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Housewarming wishes

Housewarming quotes

Surely, every person at least once in his life had to move to a new place of residence. This event defines a new stage in the life of new settlers, since moving is a conscious and serious step. Congratulations on a housewarming from friends and relatives who will charge you with cheerfulness and optimism will help to relieve stress from moving! After all, housewarming is a wonderful occasion to find new friends among neighbors. And this is also the great opportunity to prove yourself on the economic side in various everyday situations.

Housewarming wishes

A house means cozy little things, the smell of home-made food, a bookcase, and the sensations of a small world of your own. Congratulations!

I wish you to live in the new walls for long and happy years! May a new life story begin with this great event.

Housewarming greetings housewarming wishes Housewarming wishes housewarming greetings

Home is not just a word. This is the thing that forever remains a warm memory in the soul. Try to invest in this place all the best that you have!

Let your home be your fortress! I wish the new place of residence to become a cozy and glorious place where happiness, joy and prosperity can settle.

The idea that your house is waiting for your return should warm you even on the rainy day! Happy housewarming!

I wish you to live happily under this roof for dozens of happy years. Let your new home become your reliable stronghold and fortress, into which evil and envy will never penetrate.

Housewarming wishes housewarming wishes Housewarming wishes housewarming wishes

Your house is better than everywhere: clothes are more comfortable here, tea is tastier, and people are kinder. This is a good sign, dear!

Congratulations on your new home. I wish you to settle down as soon as possible and make friends with the neighbors. Let the doors of your pulp always be hospitably open for those who are close to your heart.

Housewarming quotes

I would like to breathe the air like in your house. He is especially dear and warm here. Let your home become your abode for many years to come!

I feel safe here. This is a good sign. I am sure that you have spent a lot of effort in order to turn concrete walls into a cozy house.

You will never be bored, because your home is the place where people want to return. I’m sure it will always be filled with guests!

Housewarming can be compared with moving into a space where everything around will remind you of the repair. I believe that you can do it!

housewarming words housewarming wishes Housewarming wishes housewarming words

Adults always say that they have financial problems, but at the same time they buy houses and travel. You definitely fit that description! However, I can congratulate you on making an important purchase!

You made a priceless purchase. You will see how important it will become for you when you spend a huge amount of your time and energy on it. I am happy for you friends!

Happy weekend quotes

I wish that your home becomes for you a place where you want to return, where your family loves and wait for you.

I know the secret to your well-being! You have a place where you are energized every day, and then give it to others! This place is called «a house»!

housewarming card housewarming wishes Housewarming wishes housewarming card

Your accommodation is spotless. But it would not be so without you. You make everything you touch special!

May you not be afraid of thunderstorms or hurricanes. The main thing is the weather in the house, and you always have it sunny and quiet! Best wishes for a housewarming party!

Housewarming greetings

You two are the eternal heat generator! Your home is the most comfortable place I’ve ever been to! I definitely enjoy being here!

Gray walls can acquire the appearance of a cozy space only if love is invested in it. You have done this, and now your home is your own creation, which you will always cherish.

No matter how much this house cost. Value determines the work that you have invested in it. I feel safe here. You have truly created a wonderful place to live, friends.

Finally, I cannot look for rental housing, but just stay with you, friend! You will not refuse a faithful comrade, right? Still, housewarming is a wonderful event!

I’m glad you bought a house! I have to admit you have a good taste! From now on, I will be your regular guest, friend! I enjoy staying here.

This city is lucky to have citizens like you. I hope you are lucky with your neighbors!

This house is full of peace and tranquility. Few people manage to make their home a hotbed of comfort. I am pleased to announce that you have accomplished this task!

A housewarming party awaits you! This is such an exciting and such a wonderful period in life! I will pray for you!

You left your parental home in order to create your own family and live with it in a separate space. Congratulations, your dream is on the verge of fulfillment! Enjoy it!

I am very glad that your cherished dream has come true! Let the foundation of your home be strong, the design – fashionable, the interior – beautiful, and the relationship in the new home – warm!

The threshold of a new home is the threshold of a new life. It depends only on you whether it will be your best period in life or not. I wish you as many happy moments in your new home as possible.

I would like to wish that in this new place you will never leave the feeling of comfort. Live well and long.

I wish you to start writing a funny story of your life from a new clean slate. Congratulations on your new home!

I wish you to live in a new home cheerfully, without everyday problems and boredom. Let your corner be the most comfortable place on the planet for you!

Congratulations on your new dreams and new ideas in your new home! May the welcome guests please with frequent visits, and may there always be prosperity, order and well-being in your house.

At this especially important moment – housewarming, I wish you harmony in everyday life and complete order in your orientation around the living space. Let these walls warm, heal and decorate life!

As a guest, I want to hint that your home is beautiful, but there is something missing here. Namely, a sweet big cake, a large piece of which will get me, as your best friend.

When I see that people are happy with the smell of fresh pastries, rushing home for dinner or making dumplings together, I am convinced that the world rests on simple happiness. I wish you to experience it together!

The house has a beautiful design outside. And it is worth recognizing that it is just as beautiful from the inside. It is filled with the energy of love and care that you radiate! Congratulations!

Perhaps you assume that upon entering a new home, you are waiting for calm carefree everyday life. I hasten to warn you about repairs, unpaid bills, monthly payments and other nuances. Have a nice time here!

I am glad that you yourself have created a place where you can relax both mentally and physically! You did a great job!

Only when you buy your own house, you realize how important this step was. Now you have a place where you can be secluded from the whole world!

Happiness is impossible to buy. But you can make delicious tea, take your favorite book and create comfort. You definitely knew this recipe in advance!

This man is the master of the house. This woman is the guardian of the family hearth. I congratulate you on the distribution of roles!

House is the only place where you cannot pretend, where you can be what you want. Here you can take off all your masks, because you are at home!

Get ready for an independent life. Now you will control the monthly bills, as well as repair the wiring and sewer. Believe me, you will definitely not be bored here!

Your house keys are your opportunity! Think about how important a home is to you. And I advise you to make duplicates, and keep them away from prying eyes!

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Beautiful quotes about nature

Funny quotes about chocolate

Funny sayings about chocolate

Chocolate … Everyone knows this word, from children to adults. And this is not strange, because it is the most delicious sweetness that you can wish for. Chocolate is on everyone’s lips, and not just as a sweet. Here we have compiled for you a collection of funny quotes about chocolate that will brighten up your day. Read, laugh, and enjoy the chocolate!

Funny quotes about chocolate

Chocolate is not just a bar. This is the best friend, companion and ally. He will never leave me.

No stress! Just a piece of chocolate, and your mood instantly improves! This is the best medicine for depression!

Funny quotes about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny image about chocolate

After that meeting, I fell in love. Now I think of it day and night, and nothing can distract me. It was love from the first glance, chocolate.

It is strange why chocolate is not a drug. I would give everything to get a piece of it, especially when I’m on a diet.

For a long time I can persuade myself not to eat chocolate, because I try to lose weight. But all this is in vain, because my heart is occupied by it. Just such a strong love!

I would never have believed that I could die from a ton of chocolate. This seems to be my perfect meal.

Funny texts about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate

The need for sweets is not fiction. This is the most affordable way to raise your spirits in a matter of minutes!

I know the perfect cure for all diseases. A piece of chocolate can lift you to your feet in seconds, so that a doctor is not needed.

Funny sayings about chocolate

My favorite therapy is watching a movie with my best friends: chocolate and sweets. They are the best I’ve ever met in my life.

If I were rich, I would build my chocolate factory. It would be an ideal place where you want to return again and again!

Chocolate is a treat for all time and people!

Chocolate can make even the most dull person in the world smile. We can conclude that it is omnipotent!

funny saying about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny saying about chocolate

I do not like apologies or empty words. But I will never give up a bar of chocolate.

I could be a good leader. The productivity of my employees would have jumped at times if I treated them to a piece of chocolate every day.

Funny sayings about food

People think I’m crazy because I smile around the clock. My secret is simple. A bar of chocolate, and you are no longer interested in the opinions of others!

Dark chocolate is an admixture of bliss with a slight bitterness. The perfect solution for a productive day!

funny image about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny image about chocolate

I am a lover of life. I love to enjoy every moment! But this is one small nuance. All this is impossible without a bar of chocolate.

The recipe for a good day is simple: good mood, the right attitude, and of course, a slice of milk chocolate.

There is nothing priceless and irreplaceable in the world. In addition to chocolate bars.

I think the world would be kinder if every person dissatisfied with life had his own chocolate bar.

Short funny texts about chocolate

It’s unfair that everything tasty is bad! I can’t find a balance, because as soon as I eat chocolate, I get fatter. And vice versa. Life is pain!

I do not need love confessions, serenades, and other nonsense. The best proof of your love is a bar of chocolate.

I know how to unite all the nations of the world. You need to create a world chocolate festival! It will be the perfect celebration for all the sweet tooth!

Chocolate is an art. Each bar is distinguished by its individuality and uniqueness! Remember, if you ever say that all chocolate is the same, then you will lose me as a friend!

It is a pity that chocolate should not be eaten in large doses. I am sure that if I ate it non-stop, I would be the kindest person in the world! And the fattest.

I think if the generals knew what chocolate tasted like, they would be kinder and not start a war.

It has been tested in practice that chocolate is the best way to make amends.

Chocolate is not just a gift. This is a sign of love and affection for you.

The Lord gave wings to angels, and gave chocolate to people.

Chocolate is a ticket to a new world. A world filled with happiness, smiles and rainbow colors. A world in which everything is possible!

The real power is to eat one piece of chocolate and … stop!

Ask people if they like chocolate? Ten out of nine will say «yes». The tenth would just lie.

There are people who even have black and white stripes of life made of chocolate.

Too much chocolate is just enough to satisfy!

The shelf life on chocolates is unnecessary information. Is it possible for a normal person to keep it for a long time?

Life is too short to waste on cheap chocolate.

White chocolate was invented by white-skinned people so that dark-skinned people also get dirty.

Chocolate spoils the figure, and its absence spoils the mood!

A piece of chocolate, and life is getting better.

Psychotherapists are a waste of money. Begin therapy with budgetary funds. I am sure you will feel much better when you eat a piece of chocolate.

The world is beautiful, if only because chocolate is present in it.

My friends know my weak points. I will be ready to tell secrets and give captive to the enemy if they offer me chocolate in return.

Chocolate can be both liquid and solid. If it could be eaten forever, I would definitely eat the bar and drink it with the melted.

Chocolate is my religion. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t eat a piece of chocolate at least once a day. May it exist forever!

It is a pity that all sweets are deposited in the form of fat on the sides. But, as for me, it is better to be fat and kind than thin and evil!

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Funny quotes about best friends

Funny quotes about brothers

Funny sayings about brothers

The relationship between the brothers is unusual and strong. From childhood, we perceive him as a friend, relative, and role model. But far from always the relationship of brothers is ideal. We picked up for you funny quotes about brothers. Read, laugh, and maybe even think. After all, we all know that in every joke there is some truth!

Funny quotes about brothers

The best way to get something is to tell your little brother to ask his parents for it. That way, I always get what I want.

My brother and I will never become business partners. Every time this rascal makes me laugh so much that everything starts to fall out of my hands.

Funny quotes about brothers funny quotes about brothers Funny quotes about brothers funny quotes about brothers

I was lucky to be born in a large family with five brothers. I had to take the queue in the toilet in advance. At that time I learned to dance.

Sometimes we have a very trusting relationship with my brother. Sometimes we want to kill each other. We have a very large range of emotions for each other, depending on the day of the week.

No matter how you feel about your brother. But it should be understood that he played a significant role in shaping you as a person.

A brother does not necessarily have to be a relative. It may be just a person who has become a part of your soul, and who replaces your brother.

Funny texts about brothers funny quotes about brothers Funny quotes about brothers funny texts about brothers

The relationship of the brothers is as unpredictable and unique as the relationship of the spouses. Sometimes you love your brother, and sometimes you want to kill.

Brother can be anyone who met on your life path. It is determined by reliability, kindness, and a desire to help you in all difficulties.

Funny sayings about brothers

I love the relationship with my brother, for their unpredictability. That winter, when he broke my snowman, I punched him. And then we went home, brewed coffee, and talked for a couple of hours as if nothing had happened.

Don’t look at the words, look at the deeds. Your elder brother could have told you a lot of unnecessary things, but every time you need help, he is there.

Do you want to know how your girlfriend will behave in marriage? Look at her relationship with her younger brother.

Beauty is inside. This phrase was told to me by my grandmother. And it is the ability to endure brother and share with him the last meal.

image about brother funny quotes about brothers Funny quotes about brothers image about brother

I was looking for a soul mate, and found it in my best friends. How nice to understand that I have a brother, and not one, but three!

Being a brother is not just being a relative. Brother is called only those who care not only about themselves, but also about their neighbors.

Funny quotes about family

Fraternal support can be addictive! But it will not harm you, on the contrary, it can become a place of your strength and confidence.

That little wretch is my brother. How he annoyed me all these years! Oh dear, how I love him!

thought about brothers funny quotes about brothers Funny quotes about brothers thought about brothers

I do not think brother becomes a relative by accident. Fate prudently brought you to the person with whom you should become a team!

Being a brother means being a hero who always protects your loved ones!

I always wanted to have a brother with whom we could become a real team! But I was one child in the family, so I created my own brotherhood of best friends! Now we are inseparable!

Not life, but a fairy tale: there are three brothers in the family! It remains to find out who is the fool.

Brother is not a temporary concept, only your quarrels with him are temporary!

An older brother is a teacher who will not only tell, but also show in practice!

It’s terrible when you have an older brother. Because you always know how you will be dressed in six months.

What is the most beautiful and most terrible thing in the world? These are times when the brother is in joy and when the brother is in anger.

You can trust your friend. But never compare him to a brother! Brother is a gift of fate!

Older brother can be motivation, support and protection. But do not compare yourself with him. You are unique in your own way.

Never complain about your brother. Many dream of being you to have someone to take care of. But they can not.

My childhood was unforgettable thanks to my younger brother, who was so funny and ridiculous that I limply began to love him.

Funny texts about brothers

I love to sing. And when my older brother declares that I have a terrible voice, I start crying and screaming with all my might. And then everyone around agrees that I am an unsurpassed singer.

Brotherly love knows no bounds. Perhaps in childhood it is difficult to feel, because everyone has his own period of growing up. But in adulthood, the brothers realize that the bond is inseparable, so they should always stick together.

As a child, I had the feeling that I was in the shadow of my older brother. Now I feel in the light of my guardian angel – my brother!

My brother is the best accomplice in the implementation of my crazy idea, until one of us is caught. Then he becomes the main culprit.

Sometimes, having an older brother is even cooler than believing in superheroes!

A person who has a brother is endowed with support from birth. That is why, as adults, brothers should go hand in hand, and not compete with each other.

The biggest advantage of having an older brother is that he will always do something for you.

Brothers don’t need to chat with each other all the time. It is enough for them to know that everything is fine, and that if a problem arises, there will be someone to help.

No matter how we treat our brothers, they are the only ones who will be with us from the beginning of our life journey to the inevitable end.

It happens when the brothers have complicated relationships. But it is necessary to work on their improving in order to understand each other perfectly.

What we do for others comes back to us in double size. I began to better understand my brother, and over time I saw how our relationship began to improve.

I am grateful to my parents for their education. My brother grew up a real man thanks to the fact that every time he fell, our parents did not spare him. They encouraged him, and he became more and more independent each time!

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Beautiful quotes about nature

Beautiful sayings about nature

Nature is the basis of life for all living things on earth. Man is accustomed to consider himself the peak of the creation of nature, the most intelligent creature on this planet. But is our attitude to the one that gave birth to us so right? Nature has always been an inspiration to great writers and philosophers. We offer you a selection of beautiful quotes about nature from the greatest minds of mankind. So, read and be inspired.

Beautiful quotes about nature

We all want to believe in miracles. But few people understand that they surround us every day, and are called “nature.”

The secrets of a happy life are available only to those who feel united with nature in all its manifestations.

Beautiful quotes about nature beautiful quotes about nature Beautiful quotes about nature beautiful quotes about nature

Nature has the power to make beautiful everything that ever touches.

Nature has taken care of everything so skillfully that wherever you are, you find something to learn.

It is enough to love nature once in order to see the beauty in trifles all your life.

I underestimated the power of nature. At that moment, when I decided to get close to it, the incredible beauties of this world were revealed to me.

Beautiful words about nature beautiful quotes about nature Beautiful quotes about nature beautiful words about nature

Nature is a living thing. Therefore, do not evaluate it in appearance. It will be enough to penetrate its origins in order to better understand its laws.

Every person who honors the laws of nature can consider himself an integral part of it.

Beautiful sayings about nature

Green is the color of life, tranquility, and peace. It is enough to surround yourself with natures in order to feel happy.

It is said that nature does not have bad weather. Every season is beautiful in its own way. We can only choose how we perceive it.

Rain can’t be a bad manifestation of nature. At this moment, the sky is in contact with the land, and nature wakes up and comes to life.

It is enough for me to enjoy the scent of wild flowers and the dawn of the sun every morning to consider myself the happiest in the world.

beautiful saying about nature beautiful quotes about nature Beautiful quotes about nature beautiful saying about nature

When I watch the natural processes, my body relaxes and my mind clears.

Beauty is not in nature itself. It is in our perception. Therefore, then, whether we will live in a place of dream, depends only on us.

Inspirational good day quotes

Your life may not be what you dreamed. But you will never be lonely if you feel the unbroken connection and support of nature.

Let nature connect with your soul, and then you will believe in the existence of a fairy tale.

Nice quote about nature beautiful quotes about nature Beautiful quotes about nature nice quote about nature

It is enough to accept the laws of nature in order to find in it an inexhaustible storehouse of strength and inspiration in order to live happily until the end of life.

Do not scold nature for rainy weather. Your best reaction to rain will be its adoption.

If you consider yourself a part of nature, you will not be afraid of any of its manifestations. Just dissolve in it and then you will understand how to proceed.

Even the storm has a positive effect. During the deterioration of weather conditions, a person learns to make decisions faster and more clearly.

There is the strength and energy in accepting oneself as a part of nature that most people lack in everyday life.

Nature is wise. It gives gifts only to those who want to see beauty. The rest are doomed to be blind for the rest of their lives.

Beautiful words about nature

I went out for a couple of minutes, but was shocked by the beauty of the sunset. At that moment I realized that I was happy, because I can see the sun, sky and birds that fly freely under the clouds. Then I first believed in a miracle.

As you relate to nature and animals, so your life will develop.

Observe nature closely, and you will understand all life processes much better.

Nature is like a cloud: it is constantly changing, while remaining itself.

Nature is the best book ever written in a particular language. A person should learn this language throughout his life.

All aspirations and efforts of nature are completed by man: they strive for him, they fall into him like into the ocean.

We live in the midst of nature. She constantly talks to us, but does not reveal her secrets.

Nature has no organs of speech, but creates languages and hearts through which it speaks and feels.

Nature is a book that must be read and understood correctly, since a mistaken understanding is very harmful.

You cannot turn your back on nature, otherwise it will turn its back on you. 

People formed the wrong values. It is much more important to value nature as a gift, than jewelry, diamonds, and money.

The perfect recipe for peace is a combination of mountain air, a fire, a tent and a loved one nearby.

You do not need to be an expert in order to determine the positive influence of nature on man.

When I feel sad, I collect things and go to the mountains. There, I can enjoy the silence and feel the real satisfaction of connecting with the nature.

You have no right to feel alone, because you are surrounded by the all-powerful love of nature. You only need to open up in order to be filled with vital energy until the end of your life.

You should be happy. Every day the sun rises and sets just to warm you with its warm rays. Nature cares about you, appreciate it.

Be patient, my friend. Take nature into your heart. And then gratitude will not leave you.

I am old fashioned. I enjoy not the clubs and alcohol, but the fresh air and the sunset. I wish I was not alone in my preferences.

Nature teaches us the laws of life. She never hurries. Every day it leisurely does a little work in order to create a great creation in time.

Just living in nature is not enough. It is necessary to learn to understand it in order to receive mutual benefits from contact with it.

Nature is alive. We are not able to hear it, but it can speak. It is worth spending time to learn its language, and subsequently, to communicate with it as with a best friend.

Love the world as you love yourself. It will give you the power to do what you could not before.

Nature is your home. You do not need to run anywhere in search of a better place to live. Create your own personal, and nature will help you with this.

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Positive thoughts about life

Bridal shower wishes

Bridal shower messages

Amaze the bride with these beautiful and original congratulations for this special party! We offer you ready-made texts of bridal shower wishes, thanks to which you will not need to invent them yourself. Such a congratulatory text can be entered in a postcard or said instead of a toast at the gala table. Consider the nature of the bride and choose exactly the congratulation that suits her! Make her holiday even happier!

Bridal shower wishes

I wish that this spark of passion never fades in your eyes! Let the coming holiday mark the beginning of your new, joint story called “Family”.

Your husband is definitely lucky! If I were a man, I would definitely be jealous of him! After all, how wonderful to wake up every day next to such a beauty like you!

Bridal shower quotes bridal shower wishes Bridal shower wishes bridal shower quotes

Well, friend, I can finally tell you my wishes! Let the Lord lead you through life, protecting you from all adversity!

There are no words to express my happiness about your bridal shower. You are the perfect couple, so show it to everyone through the prism of long years of family life.

Friend, you will be soon be his wife! So exciting, isn’t it? I’m sure you can handle this role with ease! I want this day to come faster!

Life is full of surprises. And one of them is your meeting that started your relationship. So, today we are celebrating your bridal shower. And I want to say that I am happy to be convinced that true love exists.

Bridal shower wishes bridal shower wishes Bridal shower wishes bridal shower wishes

Friend, if I could, I would give you a bag of patience. Love itself must be present in a couple, but at first, you will get used to each other in everyday life, and here you will need to adapt! Good luck!

Love is an invaluable gift, and many people, out of inexperience, make unforgivable mistakes, which, subsequently, kill love. I wish you to be wise and never let your emotions take over your mind. Happy bridal shower!

Bridal shower quotes

You know that I support the fact that we cannot have several spouses during our life. By getting married, we officially confirm that our choice was deliberate and serious. May your most important day not upset you!

You decided to connect life with each other, which means that a lot of difficulties and trials await you ahead. I wish to remember that it will be much easier to overcome them together, therefore, never part! Happy bridal shower!

How many people want to believe in love, and how little get it in real life! Love is a luxury now. Appreciate the beautiful feeling that can only come from the chosen people!

Honey, accept your spouse as a member of a family that you can’t change. He is granted to you by fate. Happy holiday to you!

bridal shower image bridal shower wishes Bridal shower wishes bridal shower image

Prove your love to your spouse every day. He cannot fail to appreciate it, dear. The result will be mutual respect, deep love and the desire to become better for the partner.

You must be prepared for difficulties on the path to family happiness. But please, be wise and avoid quarrels. They tend to accumulate and spill over into a big scandal.

Honeymoon wishes

Your marriage should be like a knot that is tied so tightly that nothing can untie it. Happy bridal shower! Let your wedding be the best event in your life!

I wish you and your husband to create your own world, which, like an invisible shell, will restrict you from the evil intentions of the outside world!

bridal shower message bridal shower wishes Bridal shower wishes bridal shower message

Your wedding is not the end of a happy story. This is the beginning of a serious, completely new, thorny path, which is possible to pass only by holding tight hands with your loved one.

Honey, I wish you husband replaced all your friends! May he become your friend, lover, and of course, beloved husband! Do not forget to support him all the time! This is very important for men!

Honey, I look forward to your wedding! I’m sure you will be the most beautiful bride in that white, amazingly beautiful dress! Princess, you will be the best wife for your husband!

Bridal shower messages

Honey, I wish you to bathe in the love and caresses of your husband every day! But remember that its source can end without your recharge! Love your husband as you would like him to love you!

Honey, I share your excitement at this moment. Fate tested you for strength so many times! But you were able to overcome the difficulties with joint efforts! So do not worry! I will always be waiting in the wings!

Finally! When I found out about the upcoming wedding, I was incredibly happy for you, friend! Such a long-awaited day! So many guests! I’m sure it will be a great event!

Friend! Rather dry your tears! you will soon have that period in the life of which all girls dream! And I, in a good way, envy you! Love

Congratulations to the young. I wish you a wonderful journey together. Keep faith and love between you. Happy Bridal shower!

A great day is coming soon! So let the feelings that you have created become even stronger, more sensual and sincere.

Happy Bridal shower! Let your feelings grow even stronger during the preparation for the wedding!

My congratulations to the future newlyweds! I wish that no storms and winds could shake your union, that the walls of your love are strong and reliable.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is a great event and a great reason to have a party! I wish you to enjoy each other’s company continuously!

Friend, I have advice for you. Never tell anyone about the troubles in your family. Solve them with your husband, and do not put up for general discussion! Fight for love, because this is the most valuable thing!

Friend, I would like you to take my calm! I am really calm for your couple, because you are the ones who cannot fool and do something wrong! Have a memorable bridal shower!

Friend, how can I tell you how happy I am for you? Your wedding will be the main event of the year, without a doubt! Love you!

Honey, you’re so happy with him, I see it! Never before have I noticed such shine in your eyes! I hope your husband will never allow your inner fire to die out!

The one you chose should be your only right decision. You must not question the correctness of your choice, friend! Know that this path is your sure opportunity to be happy!

Friend, finally we can gossip and talk heart to heart. After all, you will be a wife very soon, and you will have other responsibilities. And while you’re not in this role, I use the time to our advantage! Love!

Well, he’s really a man with a capital M! I’m glad I can trust you with him! Be happy married!

I am glad to witness how two different people create their own unique world. Initially it will be small, but if you wish, you can make it bigger and more alive. With the onset of the wedding!

White veil, magnificent dress, two lovers … Oh, how romantic it is! Without a doubt, your wedding will be the most beautiful festive! Glad for you, friend!

Know that you should always be an extension of your husband. Support him even when it seems that the whole world is against him. Be the cause of his happiness dear, and then he will answer you in return!

I am happy to be able to wish you all the best! You played an important role in becoming me as a person. I have always loved you, but after the wedding, I will love you with him as one whole! Happy holiday!

Your meeting was planned by God, so that there would be one more family in the world. Let hardships bypass you! Happy bridal shower!

Happy holiday! Your sincere feelings should convince everyone that true love exists! I am glad for you, dear!

I’m waiting for your wedding, as if I myself am getting married. Friend, over the years of our friendship, I used to worry about you as much as for myself! Let everything go well!

Let the fairy tale come into your life and make this holiday enchanting! I believe that this day no one will ever forget! Happy holiday, friend!

Friend, promise not to worry! This is your wedding day, an event that will be imprinted in your memory for life. So do not let anxiety spoil the impression of a holiday!

Friend, your life will never be the same again. You start building your family, a place where you will always feel comfortable. Warm your husband with love, and then he will return it to you many times more.

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Anniversary quotes for girlfriend

Anniversary messages for girlfriend

The first year of the relationship is very significant and important, because it is the time when two people recognize each other, experience romantic feelings, and fall in love. That is why congratulations on the anniversary of relations must be approached with a special responsibility. Moreover, you can make a gift for your beloved by yourself! Let it be a poster with joint photos and kind words that you can find below. Such a surprise will appeal to your soulmate, and, will give her a sea of emotions.

Anniversary quotes for girlfriend

I was incredibly happy all these years to feel you in my arms, my angel. Please don’t stop loving me ever!

A year ago, I decided that I wanted to be with you. My opinion has not changed, and I can confidently say that it will not change in the future. You’re under my protection, my love.

Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary quotes for girfriend

My lovely girl, happy holiday to us! Today was a very long-awaited day, because I can boast that I’ve been in a relationship with the best girl all these years!

I know I’m not perfect. There are so many flaws in me that I am surprised how you endure me all these years! Thank you for your patience, I love you!

I am proud to be your boyfriend that year! It sounds good, doesn’t it? I pledge to carry the honor of being your full-time protector!

I am not interested in the laws of the universe, and I do not know the principle of the law of attraction. But it seems to me that I found my own universe, which proved to me on the property example that the law of attraction exists.

Anniversary wishes for girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary wishes for girfriend

Love, with the anniversary of us! This year was not easy, but we managed it because we recognize the value of our relationship and protect it as the most important thing in life. We will be together forever, I know!

Happy anniversary messages for girlfriend

I’m surprised how lucky I am to meet you. Every day I seek your favor again and again, because you are the girl, all the guys dream about. I’m glad you’re my girlfriend.

I was blind. I did not notice how beautiful the world is around, and what opportunities it gives me! Thanks to you, I was able to see a different life! I infinitely thank you, my love!

I never believed in the “two halves” theory. But an acquaintance with you has changed my opinion. For years now, I have been convinced that you are half of me. Without you, I am not holistic!

I feel your support. This is very important, because I can not always be sure that I am on the right path. But your happy smile proves to me that I do everything right.

happy anniversary to girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend happy anniversary to girlfriend

Our love has been passing the test of time for years now! And this is just the beginning! I believe that dozens of our anniversaries and equally happy dates await us in the future!

I am happy to hold your hand and once again confess my love to you. Probably, it cannot bother me! I love you, and I want to love you forever!

Sayings about true love

Whatever happens, I’ll be with you. You can not worry about anything, because now I am responsible for us and our future. Happy anniversary to us, my love!

I do not know what the future will be. I can only thank the fate for the past, because I met you at that time, and for the present, because now I love you.

anniversary card for girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary card for girl

Before our acquaintance, I considered myself an absolutely happy and accomplished person. Our life together, my dear, showed me how wrong I was! Happy anniversary to us!

I created for you a special place in my heart, where I put all the moments of our happy life together. I feel it will soon overflow. Thank you, darling, that all these years you make me happy!

anniversary message to girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary message to girlfriend

A whole year has passed, as we are together, I’m still in love with you, as on the day of our acquaintance. I am captivated by your love, dear, and I like it.

I dreamed that an angel would come into my life, and make it more colorful and happier. He turned out to be you. Your appearance does not cease to haunt me, my love.

anniversary card to girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary card to girlfriend

I did not believe in impeccable love, which happens only in films. But I was lucky, and our love became just such, in the existence of which I did not believe. Thank you for making me feel all-powerful next to you!

My beloved girl, you revived all the best in me, all those qualities I didn’t suspect about the existence of. I became better, stronger, more confident, and this is your merit!

Cute anniversary wishes for girlfriend

Perhaps others think that I have lost my mind, because I constantly smile. In fact, I’m just happy that I have you, my dear precious! Happy holiday to us!

anniversary words to girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary words to girlfriend

The first anniversary is a great date, defining the start of a serious and long-term relationship. I am ready to go with you along the path of life, and you, dear?

You saved me from the routine and apathy, which swallowed me up like a swamp from which I could not get out. You, without understanding it, saved my life, and on this significant day I want to repeat again how I love you!

anniversary greeting to girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary greeting to girlfriend

I choke on my love for you. But it does not kill me, on the contrary, it revives and inspires. You have a great influence on me, my love!

I cannot imagine my existence without you. You have become my main stimulus in life. I want to do more and more, for our happy future, my love!

anniversary image to girlfriend anniversary quotes for girlfriend Anniversary quotes for girlfriend anniversary image to girlfriend

They say that there is nothing indispensable in the world. I made sure that this is not a valid statement. You are the most indispensable person for me, dear.

I decided to connect my life with you exactly a year ago, and these are not just words. I want to make our history durable and unforgettable.

I want to say thank you for the real fairy tale that you create every day in our lives! Let only the best things happen to us!

What a great date today! It was on this day a year ago that we met with you. Now I have no doubt that you are destined for me by fate. Thank you for being there for me. 

Today is the anniversary of our relationship! I thank fate for intertwining our paths in life. So let our relationship continue to grow stronger.

A year has already passed since we have been walking together along a common path. So let your life be filled with happiness, and I will try to ensure it!

I congratulate you on our memorable date. I believe that many years later we will still remember and celebrate, along with other joint dates, the anniversary of our relationship.

You and I have been together for a long time, but when you are near, the days fly by like seconds! I congratulate you on our anniversary and I confess that I have never regretted my choice.

We have been in a relationship for a year now, and this is a great date. I wish us idyll, harmony, spiritual unity and equality. 

Today our relationship has stepped over one more interval. So let us have as many happy sunrises, joyful days, memorable events and passionate kisses as possible.

Our relations have been tested by time, today they have matured and strengthened. So let them grow stronger further, the main thing is to avoid falsehood.

Our couple has a special holiday today. Until recently, we did not know about each other, but now we are single unit. May our joint efforts, love and dedication lead to common success and happiness!

I hasten to give the most tender words to my beloved girl in honor of our anniversary. Thank you for the happy moments that become minutes, hours, days … Let them last for years and even for decades.

Anniversary is not just a date, it is a kind of symbolism that speaks of the duration of our union. May we always manage to give each other wings behind our backs.

I congratulate us on the anniversary of our joint relationship. May our love inspire us, and our joint path goes in the direction of happiness and pleasure.

The day when you and I became even closer will forever remain in my memory. I congratulate you on the anniversary of your relationship! And I promise that they will continue to grow stronger and more beautiful!

I congratulate you on our warm and such a pleasant holiday! I wish us absolute understanding, unity in thoughts and values, progress in relationships and a great future together!

Our meeting was the happiest event in life, and every day spent together is a fairy tale. I wish us only joy for many years to come! 

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the time we spent together. It flew by like an instant! So may our relationship always develop and never fade away.

My beloved person! Let this date remind us of how it all began. I wish us to preserve and increase everything that we have acquired during the time spent together.

I think I found what I’ve been looking for so long, and that’s you. My love is simple, sincere, and unconditional. I only need your presence so that I can be happy.

Everyone around is talking about the depth of their feelings for a partner, but few can prove it. Unfortunately, I am not an exception. Only time will prove to you the value of my love. Happy holiday, honey!

Darling, let’s agree that you will always be only mine? These are all my conditions in exchange for eternal care, affection, and love. Not a bad deal, is it? Happy anniversary to us!

Time passes, and everything changes. Everything around is subject to time, which flows like water, quickly and unnoticed. Only one thing remains the same. And you know what it is, don’t you? Love you babe.

I just want to be the best guy for you every time. You motivate me to become the best version of yourself! Grateful to you, my love!

It’s amazing how two different people can be so alike. I am glad to have been building joint dreams and plans with you for a year now. Thank you for being there for me, my sweet!

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Condolence messages on death of mother

Condolence words on death of mom

Life is fleeting and sometimes ends. How can you express condolences on the death of a mother to your loved ones who have lost? It seems that the words are commonplace and empty. But condolences are imperative. In moments of grief, even a few words of encouragement will help comfort those who grieve and show them that we are close and ready to help. How to express condolences is not so important: the main thing is to say something from the heart, to participate and support the grieving. Here is a collection of condolence messages on death of mother.

Condolence messages on death of mother

Beloved people do not go away. They just stop being around. Remember that your mother is always there, in your heart!

You had a wonderful mom. Many were jealous of you, because she was so kind. Do not cry, she sees you from heaven. You can always talk to her, but, alas, you will not hear the answer.

Condolence messages on death of mother condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother condolence messages on death of mom

I was beside myself with grief when I learned about this tragedy. Dear, I sympathize with you with all my heart. Hold on!

I do not even know what words can support you, my friend. I’m really sorry. Just do not give up!

If there is a paradise, then I am sure that your mother is there now, and she is well there. I don’t think she would like to see your tears. Cheer up, if only for her.

When you are sad, my friend, look at the sky. And imagine that somewhere there is your mother, living a calm, carefree life. Her spirit still loves you, even though he is not near.

Condolence texts on death of mom condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother condolence texts on death of mom

We’ ll never forget her smile, her kindness , her hug, her. So sorry for your loss.

Friend, do you remember that life is a series of white and black stripes? So, now, of course, you have a black stripe in your life, but remember that everything will be fine soon. Hold on!

Condolence words on death of mom

She was your most important person, I know. Sorry I do not know what to say at this moment. I’ll be there, just know it.

Your mother was a very wise woman. She loved everyone equally, never cheated on anyone. I always treated her with respect. Accept my condolences, friend.

I remember how she asked that if she ever died, I would take care of you. I will always be your right hand friend. You can contact me for support at any time.

Hard to survive. I believe. But understand that she no longer hurts now. Her soul and body are free, and now she flies over us and sees us. Take her in your soul, and keep it as the most valuable thing.

condolence card on mothers death condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother condolence card on mothers death

I know she was irreplaceable. You’ll miss her anyway. But know, she would be happy if she saw you joyful, enjoying life. Do it for her!

Let me hug you, my friend. I understand that this will not replace your mother’s arms, but just understand that we all here wish you well. You can rely on us.

Moving on quotes for her

Moving on quotes for him

Your mother really was a great woman. All her friends admired her. So this is a big loss for all of us. I hope she hears us now. We love you!

Incredibly difficult to understand. Why precisely she? After all, she loved to live so much! I believe that her spirit will always be with you. She will be your invisible support.

Mother's death condolence words condolence messages on death of mother Condolence messages on death of mother mothers death condolence words

Your mother always smiled. I am sure that for all people she will be remembered by a happy, cheerful woman. We all condole you, friend.

On the day your mother passed away, it started to rain. I did not attach any importance to this, but when I learned about the incident, I realized that even nature was grieving for the loss.

She is probably better off in heaven now. Such a beautiful lady has no place in our sinful earth! Her place among the angels.

Let me take your hand, my friend. Don’t cry, your mother sees us now. Her image will always haunt you. Let her be your guardian angel.

Condolence texts on death of mother

We loved your mother like our own. You know that this news shocked us, not less than you. Let’s rally and relive this pain together, friends.

Telephone call. Shock. Pain. Tears. I cannot collect all the thoughts in my head to express my feelings. I am broken with grief, and I have no idea what it is like to you now, friend. But we will survive it together!

We are in great pain at this hour. Your mother was a person with a great soul. We will remember her as the most worthy person. If we can help you with something, contact us immediately!

Your mother played an important role in our lives. She did so much for us that it was impossible to thank her in full. My condolences to you!

Until now, the news of your mom’s death seems like a ridiculous mistake! It is impossible to realize this! We will always remember about her! 

Everyone who knew her grieves now, because such a tragedy cannot leave anyone indifferent. I will never be able to forget her and I assure you that I will support you in every possible way.

My heart is broken by yesterday’s news. I worry with you and remember your mother with the warmest words! It’s hard to accept the loss! Everlasting memory!

Shocking news for our whole family! Such a misfortune … How can we help you, my friend?

I am overwhelmed by this news. How so? Why she? I do not find the answers to these questions. Friend, admire and be proud of your mother. She lived a decent life!

I do not believe that she is gone forever. How could she leave us? Dear friend, be strong. This is not an easy moment for you, but I believe you will overcome it.

The loss of a mother is the hardest loss. This pain is hard to deal with, and I cannot find words that would ease your pain. Hope time will heal your mental wounds.

How much good she did to her neighbors! How we all loved her! With her leaving, we have lost a piece of ourselves. We really empathize with you!

Words cannot convey all the pain and sadness that we are experiencing right now. All this is like a bad dream. Eternal rest to her soul.

I was stunned by this terrible news. It is hard when you lose loved ones, but the death of your mother is grief, against which there is no medicine. I cry with you!

Mom’s departure is an incomparable grief. She was a model of femininity. The memories of her will be as endless as her kindness to all of us. And this is how we will remember her forever!

I do not represent the magnitude of this tragedy for you. But I see you broken, my friend. What can I do for you to ease the pain of loss?

Death takes the best. Unfair, but true. Just know that your mother was a beautiful woman. No one expected such a turn of fate.

The connection of the child and the mother is inseparable. And even death is not able to break it. Your mother will always be in your thoughts, in your memories, in your heart.

Your mother was so pure and so sinless that, probably, God considered her an angel, and decided to take her to heaven. But do not be afraid. Her spirit will always be with you, so you will never be alone.

The news of the death of the mother brought me astounded. I could not realize it for a long time and come to my senses. After all, recently I saw her happy smile, and could not even think that I would not see her again. Condolences.

Memory … It always reminds of a close person, and at the same time, holds thoughts in the past and does not allow us to live. Find the best option for yourself. Live with her in your heart, but do not let the memories destroy you.

It was painful to hear about this grief. We all believed in the best, and prayed for her health, friend. Hold on, our family is sorry for you.

What grief! Irreplaceable loss! Keep her image in memories, and know your mother was the most beautiful person I knew.\

How difficult it is to accept what defies explanation. Such a beautiful person and such a quick demise! I hope she feels good in heaven now.

On that beautiful day, nothing foreshadowed trouble. But the sudden call and the news of your mother’s death shocked me. I still cannot come to my senses, and tell you the words of condolence. Just know that our family will always support you.

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Funny quotes about best friends

Funny sayings about best friends

Friendship is the relationship that is built in childhood. There are not many friends, only acquaintances can be many. And the best friend will only be one at all. We offer you a selection of funny quotes about best friends. Some of them will help you understand what real friendship is, while others will amuse and cheer you up. We are sure that in humorous statuses about friends, almost everyone recognizes himself or his friend!

Funny quotes about best friends

A good friend will give you a hand if you fall. The best will be laughing until you get up yourself.

Best friends allow themselves to joke on your shortcomings. At the same time they love you, and do not go away, whatever happens.

Funny quotes about best friends funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny quotes abut best friends

When someone trusts me secrets, I promise not to tell anyone. The only exception is the best friend who finds out about it immediately after my promise.

Friends ask if they can taste my dish. Best friends eat up most of it.

Outsiders are sure that I am an absolutely adequate person. But only close friends know me as an unbalanced madman. The closest friends unconditionally accept you, even if you are full of flaws

 A true friend should accept you for who you are, even if you are full of flaws.

You have so much dirt on me, so I have to be friends with you forever, or kill.

Short funny texts about best friends funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny texts about best friends

If my life would be a salad, then it would be leafy and solid. Thanks to my friends. They, like additional ingredients, make it brighter and more refined.

Funny sayings about best friends

You should not offend my friend, or tomorrow will be one more accident.

If you are a true friend, then you have the right not only to bear gibberish, but also to have patience and listen to someone else’s one.

True friends lend valuable things in advance saying goodbye to them.

I would like death not to become an obstacle to our friendship. It would be fun to be friends as ghosts and fool around like before.

funny quote about besties funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny quote about besties

Me, as your closest friend, promise to help you in grief and joy. So know, I pledge to be your support, if I don’t die of laughter earlier.

Friends are called upon to help out in unforeseen situations. Best friend can help you destroy the evidence.

Funny quotes about brothers

I like being friends with you. You do not ask me for what I cannot give you without getting out of bed.

Friendship can be compared in urinary incontinence. Surrounding people are able to see it, and you can feel the pleasant spreading heat inside you.

funny sayings about best friends funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny sayings about best friends

If friendship was the ocean, then true friends would be octopuses that stick to faces so tightly that it is almost impossible to tear them away.

Better than a friend can only be a friend with sweets.

We have common plans, dreams and goals with our best friend. We are few, but we are already a gang!

The main thing in life is not to lose people who share your oddities and imperfections. They are called best friends.

Friends are those people whose failed photos you post without asking.

When we meet friends, we become the ones our parents told us to stay away from!

Friendship is when crazy ideas come into two heads at the same time.

True friends are people who will remember your failures and laugh at them all their lives.

Male friendship is as strong as concrete, so it never ends. Female friendship, like glass, shrinks from the slightest touch.

Friends are a small family that has not legitimized relationship in a registry office.

All my friends are completely different, so, you do not have to be mad to get to our company. But it is welcome.

There is nothing better than having a best friend. Although no, there is still something better … This is the best friend with a chocolate bar!

A true friend always thinks you are the best, despite all your flaws.

The biggest benefit of not ending your friendship with old friends is the ability to showing your flaws without being judged.

We’ll be best friends forever, just because we’re both too lazy to look for someone else.

Best friends are people who know you real and still love you anyway.

You can confess failures to your best friend. Because he will not notice these minor setbacks among all your unlucky life.

People who stay with you even in the most curious situations can rightfully be called true friends.

My fictional childhood friends chose to leave me, explaining that their friends thought I was not real.

Short funny texts about best friends

Sometimes I wonder what a real friend should be. But the answer does not keep myself waiting when my friend comes to me, and asks to give him the last cigarette.

The most loyal comrades are spouse, dog and money.

The best feeling is to tease your friend, realizing that he is not offended and will appreciate the joke.

The main components of the life of a dream: developmental books, supportive friends, and a slumbering conscience.

Friends are those people next to whom you can not pretend. But you also need to be careful, because they can say all that they think about you.

I would not like to go to hell or to heaven. Thanks to my friends, I have enough adventures here on earth.

It is much more pleasant to talk with the person who, instead of abstruse conversations about the meaning of life, simply offers to eat.

True friends can be called only those who know you better than anyone, while continuing to love you.

Best friends do not discuss their personal lives. They discuss someone else’s one.

In order to check a true friend or not, try to live with him for a couple of days. If you still do not want to kill each other, then you are ideally suited to each other.

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Birthday wishes for crush

Birthday messages for crush

How to send a happy birthday greeting to a person you are secretly in love with? It is so important to show your attention, but not to overdo it and not to hurt his feelings. Maybe he considers you as just a friend, but you are hoping for something more, and you are afraid to express it in any way. Birthday is the best occasion to take a chance! Just choose the best text among these happy birthday wishes for crush and write to your friend. Maybe you will decide to tell everything that is going on in your heart, and perhaps your feelings are mutual, but you were afraid to open up to each other!

Birthday wishes for crush

Happy Birthday to the most awesome, wonderful, funny, and a great friend. Have an awesome Birthday and Party Hard!!

You’re really so different from others and I Wish you never mix up with them. I am one of the lucky few to have someone special as you in life.

bday greeting for crush girl birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush bday greeting for crush girl

Before we get your birthday party started, I want to thank you for being such a special and caring friend. Just wear the brightest smile of yours and have a lovely day ahead!

Wishing you the best of luck! May you always be be as smart, funny, loving and friendly as you are now. I guess you know that you mean a lot to me!

I remember when I saw you, and you know, I’m not going to hide it anymore, I like you, and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

I wanted to wish you happiness, joy, laughter and an amazing future and I really hope I can be a part of it, because I like you very much…

Happy birthday wishes for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday wishes for crush

You know how I get nervous around you, and I embarrass myself all the time, well that’s because I like you, and today I came here to wish you an amazing birthday, I hope you’ll be as happy as you are now!

I came here to wish you an amazing birthday and I hope that today brings you many great and unforgettable memories!

> Birthday wishes for best friend female

> Birthday wishes for best friend male

We are all here today to wish you a wonderful birthday, and not just to wish it, but make it really happen, I’ve been holding in something for a very long time.. I really really like you!

I wanted to wish you luck, you’re like my guardian angel, you’ve always been there for me, and today I’m here for you, let’s make this day unforgettable!

birthday greetings for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday greetings for crush

Here we are today, gathered in this room, just for you, and I am here to say something I never thought I’d say, I like you, and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

Happy birthday messages for crush

I know that your big day is coming to an end, and I saved my greeting for the last minute. I just wanted to wish you the most amazing birthday and also… I like you, and I know that you like me too, so maybe we can make this last minute of your birthday the best one.

Happy birthday to most sugary and the sweetest person I know. Stay blessed and have an awesome day ahead.

birthday card for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday card for crush

You’re actually an angel sent from the heavens to be my pillar of strength and support. I can simply say you are too good to be true. Have a lovely day!!

I could in fact put my heart on paper and ink for you. Don’t think that I am crazy, that’s how I can really show how much I love you.

I hope I am the first one to wish you today as it is the first thing that came to my mind this morning. Remember you’re really special for me.

Happy Birthday my sweetest and dearest. You are an angel in my life. Not a single day goes by when I don’t think how meaningless my life would be without you.

Birthday greetings for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday greetings for crush

Today I really want to thank you for trusting and believing in me so much. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t tell in words how much I love you and I wish you a lovely day.

Birthday messages for crush girl

You play one of the important roles in my life. And so today I am in a hurry to remind you that your happiness is important to me. Let everything that you dream about be sure to be realized, and I will be there to help speed up this process of transformation.

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Let your beautiful eyes, which have fallen in love with me, shine with joy on this birthday, and a charming smile illuminates the whole world around!

I will bring to your feet all the flowers of the world, and may they be fragrant, giving joy and pleasure! On your holiday I will make you the happiest in the whole universe! Only first you must become mine!

Sweetheart! On this wonderful day, I will light up millions of stars in the night sky and give you the most beautiful! And may love break out in your heart, but only to me!

birthday message for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday message for crush

Be as bright as the sun, swift as the wind, flexible as water, as gentle as the cloud! Be happy, wise and forever loved! I will always be your support, dear!

Let a rainbow flash in your honor and hundreds of cicadas will sing, so that you understand how beautiful and perfect the world around you is! Never despair and remember that the best is to come!

birthday ecard for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday ecard for crush

Congratulations on your big day! You are an incredibly lucky person, nature has generously endowed you with beauty and intelligence, and also with the ability to use it wisely. I admire you as a person and I can only dream that one day you are by my side.

Seeing you, the sun instantly leaves behind the clouds, because it dreams of being like you. All the flowers of the world fade near you, because they only set off the beauty, and you are the beauty itself. Happy holiday, charm!

birthday greeting for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday greeting for crush

Birds from the skies enviously look at you: after all, even on earth you are able to inspire everyone who is familiar with you. It’s impossible not to fall in love with you. And I am no exception.

You are a beautiful and youthful flower with velvet petals. Many people admire you and just as many want to rip off. Do not let this happen. Be mine, and I promise to protect you all my life!

birthday greeting text for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday greeting text for crush

On your birthday, I wish you bloom and smell in the hands of a loving person. Choose the one who will enjoy your aroma, rather than bright leaves. Only the one who will care for you is your gardener.

I don’t have enough words to say how happy I am to meet you. You are the best I have ever met. May you always be lucky in everything, and your dreams always come true!

birthday image for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday image for crush

I am sure that you will achieve everything that you dream about, because you have everything for this – beauty, mind, character, patience. After all, I want to see you happy, successful, not only on your birthday, but every day.

My darling! Let the circumstances in your life turn out just so that you achieve everything you want. I wish you a lot of strength because you need them to achieve your dream. Never give up because you are worthy of happiness!

Birthday messages for crush boy

My heart always beats like a bird when I remember you! Congratulations on such an important event! Be energetic and let optimism and good mood never leave you!

I am happy to be able to say my wishes now. Always stay the same affectionate, gentle. Let your dreams come true, and fate always keeps you from troubles!

happy birthday for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush happy birthday for crush

My piece of happiness! You are my fairytale universe, you are my world, and thank you for that. I wish you to achieve everything you desire, strive for success and never give up.

My courageous and strong man! I wish that you will certainly succeed exactly as you want, and I will support you in any undertakings. With you I am happier and I want our happiness to be higher than heaven.

The wings grew behind me at the moment when you appeared in my life. The feeling of love for you fills the heart with warmth and joy. I sincerely wish you to be happy, healthy, and successful.

You are my world, my happiness, my soul mate. Let the inspiration never leave. Thank you for every moment we were together. Let it always will be.

I want you to always be insanely happy, and this is what I wish you now. May your goals always be achieved. The most important thing is to strive for more and you deserve it.

Your birthday is a holiday for me too, because I’m in love with you! I wish you strong will and iron spirit, so that any obstacle in your path breaks down, contacting you. I also wish you moral and material wealth!

You are a real and unbelievably wonderful man with whom I have been in love for many years. I wish you the best of life blessings, a positive attitude, stormy emotions, dizzying success and prosperity.

Happy birthday, my hero! Let your ideas come true, let new horizons lie ahead. I give you my love, a million kisses and great happiness. You just need to smile and be happier next to me.

Well, that day has come when I can say my sincere words, wishes on such a great occasion! I wish you, my beloved man, to remain as strong, courageous and brave. I’m proud of you!

I want all your deeds to be successful and fair, and words – honest and sincere. Let peace and tranquility enter your soul forever. Always stay as cheerful, charming and self-confident.

When you burst into my life, it became like a fairy tale. You surrounded me with care and love, for which I am very grateful to you. Let your life next to me be just as happy and colorful as mine.

I wish you success in any business, that your dreams come true, ensuring a happy future. I want to give you my love and tenderness and that you always be near me!

Let success be simply overwhelming in your life, happiness only amazing, and life smart. Let joy and smile become daily attributes of your life.

Birthday greetings for crush

Let me tell you something today. In my whole life you are the best person I have met. You have really changed my life. Whatever I am today is due to your support and believe in me. Don’t bother what people say.

Falling in love with you was very easy but staying in love with you is easier. Can’t wait until next year.

When we met, my world became brighter and more colorful. Then I realized that the sun is not always a star. Sometimes the sun can be a person. And for me this person is you. Happy Birthday! 

Congratulations to a special woman on a special day! May this day be unforgettable for you!

Do not be sad that you have become a year older. For me, you become more beautiful day by day. Believe me, your charisma will smite any man on the spot, no matter how old you are! 

Beauty! I think you understand that I am head over heels in love with you! I congratulate you on the most wonderful holiday – on your birthday! I wish that all your plans come true, and a smile will forever settle on your tender lips!

It’s my dear girl’s birthday today. This is a great holiday for me too. After all, you are my ideal. Let your life flow like a river among flat banks.

You consider yourself an ordinary girl, but you are not. You are perfect for me. I wish you that this day will bring you even more happiness, because from this, I will also become happier. 

There is nothing about you that annoys me. You are my motivation and my light. My life is empty without you. I wish you to always stay as beautiful as you are now!

You are not only my secret love, but also my motivation to get up in the morning. I wish that this day will give you the same feeling of unconditional happiness that you give me every day. 

It is a great honor for me to meet a person like you. I am happy to be friends with you. Know, I will always try to make your life even more fulfilling. 

I consider myself lucky, because I know you: the most incredible and beautiful woman in the world. Let your life be like a fairy tale, and I will be a knight on a white horse in it.

Since you appeared in my life, it has become much brighter, more energetic and enchanting! And all this is only due to the fact that you are in it! Accept congratulations from the person who is in love with you!

Perhaps your ideal partner was with you all the time? You just have to understand who it is. 

You are my guiding star, leading me in the right direction through my life. 

You have no idea how much your appearance has changed my life. I am infinitely grateful to you for that, dear! May your birthday open up new opportunities for you and you will certainly take advantage of them.

You are a consummate woman and just a good person. May your birthday be as perfect as you are to me. Always remember that you are beautiful.

Today I want to give you lots of kisses and hugs. I want you to know that I really feel blessed having you in my life. I hope all your dreams come true. Wishing you a very

Hey!! you deserve only the most amazing things in life and nothing less!! Wishing you all the best in this world. I hope your day is as wonderful and incredible as you are.

I really want your birthday to be as special as you are special to me. You are the best. I wish your Birthday shines with all the colours you dream of. Have a Blast!!

Today is your special day so of course, there will be many people thinking about you. But, remember the way I love you none of them can.

Only the special people and the people I truly care about receive birthday messages and wishes from me and you are that special one!!

Happy Birthday to my adorable boyfriend!! I really feel happy when you are next to me. You make my world complete.

On this special day, I really want to thank you for coming into my life. I know you will always stand by my side through thick and thin. Happy Birthday and have a lovely day.

I’m so glad to have such an awesome person in my life! I genuinely want to thank you for always being there for me. May your special day bring you true happiness!!

Happy Birthday to the person who means a lot to me. You make my life so amazing and wonderful just by being a part of it. Have a glowing year ahead!!

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Engagement wishes for sister

Short engagement greetings for sister

Engagement is the first timid step along the path of family life! It’s a happy day when two hearts decided to unite. The future groom swears to his future bride to go through life together, to be near in trouble and in happiness. Therefore, the choice of congratulations in honor of the engagement should be taken very responsibly! Especially if it’s your sister. Scroll down these engagement wishes for sister and choose the congratulation that is right for you!

Engagement wishes for sister

Your love is special, I feel it. Take care of it, and let the guardian angel protect you. Congratulations, sister!

Dear sister, I want to congratulate you on this wonderful day, and tell your husband that I am still responsible for you. Always loving brother.

Engagement wishes for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement wishes for sister

This day has divided your life on before and after. I wish you sister so that all your life would bring you only positive emotions and happiness.

Sister, here is my advice. Now your life together will depend only on you and your joint work. Therefore, take care of your love, and do not let it disappear.

Sister, you know that our relationship was not easy. But that didn’t stop me from loving you. I wish you to live life more like a fairy tale than like a drama.

Never forget your partner. Try to make your interests and hobbies shared. Then your time together will rally you!

My dear, always remember that your soulmate is your conscious choice. Do not make silly mistakes and do not offend each other, and then your love will never go out.

Dear sister, I am very happy to be on your holiday. From this moment you are inseparable. Always be happy together!

Sweet engagement messages for sister

Newlyweds, no matter what difficulties you have to go through. Just know that a divorce is just a departure from problems that may recur in the future. You must fight to the last for your happiness.

Sister, never look back. There comes that period when everything will be new for you. But do not be afraid, because next to you is a person you can trust.

I missed the moment when my naughty younger sister turned into an adult wise woman. I am extremely happy for you, dear.

I still remember your birthday. That day I promised myself that I would take care of you all my life. And now the time has come when I transfer my obligations to your husband. Take care of her.

engagement ecard for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement ecard for sister

I wish you patience, dear sister. After all, there comes a period when you begin to live together. And at first it is not always easy. So hold on and always remember how much you love your husband.

When I heard about your engagement, I began to cry. I have been waiting for this moment for so long that I could not hold back my emotions!

Engagement wishes for friend

You will be the most beautiful bride, without a doubt! I am proud of you and I hope that your partner will never let you down.

Dear sister, I still think that all this is a dream. How could time pass so quickly? It seems that quite recently you were still young! You should know, you can always rely on me.

sister engagement image engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister sister engagement image

I am the happiest, because today my sister has an engagement day! Honey, I’m happy for you, as for myself! Be clever and never swear!

Finding a person with whom it will be easy to go along through life is the most important and crucial step. I’m glad you coped with it, sister!

engagement congratulations for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement congratulations for sister

Do not forget that the big love consists of the sum of weekly small tokens. Pay more attention to each other and just love!

Short engagement greetings for sister

I hope that your partner will never make you doubt the correctness of your choice! Happy engagement, sister!

engagement ecard for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement ecard for sister

Sister, I would like your chosen one to become part of our large and friendly family. I want to tell you that I respect your choice.

Never share your property on “mine” and “yours”. You have to accept the fact that everyone is now common now. And you yourself are one indivisible whole.

engagement greetings for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement greetings for sister

Whether you will always be together or not depends only on you. To love is toil. Therefore, do not shift the responsibility on the partner, but rather watch yourself!

Today in our family happened replenishment. Your choice, sister, was accepted by all members of our family without further discussion! Congratulations!

engagement image for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement image for sister

Sister, I want your life to play with new colors with the advent of a new period! You deserve to be happy!

Sister, having made the final choice, discard all unnecessary doubts. I suggest you trust your chosen one. You’re a woman, so get used to work less and inspire your man more.

engagement card for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister happy engagement card for sister

Sister, here is my own recipe for happiness. Less bother, more love, and more often rest! Happy for you, dear!

I certainly respect your choice, dear sister. But let me remind your chosen one that I am ready to stand for you. So let him carry you in his arms so that I don’t worry.

I have never seen you so excited. I understand why you are worried, but let me calm you down. I am well-versed in people, and your chosen one is a good person. I see it.

Sweet engagement messages for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement messages for sister

How nice to see that you are truly happy! You and your partner radiate love and goodness. Carry these feelings through the years!

Can’t wait for your wedding! I dreamed of being present on this day! Thanks for the invitation, sister! Love each other!

What happiness you have found each other and are on a common path! I wish you it is always bright and filled with happiness! Happy engagement to you!

Congratulations to the future newlyweds. May your future together be incredibly wonderful and carefree! I wish to go together to the bitter end, that is, to a ripe old age!

You become one whole – a family! I wish you health and boundless happiness! You have found each other among millions of people! I wish you to create the strongest family, that heavenly world for the two of you, which will be a reliable refuge from external evil.

Congratulations on your first step towards starting a family. Let your wedding not be long in coming and become one of the happiest moments in your life!

You have taken a bold step towards family happiness. May two loving hearts always reach out to each other. I wish you not to get lost among a million faces in a crowd, always find your person, hold hands and never let go. 

Sister, I congratulate you on the advent of a new period in your life! But remember, I will forever remain a brother for you. Therefore, you can contact me at any time.

Solemnly handing over my duties taking care of you to your new husband. I hope for his responsibility, because I have high hopes for him. Happy holiday, sister!

I am not ashamed to give you in marriage, dear sister. I am fully confident that you will become a wonderful wife and mother. Congratulations on your engagement!

I will always miss my baby, my dear sister. But I have to give you in marriage, because the creation of a family is the main goal in life!

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