom and Dad have an important role in every person’s life. They are friends, assistants, and teachers. They have strained the threads from which we will weave the carpet of our destiny. Thanks you!

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