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True love quotes for him

True love sayings for him

Are you just overwhelmed with feelings of love? Why don’t you express them beautifully? If you have already tried to compose your own statuses, and it turned out only a set of words, then do not rush to get upset. We offer a very wide selection of quotes, which in ordinary words tells about the most unusual feeling – love. Be sure that even the most restrained guy will appreciate this manifestation of feelings. Do not be afraid to express your feelings, because they are beautiful!

True love quotes for him

The only melody that makes me live is the beat of your heart.

There is nothing stronger than love. It is like the light in the distance. It will pass through fire and ice. It can save us.

True love quotes for him true love quotes for him True love quotes for him true love quotes for him

It takes only a minute to notice someone, an hour to like someone, a day to love someone, and a lifetime to forget.

I was waiting for a person who I can live with, and I met a person who I cannot live without.

Love is like a war: easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget.

I will stop loving you only when the dumb man tells the deaf that the blind man saw the footless walking on water.

True love words for him true love quotes for him True love quotes for him true love words for him

Feelings are like geometry. If love was a line, then we would be a drawn circle.

True love sayings for him

Without your love, I’m like a helpless creature that blindly roams the world, seeking shelter.

Our love is the ellipsis. I will never know where the end is, and where the beginning.

I want you to smile not at anyone, but only at me. So that you are constantly afraid to lose me, even in a dream!

Appreciate what you have and never think “maybe.” Maybe not.

When you truly love, you cannot express your feelings in words. To be able to express how much you love means not to love.

true love image for him true love quotes for him True love quotes for him true love image for him

Love is acceptance. Your chosen one may not be perfect in appearance, but what difference does it make if his soul is pure and bright.

Sometimes, even strong people need to know that there is someone who cares about their soul and heart.

Love is the cure for indifference. As long as we can give this wonderful feeling, we can consider ourselves human.

Cute love sayings and sweet love words

Love is the only feeling that can both morally kill and revive.

To love is to experience happiness, a little strange and incomprehensible, leading to tantrums and tears, and a terrible fear of losing a loved one.

true love card for him true love quotes for him True love quotes for him true love card for him

Love is a drug that is not prohibited, but it is still very difficult to get a dose.

The longest relationship is with those who met in the winter. If a guy liked a girl in a thick sweater, a clumsy down jacket and a stupid hat, then this is real love.

True love is not one that lasts until death. This is the one that lasts after it.

Do not look for the perfect appearance, it can be deceiving. Do not look for wealth, it does not last forever. Look for someone who can make you smile, because a smile can brighten the darkest day.

If you love, then even the shortcomings of a loved one can be liked. If you do not love, then even dignity annoys.

If you love, then do not lie. If you believe, then believe to the end. If you hate, then say it bluntly. If you laugh, so laugh heartily.

True love words for him

When choosing love, beware of fakes. True love is only one.

Love is the only disease that cannot be infected. It is a pity that it does not spread through the air. People would surely be happier.

I loved to look at the stars and think about the beautiful. And then you appeared. Now I look at you as the brightest star, and think about the beautiful, that is, about you.

Loving people will stay together not because they have forgotten the mistakes, but because they have managed to forgive them.

I always made a wish when the stars fell. Now my bright star is always with me. And it makes no sense to look at others.

When a person loves, then he forgives, but when he forgives too long, he ceases to love.

They called me from heaven and said that the most beautiful angel had run away from them. But I said I didn’t see you.

Anyone can win the attention of a woman. But only a real man can keep her forever.

There are no ideal people. But there is always one perfect for you.

A man must love a woman so much that she cannot imagine that someone else can love her even more.

Men, love a woman the way you made her. Or make her the way you like it.

People are like musical instruments: their sound depends on who touches them.

Love is music. And no music is sweeter than the sound of favorite voice.

Everything can be forgiven for a loved one, the only question is whether after that he will remain loved.

Love is the strongest of all passions, because it simultaneously takes possession of the head, heart and body.

When you suffocate without a man, and in his presence you realize that he is your whole world – probably this is real love.

True love has no happy ending. Because true love does not end at all.

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Farewell wishes for boss

Farewell messages for boss

We often associate the boss with a strict commander who does not give mercy, and requires the impossible from us. But there are times when the boss becomes for you more than just a leader, namely, a friend, and a mentor. And at the time of separation, you will want to thank him for everything that he gave you during your cooperation. Below are the best farewell wishes for boss. You can take a message as a basis and add something of your own to it. Or you can write a letter in poetry, once again demonstrating your creativity and education.

Farewell wishes for boss

We will miss your knowledge and valuable advice, your wisdom and judgment. And yet, it is human nature to seek, go forward, strive for the ideal. Good luck!

I  wish you unsurpassed success, great prosperity, awesome achievements, and benefits!

Farewell wishes for boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss

Let there be many wonderful, incredibly successful days in your life. Wishing you to be able to show off your talents, skills as a leader and always be on a wave of luck! Having such a boss was an honor for us!

Dismissal is a big change. Let the guiding star boldly lead you through life. I wish you so much money to make the wallet burst at the seams. I do not doubt you!

Let all the barriers melt on your way, and all the doors are open in front of you. We, as your faithful team, wish you only victories and achievement!

Boss. It is very sad to realize that you are leaving us. We thank you for your responsible and attentive attitude towards us, as well as for the continuous development of the organization in which we all work.

Farewell words for boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss Farewell words for boss

The reason for the dismissal can be various: retirement, relocation, or a new job. But in any case, you deserve only the warmest parting words addressed to you.

It’s a great loss for our team. But for you, all paths are open now. Wishing you to find the one that brings you as high as you wish!

Farewell messages for boss

We are endlessly grateful to you for your labor contribution to our common cause. You will leave a good memory of yourself in our hearts.

If you were a gardener, your garden would be the best. If you were a builder, then the house you built would stand for centuries. You have led our team to prosperity. It is very difficult for us to let you go!

Your departure is a big step into a new bright period of life. Let success always accompany you on your way, and may fortune smile to you.

I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent attitude to subordinates. Let only good people meet on your way and let only good news surprise you.

farewell card for boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss farewell card for boss

I am very sad to say goodbye to you. You are the person who changed my attitude towards work. Thanks to you, I was in a hurry to work, like on a holiday. I will never forget you.

You always met us with a smile. There was not a single day when we thought badly of you. Let me express my gratitude for your work! Your team loves you, know it!

Welcome messages for new employees

 Our team sincerely expresses gratitude to you for the excellent organization of our work, for the responsible and creative approach to the tasks that helped to realize all our wishes.

On behalf of all employees, we express our sincere gratitude for the well-organized work of our team. You are our guiding star. And it’s really hard for us to say goodbye to you!

farewell card for boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss farewell card for boss

Your time has come to part with the work and I want to wish you to keep in mind only vivid memories of your achievements. Let there be many exciting things ahead of you in which you can prove yourself from the best sides.

Congratulations on a new twist of fate! Let this day be the beginning of a new life, which will be even more interesting and brighter than the past. Your team wishes you only good!

farewell words for boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss farewell words for boss 1

 Let the baggage of knowledge and skills gained at work be useful in the future. I wish to realize the most daring projects and conquer all the planned peaks.

Parting with work is always an important event. I am saddened that I will no longer have such a wonderful leader! Let skill accompany you in any activity!

Farewell words for boss

You really deserve honors from the work team. You managed to become the standard of the ideal employee for each of us. Now you have to pass on your principles and skills to the next generation.

I will remember which team we were. I want to thank you for the good jokes, useful tips and “compromising” in the form of photos and videos from our joint holidays.

farewell message for boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss farewell message for boss

I want to wish the respected leader to give his body a complete rest, to free the body from fatigue, and the head – from unnecessary thoughts. I wish you to always do the necessary and interesting things!

Boss, you are leaving our team today! Having decided on this step, do not regret what you have done. Strive exclusively for the best and remember us.

farewell image for boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss farewell image for boss

Firing is not always the end of something. Sometimes, this is the beginning. The beginning of a new stage in life, new acquaintances, and changes. So make these changes positive! Goodbye boss!

Boss, you are leaving our company, which means that unexplored horizons and, possibly, meeting new colleagues await you. Let this step be the starting point on the path to new dreams.

When you quit your job, you should know that you are opening for yourself the roads that were previously closed. So navigate your ship on the sea of life more fun. Good luck boss!

farewell words to boss farewell wishes for boss Farewell wishes for boss farewell words to boss

You are leaving us today! We, your subordinates, are sorry to part with you, because you were an example of diligence and honor for us. Don’t be discouraged when you quit your job and remember that there is always something better ahead.

 I feel very sad now. Just step forward and know that all your plans will come true, because you are the most goal-oriented person that I knew!

I wish you that leaving your job would not be a slammed door for you, but an open gateway to a new, interesting life. Let this step become a breath of fresh air for you, for a fast and free jerk forward.

 I wish that there is always time and money for the fulfillment of old desires, for the birth of new dreams and their realization. I hope you will have some free time for yourself.

Congratulations on a new round in your life, on leaving work. I wish you absolutely nothing to lose, on the contrary – to discover new horizons for great ideas and opportunities. And remember, we will always be happy to see you here!

 Congratulations on quitting your job. We wish you new ideas and plans. Let the intended goals become achievable, and the changes will be exclusively positive.

Congratulations on your farewell work. I wish to leave beautifully, but not to leave aside your enthusiasm and aspirations. Devote time to really important matters and activities.

Boss! Who will now tell you jokes, borrow money up to a salary and drink coffee during breaks? Already miss!

Here is my wish for you. Let this decision be the most correct in your life. I would like to wish that a new life brings only joy, and the decision made will bring even more income.

 Let your departure not upset you. After all, so many opportunities open ahead for you. Let it be a new step in your life, to which you step easily and with a sense of joy.

Farewell to work – not collapse or upset. This is an excuse to find a new interesting hobby. This is an opportunity to arrange your life the way you like. I congratulate you on this, boss!

Today you say goodbye to your work. Let there be a lot of time for your hobbies and family gatherings to spend time with loved ones!

Dear boss! I wish you that your strength is quickly restored, and interesting ideas for further development come along. I wish you success, good luck and optimism!

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Funny quotes about children

Funny sayings about children

Children are a source of joy that can cause strong emotions and make you laugh. However, sometimes their tricks can cause resentment and anger. We have collected for you funny quotes about children who can not only amuse you, but also help in raising a child. We recommend reading these funny sayings that every parent agrees with. After all, children make our life surprisingly fun and positive.

Funny quotes about children

“I do not like cleanliness.” “I don’t like to tidy up.” “I do not like to clean house.” I repeat all these phrases every day, so as not to go crazy with the mess in the house.

Children are a never-ending source of energy. At times, I really want his battery to run out as soon as possible.

Funny quotes about children funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny quotes about children

I used to be annoyed when a child screamed next to me in public transport. Now I understand how the situation of parents is hopeless in such situations.

I love talking to my child. It is a pity that he listens most carefully when I am not talking to him.

The crown of the children smells of childhood. I immediately remember fresh milk, treats and a sense of calm. At least because of this feeling it is worth giving birth to children.

Becoming a mother, get ready not only for cute songs, fairy tales, and the toothless smile of the baby, but also for wiping the priests, snot and saliva.

Short funny texts about kids funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny texts about kids

Children are the flowers of life. Just need to make a lot of effort to grow a rose, not a weed.

I have always been a clean person. But with the advent of the baby, I realized that this is not the most important quality in a person. After all, now my desire to clean is constantly struggling with the desire to relax.

Funny sayings about children

Previously, silence in the house bothered me. With the advent of the child, I realized that silence is an invaluable gift.

I underestimated the mothers. In the days when my wife leaves me alone with the child, I work so hard that my boss would award me a prize.

My child taught me to improvise in my statements. How else can I answer his next “Why” if I really don’t know the answer?

I don’t understand why a cockroach has several legs, and a person has only 2 arms. In those days when I am left alone with my child, I would not refuse to have an extra pair of hands.

funny words about children funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny words about children

We should learn unconditional love from our children. They come to the baby they like, kiss on the cheek and say: “let’s be friends.”

At that moment, when the children begin to act up in public places, they do not disgrace themselves. Children disgrace us because they show how we behave at home.

Funny quotes about happiness

Children’s wisdom: if mom laughs at dad’s jokes, then guests are at home.

Children’s charm lies in the fact that with every child everything is updated and the world re-appears in the human court.

funny image about children funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny image about children

The child in the house is dirt, a mess, clutter, and children’s laughter that prevails over all the shortcomings of parenthood.

I never understood people who like peace and quiet. I thought they were boring. And only becoming a parent, I realized how wrong I was.

Toddlers are bosses in diapers. Despite their age, they skillfully manipulate their parents, making sure that they do not realize it.

Sometimes we think how tired we are of the pranks of children. If only we could know how tired they are of our moralizing!

The laughter of one child is enough to fill life with happiness and vividness of events.

A child is the only thing in the house that you have to wash by hand!

If you succumb to the child, he will become your master, and then, to make him obey, you will have to negotiate with him every minute.

Short funny texts about kids

The first word you should say to a child in a quarrel is “I’m sorry.” Do not think that in this way you will lose credibility. So you will make a friend.

Life is a boomerang. In old age, we will receive as much attention and love from our children as now we give to our parents!

Toys are devices invented by adults so that children do not interfere with adults playing their games.

A truly grateful child will break or ruin any good gift in a matter of minutes.

When your children become teenagers, then it is important to have a dog so that at least someone in the house is happy to see you.

There are three ways to get things done: do it yourself, hire someone, or prohibit your kids from doing it.

Having one child makes you a parent. Having two children makes you a judge.

If you do not know where your children are in the house, then turn off the Internet and watch them slowly appear.

Parents are the most primitive devices. Even children can understand their control.

By the time we realize that our parents were right, we already have our children who believe that we are wrong.

Every child is partly a genius, and every genius is partly a child.

When the baby is at home, the mother has a headache. But when he leaves, her heart aches.

When a man has a son, he becomes a father. If a daughter is born, he becomes a daddy.

We shower gifts with children, but the most valuable gift for them is the joy of communication.

A child cannot live without laughter. Your task is to teach him sincere and good laugh. If you did not teach him to laugh joyfully, do not be surprised if his laughter is a mockery.

An unbreakable toy is a toy with which a child can break all his other toys.

The first half of our lives is poisoned by our parents, the second by children.

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Birthday wishes for best friend male

Happy birthday wishes for boy best friend

A friend’s birthday is only once a year. And therefore, it should be remembered with sincere wishes and positive emotions. To create such a mood, we have prepared for you the best congratulations in honor of the birthday of your best friend. Just choose the one among these birthday wishes for best friend male that suits you and add it to your congratulatory speech. Thus, you can express your respect and love to a friend!

Birthday wishes for best friend male

Hello, friend! Wishing you lots of exciting moments on your Birthday!

I hope that all your dreams will come true as soon as possible… You are one true friend who deserves everything that’s best! Happy Celebration Day!

Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male

Today I want to wish my best friend fewer worries and more laughter! Thank you for being my partner in crime throughout the years!

Discover life’s biggest treasures and never let them go! Always go the path your heart leads you through, and do not forget to hold on the person you truly are.

Lots of adventures we had together, and I hope we will experience even more of them in the future! Have a nice birthday and enjoy your cake!

My dear friend, on this special day I hope that life will reward you with the most beautiful things  – true love, true friendship, endless personal happiness and professional success.

Funny birthday messages for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday messages for best friend male

Having you as a truly good friend brings joy to my heart! You were always beside me, even through my worst breakdowns… Love you and Happy Birthday!

Life led us to each other because we were meant to experience those numerous adventures and challenges throughout the years! Wishing that happiness never leaves your heart! Have a delightful day!

Happy birthday wishes for boy best friend

It takes a long time to grow up, and we did it together! I hope that we will always take care of our rare and true friendship!

Stay happy, joyful, and blessed on this day and every other that is ahead of you! Happy Birthday to my best friend!

May this day bring faithful wind to your life and take you the right direction! I hope that this celebration will leave a beautiful mark in all of our hearts. Happy Birthday!

Tons of cake! Lots of laughter! Various exciting presents I wish you on your birthday!

birthday image for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday image for best friend male

May you encounter all challenges that are ahead of you, and be able to overcome them! Happy Birthday to a special friend like you!

Ten times Happy Birthday and ten times Congratulations – you have grown up, my dearest best friend!

Funny birthday messages for friend

Our lives might change, our paths might separate but our memories will always bring us back to the places we grew up in and the adventures we experienced… Happy Birthday to my best friend of all times!

birthday card for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday card for best friend male

I don’t have many male friends, but if I have them, I have. You are my best friend. I appreciate our friendship. Let this birthday be manly.

My dear friend, I’m very happy that I can be part of your life. Wish you the best b-day party. I’ll be your companion. Happy birthday, mate!

bday card for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male bday card for best friend male

I want to use this opportunity and to say you – happy birthday, buddy. I’m ready to go crazy with you on this special day. Your birthday will be the best in this town! Congratulations!

On this birthday I want to give you the best birthday gift – no, no your favourite girl phone number, but much better – riding a Lamborghini. Yes, I’m awesome. This day will be unique.

birthday card for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday card for best friend male

I think I like to spend time with you, buddy. I’m kidding, I love it. Hope you’ll never forget that I’ll always be your partner and best friend. Congratulations on your birthday, fellow!

Dude, on this day I just want to thank you for all the wonderful things and time you gave me. You are a person, who I really like. Wishing you the best b-day festival and more girls around you! You’ll found your love. Congratulations!

Funny birthday messages for best friend male

Happy birthday to my best and the curliest friend ever! Hope next year and your minds will also be as curly as your hair. Let upcoming year be crazy. Congratulations!

birthday ecard for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday ecard for best friend male

Keep smiling while still having all your white teeth in your mouth. You get old one more year. Don’t you worry, child!

Three things without which I can’t imagine you: me, girls and video games. Hope next year will bring you even more. Be young and free, dude! You’ll always be my best friend.

birthday greeting for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday greeting for best friend male

Unicorn vs pony for your b-day? I can’t decide. But I promise, your special day will be amazing. Get ready for it! Happy birthday, bro!

Today is my best friend’s birthday. As I always say – don’t worry for past and don’t think too much about future. You are not this type of guy. Be funny, happy and extraordinary! Congratulations, buddy!

Don’t stop the music, bro. Today it’s your birthday and you can be a DJ for 24 hours. Let’s get fun. Surprise us! Happy birthday and the best of luck!

birthday image for best friend male birthday wishes for best friend male Birthday wishes for best friend male birthday image for best friend male

Fish cake for my best friend gourmet! I know how wonderful my ideas are. Hope your belly will be ready for crazy mixes. Happy tasty birthday!

Happy birthday to my best child for a lifetime! You’ll never grow up, dude. Enjoy girl’s attention and feel happy. There are two of the coolest things for a kid! Hi, hi!

Birthday messages for best friend guy

Someone is looking for love. Someone wants wealth. And I just wanted to have a person who can understand me without words. Thank God for you!

From childhood I was told “Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends.” But I understood its true meaning only when I met you! You are the most indispensable person in my life!

I am loyal to you, friend. It does not matter where you are and with whom. If you are in trouble, you just call me, and I’ll be there at the same second.

True friends are a rare kind of people who think not only about themselves. I am happy because I was lucky to meet you.

Our friendship will always come first. Take care of yourself, your family, but do not forget about those who went with you through all the difficulties of life! Let the holiday begin!

I wish you to realize your full potential! May you have everything, always and on time! Catch the pleasure in every moment that life gives! 

May life give thousands of happy opportunities, each of which you use to the fullest. May luck smile at you every second!

There are people that other people are drawn to. You are one of them! So let loyal friends be next to you not only on holidays, but also on any other day!

Let all the wonders of this world fall on you like a fountain! I wish you to temper yourself in minor troubles and develop immunity to problems. Happy Holidays!

I wish your body coherence and reliability, and generosity and beauty to your soul! Let the magic kick give you a boost every day to achieve your own happiness.

Even if the end of the world comes, and I have a choice of who to save first, I will not hesitate to choose you, friend. You have become more to me than just a best friend. I can safely call you brother!

In each person’s life there are dark streaks of failure. This time is intended for friends who pledge to pull a friend out of the pit and set him on the right track. You helped me when I did not even ask you about it! I always appreciate and respect you!

Talking to you heals me, friend. You are like a cure for trouble, and I am surprised that your resources never run out!

Know, I will be near, despite the circumstances. You have invested too much in my life, and now I cannot leave you. And just do not want. Happy holiday!

Many years ago I was lucky to meet a man who has a pure soul and a big kind heart. He showed me the true path of life, and now I want to say a big “Thank you” to him. Let the holiday be memorable!

Friend, this year I wish you all the best! And, I hope, I will have the opportunity to congratulate you for many more years. Let the holiday come!

I wish my best friend money rain and a flood of love! You must have the best for yourself and your family!

I look at you, and it seems to me that I have known you all my life. Indeed, our friendship won all possible difficulties, but we remained true to ourselves and to each other. Happy holiday!

How unfair that such a wonderful person has a holiday just once a year! You can change it! Let your every day be an unforgettable event!

Your humor has always saved me from depression. Thank you for this, my merry fellow! You will forever remain in my memory! Happy holiday!

Dear birthday boy, your gray hair is visible from afar, so you should visit the hairdresser! Just kidding! But know that the truth is in every joke!

My good old friend! How many ways we have traveled, and how much more to go! But I am not afraid of difficulties, because you are next to me, and together we are all under the power! Happy holiday!

Who has grown old for another year today? Friend, you’re a big man! I’m glad I know you!

Nothing can break our friendship, I am sure of it. Life circumstances may break our connection, but remember that you will remain forever in my heart!

People love being cared for. I appreciated your every act for me! You are the one without whom I could not go all this way!

Happy birthday to my best friend and partner in crime. We are a perfect team. One day we will conquer the world! But now…congratulations on your special day!

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Positive quotes about Monday

Positive sayings about Monday

They say Monday is a hard day. But I bet that it can be the most productive day, if it treated appropriately. So, what needs to be done on Monday morning so that the day goes quickly and productively? Of course, tune in to positive! For you, we have prepared positive quotes about Monday, which will set you in the right mood in the morning and make it clear that Monday is not just the beginning of the work week. This is a chance to make a difference.

Positive quotes about Monday

My constant plan for Monday is to wait for Friday.

Believe in yourself, and then Monday will give you new opportunities, not new challenges!

Positive quotes about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday positive quotes about monday

Mondays become less terrible when you work for pleasure. Think, maybe it’s not about the day of the week?

Monday is a new opportunity to start living anew. Therefore, if you put off your business every Monday, then it is your time to act!

Mondays every time lead us out of our comfort zone. So, thanks to Mondays, we are developing.

If the days of the week were colored, then Monday would be the darkest spot. It’s good that this day is not endless.

Encouraging words about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday encouraging words about monday

Do not forget that Monday is the beginning of work, and you work for the good of your family. So you are doing a great job!

Monday parted me from my beloved. With a favorite bed! I can not forgive him that! But how nice to know that my faithful will be waiting for me in the evening!

Positive sayings about Monday

Monday is the same day of the week as the other six. Therefore, do not attribute to it terrible events! Remember that your thoughts materialize!

Only you can make Monday your favorite day of the week! Think positively and then you will not have any unloved days of the week!

Monday is said to be a tough day. But it is difficult only when you work in an unloved job. Think, maybe it’s not about the day of the week, but about you?

Monday is a little eternity. This is the day you are afraid of, and which never ends! Stop treating it negatively, and then it will become easier for you to live!

positive image about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday positive image about monday

Monday is cruel because it makes me part with my favorite bed! I hope the day comes when it will be canceled!

My week is: Monday, second Monday, third Monday, fourth Monday, Friday, Saturday, the day before Monday. Some kind of hellish cycle!

Good thoughts about life

Monday is merciless. He is able to make a good half of people evil one!

Mondays are different. That Monday, which is located before Tuesday, is still bearable. But the one that comes right after Sunday is just a nightmare.

positive words about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday positive words about monday

There is nothing to blame the mirror if the morning fell on Monday.

A person usually has two problems: finish it until Friday and not die until Monday.

How a whole week goes by determines how you spend Monday. Therefore, it is worth trying to make Monday not a terrible end to the weekend, but a great start to the week!

Encouraging words about Monday

After the weekend, it is difficult only the first five days. The other two are passing so easily and quickly, as if time is beginning to go many times faster.

The greatest power of attraction has a bed on a Monday morning.

I do not want to hear about how I look on Monday morning. Believe me, I feel about the same

Monday is the day of judgment, on which we pay for sinful weekends.

You shouldn’t tell me on Monday morning how I look … I feel about the same.

Monday is the day of judgment on which we pay for our sinful weekend.

The shortest day of the week is Monday. I haven’t woken up yet, and it’s time to leave work.

A pipe dream: from every Monday to Friday, fall into a lethargic sleep while keeping your paycheck.

The coming Monday morning is a very bad omen. You will probably have to work for at least five endless days.

Old age is when you wash your head not on Friday before the party, but on Monday before work.

There is a sign that if the plug falls, then a woman will come. If a knife falls, a man will come. And if the mood drops, then Monday will come soon.

I decided to start a new life on Monday. I liked it, imperceptibly pulled in. Now every Monday I start a new life and have never regretted it yet.

It’s not so hard to wake up on Monday morning. It’s hard not to fall asleep again and not oversleep work!

Monday is the egg from which Saturday hatches over time. Only it still needs to be sat.

Monday is my curse. I avoid it, I run farther and farther from it, and in the end, anyway, it comes.

It seems that Monday and Sunday are working in pairs in order to finally squeeze all the juices out of me. This period you just need to survive.

It is Monday again. The beginning of the work week came again. Try to forget all the failures of the past, and start creating success again!

By and large, it is not so much Monday that depresses as the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week.

In order to increase the number of happy people on the planet, it is enough to reduce the working day of Monday to four hours.

Monday is such a day when instead of a badge you want to hang a sign: “Watch out, angry dog!”

The sociologist’s first rule is to never do a public opinion poll on Monday morning.

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Finding true love quotes

Finding true love sayings

Try to ask the person in love what is the meaning of life. In a state of love, any person knows that the meaning of life is in love. After all, it has long been noted that a person needs a person. To prove this, we bring to your attention the wise sayings of great people about love. We hope that they will positively affect your relationship with your beloved.

Finding true love quotes

Love cannot be achieved by force; love cannot be begged and prayed for. She comes from heaven, uninvited and unexpected.

No man is able to understand what true love is until he has lived in marriage for a quarter of a century.

Finding true love quotes finding true love quotes Finding true love quotes finding true love quotes

We often see that the man is ordinary and the woman is excellent. This means we do not know the hidden dignity of this man, valued by a woman. This is probably true love.

You are looking for reasons to love. But true love does not seek them. Sincere feelings do not require proof.

True love is like a ghost: many people talk about it, but only a few have seen it.

True love comes over time. Gradually, you realize the joy of getting close to your beloved woman. It’s like a good old wine: you have to drink it for a long time in order to understand its charm.

finding true love image finding true love quotes Finding true love quotes finding true love image

Everything in the world is fragile, except love. Love cannot go astray, unless it is true love, and not someone stumbling and falling at every step.

True love is silent, because real feeling is expressed by deeds, not words.

Finding true love sayings

If you meet your true love, then it will not go away from you – not in a week, not a month, not a year later.

True love is in misery. It’s like a twinkle. The darker the night haze, the brighter it shines.

True love can be recognized by how much a person is getting better from it, and also by how much brighter it is from your soul.

The consequences of love are always the same – a new person! I do not mean a child, but about people who love, because this feeling renews the soul, makes people different, better, more beautiful.

Beautiful words about finding true love finding true love quotes Finding true love quotes beautiful words about finding true love

Better tell each other everything as it is, you do not need to turn love into revenge.

Not to be loved is just failure, not to love is a misfortune.

Cute love words

Love life and life will love you too. Love people and people will answer you with love.

To love is not to look at each other; to love is to look in the same direction together.

finding true love card finding true love quotes Finding true love quotes finding true love card

Love always surpasses faith in it. Everyday words: if you knew how I love you! – comprise a deep and endless truth.

Love is a wise invention of nature: the one who loves easily does what he should.

True chivalry lies in the heart of man: it is capable of love. Chivalrous behavior grows from the depths of the heart.

There is no duty to love. There is only freedom to love, and this freedom can be discovered in yourself again and again

Love is the only thing that cannot be given too much.

No earthly music can compare in its sweetness with the beating of a loving heart.

Love each other, but do not turn love into chains. Better it will be an exciting sea between the shores of your souls.

Beautiful words about finding true love

Darkness can hide trees and flowers from the eyes, but it cannot hide love from the soul.

Love is the treasury of happiness: the more it gives, the more it receives.

The tenderest love is to forgive each other.

We are looking everywhere for true love, forgetting that it lives in our hearts.

In the building of human happiness, friendship builds walls and love forms a dome.

True love is not where there is a lot of passion, but where, in addition to passion, there is respect!

Love is life for the sake of another person. If your love is real, then life for pleasure no longer makes any sense.

True love is when you give a person freedom of choice, and he still chooses you.

Love is like mercury: you can hold it in an open palm, but not in a clenched hand.

To love is to tirelessly struggle with thousands of barriers in ourselves and around us.

Love is stronger than death and the fear of death. Only it holds and moves life.

Love is the only thing in nature where even the power of imagination does not find a bottom and does not see a limit!

It always seems that they love us for being good. And we don’t know that they love us because those who love us are good.

True love is not love for one person, but an emotional state of readiness of love for all.

Who loves a person for high moral dignity, remains faithful all his life, because he is attached to something permanent.

True love always comes from the depths of the soul, always unites people and never divides.

True love gives nobility even to those to whom nature has denied it.

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Birth announcement wordings

Birth announcement wordings

The birth of a child is a very significant event in the life of any family. But each parent prefers to announce this in his own way. Someone celebrates this event among a great number of relatives. And someone prefers to spend it in a quiet calm environment. In any case, we are ready to help you! Below you will find many options on how to beautifully announce the replenishment in the family to your loved ones.

Birth announcement wordings

We want to announce to you the most long-awaited event in our family! We have a son! The hero of the occasion is looking forward to a bright and good meeting of your meeting!

Today we can’t imagine life without someone we first met just a few days ago. I want to introduce you a new member of our family as soon as possible!

welcome image baby girl birth announcement wordings Birth announcement wordings welcome image baby girl

A grand event happened in our family – we had a baby! He is only a few days old, and we are already proud of him and are making plans for the future. Come and share this joy with us!

We invite you to a wonderful celebration in honor of the birth of a wonderful child. We hope that you will find time to congratulate him and give a lot of incredible impressions and vivid emotions.

You are my little bundle of happiness. How much have I been waiting for you! Every day you give happiness and the meaning of life! I love you every day more and more!

What is the most important thing in life? Now we both can safely answer, the main thing is the children! Having become parents, we realized that our own happiness also depends on the happiness of our baby. Come soon to share this joy with us!

welcome image baby boy birth announcement wordings Birth announcement wordings welcome image baby boy

In ancient times, it was believed that when a child is born, at the same time a new bright star lights up in the sky! I believe in this theory, because he lit up my life with a bright light. Come and see for yourself!

We, as young parents, will need a lot of patience, strength and wisdom, because raising children is not easy. We look forward to your advice!

Birth announcement ideas

I invite you in honor of the birth of my baby! I sincerely hope that on this day you can leave aside your affairs and please me with your visit and warm congratulations.

Please come to our house and share with us the joy of having a baby! Come with a good mood, a sincere smile and complete readiness to plunge into the world of miracles and good tales.

Thanks to all the heavenly forces that allowed me to become a mother. The fact that I can hold him in my hands seems incredible happiness. Come and see for yourself!

We will be glad to see you at our place! Without fail, capture with a wonderful mood, a wide, dazzling smile and the most fighting and positive attitude! Entrance is welcome with joy!

As you know, we had a baby! Therefore, I want to invite you to the world of magic, sweets and fun that reigns in our house! You will love our baby!

Funny quotes about children

Baby shower wishes

We invite you to a holiday that will be dedicated to the birthday of our wonderful child! We ask you to arrive without delay, with full readiness for the entertainment program of the celebration.

We are glad to announce the birth of the most wonderful child on the planet. Come to us soon in a good mood and with warm wishes.

I am happy to admit that we had a baby! Come and get to know him soon! We hope that meeting him will give everyone great pleasure.

Birth announcement texts

A child’s birthday is the most wonderful occasion to meet. And with great pleasure we invite you to this holiday. Looking forward to the meeting.

I hasten to announce the birth of our baby! I would like to mention this wonderful event with you! I am sure you will undoubtedly make this day brighter and more beautiful.

I declare a celebration in honor of the birth of my angel! I want to see the closest and dearest people next day. And you are among them!

I will never forget the day I became a mother. Please share my emotions with me. Come soon and meet my wonderful angel!

Our family had a great joy! We have a son! I invite you to our celebration so that you bless my baby.

I never believed in miracles. But that day when I became a mother, my opinion changed. Now my miracle lies in my hands and looks at me with its wonderful eyes!

I waited for his appearance too long to be silent. I am happy to announce that now we are parents! Come and see how beautiful he is!

I never thought that my heart could belong to someone else. I confess that my heart is forever given to my child. Probably only parents will understand me.

Earlier it seemed to me that the world is something immense. Now, holding my child in my arms, I understand that the whole world is in my hands.

How many meanings the word “love” has. Earlier, I could not imagine that love is tangible. But this is so, because love is my child, whom I gave birth to today.

No jewelry can replace the arms of a child who will embrace my neck. Finally, I can feel it in reality!

Previously, I didn’t have much love for babies. I was told that I would have a special feeling for mine. But I could not imagine that this feeling would be as strong as I am experiencing now!

I considered myself a pretty happy person. I was wrong. I didn’t know true happiness until recently, when I gave birth to my child.

I am ready to become a sorceress for my baby. I will do everything to make him happy. No wonder they say that the mother’s heart is an inexhaustible source of miracles.

Children increase our everyday worries, but at the same time, thanks to them, it’s not even scary to die. I am happy to announce that we have become parents!

They say that children are the flowers of life. I never understood this expression. But now I understand. Yes, we became parents! Waiting for your congratulations!

Only having given birth to a child, I realized that it was necessary not only to teach children. But also to learn from them. Finally, I realized how happy I am as a mother!

Children immediately and naturally learn with happiness, because by their very nature they are joy and happiness. Come and see for yourself!

Well! A huge task is facing us: to educate and shape the soul of our child. I hope you, as our close friend, help us with this!

Today, on this wonderful warm day, we became parents. This is a great happiness! Come get acquainted with our baby, because he will grow up very quickly!

Our newborn daughter has become an asterisk in our family sky! She warms everyone with the bright light of love and kindness. She is a real angel!

More recently, we learned that happiness is a material thing. It is very warm, sweet and, most importantly, mine. I invite you to see my own miracle firsthand!

We have a new family member! Happiness has come to our house! I am pleased to invite you to experience the same sincere emotions as I do!

My dream came true! I became a mom! Now my little copy is in my hands! My productivity has gone down significantly. But that doesn’t bother me. I am absolutely happy.

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1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends

1st wedding anniversary greetings for friends

There is such a tradition – to celebrate each lived year of the joint life of a husband and wife. So, the first year of married life is named calico. The name means that marital relations in the first year are not as strong as chintz. On this day, best friends and parents are invited. We have added congratulations on your wedding anniversary, which will help you beautifully congratulate your husband and wife on their first anniversary.

1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends

Let the wedding rings connect forever two lovers’ hearts, and the coming years will bring only respect, harmony and joyful children’s voices. Keep the fire of love, tenderness and loyalty for life.

I congratulate you! I wish you to always be two independent halves of one indivisible, unique and beautiful whole!

Dear newlyweds! I wish that the attraction between you never weakens, that you reach out to each other even at a distance, and that no one can separate you when you are together.

1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends first wedding anniversary wishes for friend

I congratulate you on your wedding and wish that the wind of change lifts you to the heights of success and envelops you in a mysterious fog of romance, filling your hearts with joy.

Dear newlyweds! I wish you a happy journey through life together! And let there be bumps and sharp turns on it. The main thing is to easily pass them holding hands.

Our incomparable newlyweds! Congratulations on your marriage! Understand each other from a half-view, foresee the most incredible desires and let coffee in bed start every day!

1st wedding anniversary messages for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends first wedding anniversary messages for friend

Congratulations to the young couple on such a successful start to life together. I wish the road to the finish line was incredibly long, exciting, full of pleasant surprises, good people and memorable events.

A hurricane of love has circled your couple today, forever connecting you into one family. So let this hurricane carry you through your whole life, pushing you towards a happy wind!

First wedding anniversary messages for friends

On this holiday, I wish you that only correct arithmetic reigned in your life. So that there is always an equal sign between you, in the pram and on the bank accounts there is a multiplication, and all hardships and joys are shared only equally.

You have found each other among millions of people because your hearts are drawn like magnets. Congratulations on your significant day!

Your family is only a clean slate. Life will put the first happy brushstrokes on it today. And we wish you all the other lines to be so bright that you get a picture of joy that comes from the pen of a happy artist.

On the wedding day, I wish love to the newborn family. Let there be a complete set of everything that brings happiness. Good luck!

1st wedding anniversary card for friend 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary card for friend

Dear ones! I want to wish you that life was in full swing in a peaceful and constructive way. Know, fret and harmony – that’s the basis of everything! Let it be in abundance, and love reigns supreme in the house!

Happy wedding day to you, newlyweds! I wish you to make a cozy family nest. We, as your best friends, will always be in touch!

Wedding anniversary wishes for friends

Let your marriage a hundredfold increase your will, strength and love, so that your family is not afraid of any big obstacles or empty trifles! Happy wedding!

1st anniversary greeting for friend 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary greeting for friend

Dear newlyweds! Swim together, do not quarrel and do not argue in whose hands the helm will turn out to be more often, because it is controlled by your beloved hands!

1st wedding anniversary greetings for friends

Congratulations on this memorable event! We wish you that your life will be full of meaning, hearts – full of love, and a house – full of prosperity.

Dear newlyweds! We wish you to discover new interesting facets in each other every day and fall in love more and more. Be happy!

1st wedding anniversary card 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary card

My dear! I wish to carry through all life cycles that indescribable wonderful feeling that is read today in your eyes! Happy wedding!

Dear ones! Let the magic holiday of your wedding respond to the people present with a magnificent aftertaste of joy and happy memories. We wish you a beautiful fairytale life and eternal love!

1st wedding anniversary for friend 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends first wedding anniversary for friend

Dear bride and groom! Congratulations on creating your common little paradise. May your feelings never be exhausted, may your understanding only increase, may your children only add pleasant troubles to you!

You have been together for so many years that it is already difficult for me to perceive you separately. And besides, you’ve been married for a whole year. May this touching union last for many more years, because it is truly wonderful! 

happy 1st wedding anniversary greeting 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends happy 1st anniversary greeting

Friends! I wish you to be interesting to each other until a ripe old age. And so that this interest rekindles love between you again and again. Happy 1 Anniversary!

With age, not only people change, but also their relationships. Yours, if they change, then only for the better. I would like to wish you that this process will continue in the future! 

happy 1st wedding anniversary message 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends happy 1st anniversary message for friend

Congratulations on the fact that you have managed to create your own unique, cozy world, which we love so much! I wish you even more feelings, so that the heat of the sun would seem like a weak warmth compared to the intensity of your passions!

A year has passed, during which you learned all the intricacies of family life! I wish you mutual understanding, because this is one of the most important qualities on which family life is based.

happy 1st wedding anniversary for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends happy 1st wedding anniversary

Newlyweds! May happiness smile for you, and may life give hope, which must come true. Happy wedding!

Your wedding is the first step into a joint future, we wish you to pave the happy path of fate, lining it with mutual understanding!

My dears! I want your family to step confidently into the future, constantly circumventing all discord and troubles, looking forward with hope and love.

Congratulations to you, young couple, that your relationship has become legal. We wish that the warmth of your family hearth is always supported by joint efforts. Be happy!

Dear newlyweds! We wish that the fire of your mutual love burns brightly, warming you and your future children. It burned so hard and so long that you would always rush to it from the farthest roads.

Dear newlyweds, we congratulate you on the good taste of each other’s excellent choices and decisive action to part with your free life.

Dear ones! Turn rather into a lovely large family and let you never be separated by gossip, time and distance!

Congratulations on the wedding! Fate united your tender, kind, loving hearts and they began to beat in unison. May these bright, real feelings live all their lives!

On this solemn day, I wish you to create not just a cell of society, but your own unique paradise, where loving hearts will always be waiting for you.

The first happy year of your family life has passed. But this is only the beginning of the upcoming story. So let this idyll never be disturbed!

Friend! I wish that married life always remains a honeymoon for you and multiplies the pleasant moments of marriage. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

Happy first year to your family. I wish you to successfully overcome the following thresholds and stages of life together!

You’ve been together for a whole year. And during this year you have felt the fullness of family life. So may peace and understanding never leave your wonderful family.

I congratulate you, friends, on a wonderful year of family life. I wish you, after a successful start, to move on to the stage of implementing grandiose plans and fulfilling cherished desires.

Congratulations on your first year of family life, dear ones. I wish you to continue to live without problems and never lose tender feelings and light in your soul.

You are a young happy family, and I congratulate you on this! I wish that the fate of the family would be intertwined with fine spiritual threads, like a chintz cloth, but the warmth of the hearth grew stronger day by day.

You are a perfect couple, as the year of your married life proves! Let your feelings for each other grow stronger and let all your dreams and hopes come true!

Friends! It’s been a year since your wedding! I wish that comfort and warmth always fill your home with bright colors.

We have a whole year behind us, and you are all the same beautiful and happy. I wish you to be together forever.

Your first year of married life has passed! I wish you an easy and beautiful way to continue your joint journey, warming each other’s hearts with true love.

Congratulations on your family’s first date. I wish you never turn away from each other and always maintain the fire of love in your hearts.

You did a great job with your first year of married life! I wish you to continue walking confidently and beautifully through life together.

Congratulations on your successfully completed stage, on your first wedding anniversary. I wish that the joint path be strewn with flowers of happiness and hope.

A chintz wedding is the most wonderful, but at the same time, the most difficult period for a young family! I wish you to successfully overcome the next stages of life together.

Friend, imagine that your family is a bird and you are its two wings. She has been flying forward for a whole year! I wish that this bird flew its own way and never strayed from its intended course.

The year has passed like one day. As if yesterday we celebrated your wedding, and today you are already a strong and friendly family. I wish you to keep tenderness for a long life!

Friend, I congratulate you on such a high achievement – the first real frontier of your life together! I wish there will be a lot of such years, and that they be sure to be happy!

There is nothing more romantic than celebrating the first year of your marriage with your soul mate! Friend, I wish you that your love lives in your hearts, until the last knock!

On this day, exactly a year ago, two loving hearts united into one strong knot, which will not be destroyed for a year. I wish you never to lose tender feelings and light in your soul.

Exactly a year ago, you made an oath to each other to be always there, and you kept it. I wish that your love never gets lost in the fog of lies, does not crash on the rocks of jealousy and drown in the ocean of life!

So the first and most important stage in family life has been passed. May the new family year be full of good moments, bright colors and joyful events.

Your marriage is one year old. This is not much, but not so little either. This is 365 days and nights with each other, complete understanding and dedication. I wish you will continue to celebrate your new anniversaries!

Today you celebrate the overcoming of the first frontier of family relations. I wish you to continue to live without life’s problems and obstacles.

So the first frontier of life together was left behind. May your union acquire more and more solid value and significance every year.

Congratulations on your anniversary. I wish you to celebrate your golden wedding, and continue to love each other, as you loved at the very beginning of the relationship.

A chintz wedding is just the beginning … There will be more to come! I wish your fragile, tender family a lot of love.

This year, exactly one year ago, your family was born. Love each other, and may this union never leave the passion that once united you.

Friend, I congratulate you on your first anniversary! Let all difficulties remain in the past, and in the future take only the harmony of the beating of your hearts and the passion of the kisses of the first wedding night.

A long and happy married life has begun. This year, for sure, was as bright and colorful as chintz. Let it go on like this. Let your family always have a festive atmosphere.

Friend, I congratulate you on your first marriage anniversary. You have managed to overcome this stage and prove that an important step was not taken in vain. I wish you to keep your souls close to old age.

Congratulations on your family’s first date. You did an excellent job with the first year, I wish you to continue walking confidently and beautifully through life.For a whole year now you are a happy family, loyal love and mutual support. I wish you bright hopes and great opportunities in life.

On the first wedding anniversary, I wish the young family lightness, common plans and unquenchable love. May the Almighty protect you from all bad things!

Congratulations to the newlyweds on their first legal date! I wish you to continue spinning in life in a light and airy dance, giving each other your charming smile and alluring eyes.

I congratulate you on the first passed stage in family life! Let your feelings grow stronger, family prosperity is full, new great prospects and many joyful moments appear.

We all gathered today, which means that you passed the exam – the first year of life together. We wish you harmony and mutual understanding, because this is the basis of a happy family life.

You have passed the test of the strength of marriage bonds, living together for the first year. Let patience be renewed in the future, trust grows, and love does not fade.

So the first year of your family life has passed, but this is only the beginning of the upcoming story. So let this idyll never be disturbed.

How quickly 1 year has passed! I wish you always put your family first, and never forget that this is the greatest value in life!

They say that the first year of family life is the most difficult. But I see that your family has successfully passed this “trial period”! I wish you to overcome all adversity with the same success and remember that in your family you can always find support and love.

Friend, I am delighted to attend your wedding anniversary! I wish that after decades your love burns with the same bright flame of love. Hope to meet again, but in many years.

You may have been married for only one year, but you have managed to go through this stage of life beautifully and happily. I wish you without despondency to continue your family path and put together a colorful mosaic of your relationships.

Congratulations to the lovely newlyweds on their first date! I wish you to continue the joint path without worries and quarrels. Let your life be like a spring flower that always blooms.

Your first year of marriage has passed. I wish you to constantly maintain the status of happiness and well-being in your home.

Congratulations on your first anniversary. Let your further joint path be easy! Continue to fill each other’s souls with inspiration and the bright light of hope.

I congratulate you on overcoming the first frontier of family life. Let all difficulties remain behind you, and take with you to the future only the sweetness of the honeymoon and the harmony of the beating of your hearts.

You have turned over the first page of your married life calendar. I wish you a feeling of lightness and unearthly feelings of love.

How quickly one year has passed since your wedding day! Let there always be a place for romance and tenderness of feelings in your family life.

Today is a whole year as you are husband and wife, and I wish on the first anniversary of marriage to live in peace and not quarrel – these are all trifles in comparison with your happiness.

A year has passed since you got married. Let your marriage bloom with new colors and bright colors every year.

I wish your family to become a place where all problems and difficulties are easily solved, where love, care, and trust reign. Let your family grow every year, well-being multiplies and feelings strengthen.

Love requires a special relationship, therefore we wish you to fertilize it with tenderness, protect it with fidelity and strengthen mutual understanding so that it will certainly lead you to happiness!

365 days of romance, warm touches, and sweet kisses. Congratulations on your paper wedding anniversary! Wish you endless and unconditional love for whole your life. Have a wonderful time!

When I see at the two of you, I see pure love. You are the perfect couple, or can I say couple goal? Wish you many more anniversaries to come.

Give me your hand, dear, and let me congratulate you with this beautiful anniversary. 1st year of marriage is something special and I hope that with each year it will be even more beautiful. Congratulations on 1st wedding jubilee!

Cheers to this beautiful anniversary! 1st year of marriage it’s just the beginning of your new life. Wish you blessed and full of love future. Congratulations!

On this beautiful occasion I wish you always would be honest with each other because it’s a key of successful marriage. Enjoy this special day and hope your life will be filled sincere love. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

Congratulations on 1st year of marriage! A year ago, two souls became one and I wish you that will always be so. Love both of you and have a perfect time together on this special day. Happy anniversary!

Happy 1st wedding anniversary! The paper may cut but also can turn into a beautiful love story. Hope your love story is full of good moments and every new year will bring you something special. Congratulations!

No matter what happens, never underestimate the power of love and honesty. Congratulations on the first wedding anniversary! Wish you all the best and let this marriage be endless!

12 months of patience and devotion for each other. Hope all your year was fantastic and everything the most beautiful is just in the future. Congratulations on 1st year of marriage!

Happy 1st year of marriage! This day is proof that you are doing well for the new journey of your life. I wish you to find as much as possible in every new day. Congrats!

Happy Marriage Day! Being a husband and wife is a pleasure and a great responsibility. May love and tenderness make your union the most lasting and happy.

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Birthday greetings for boss

birthday wishes for boss

When it comes to birthday, each boss expects congratulations and pleasant words addressed to him from employees and subordinates. You can wish your boss anything you want. But it will be best if these words are about his professional activities. For example, emphasizing his promptness in his career, as well as the desire of creative subordinates and executive understanding partners. Choose the congratulation that you like best and feel free to use it in your speech!

Birthday greetings for boss 

Boss, happy birthday! We wish that all your competitors were always a few steps behind. You are a worthy leader!

Happy birthday to the coolest boss in the world. Wishing you reliable people around, strong nerves and a peaceful weekend, unforgettable trips and real family happiness!

birthday greetings for boss birthday greetings for boss Birthday greetings for boss birthday greetings for boss

Boss! May your success be indestructible, and happiness unquenchable. You are the best leader I have ever known.

Happy Birthday! Let work and personal life complement each other and nourish you with energy, inspiration and optimism!

Boss! We want to wish you an endless stream of all the benefits with which you will certainly share with your subordinates!

Boss! We wish you optimism, reliable partners, responsible employees, financial independence and prosperity. Your determination is a guide for many people.

birthday messages for boss birthday greetings for boss Birthday greetings for boss birthday messages for boss

Dear boss! May the reality around you to be more beautiful than the most wonderful fairy tale. Stay amazing!

Boss! We wish that the whole world be conquered by you, and life be as sweet as jam. You are the best commander!

Happy birthday greetings for boss

Congratulations! I wish that your wallet is always thick, the mind bright, and life fun. Let flirtation always lurk in your heart and love live.

Not everyone can cope with a leadership position. But our team is very lucky with you! We wish you to always remain the same attentive, cheerful, creative, tactful, purposeful person who knows how to predict all situations two steps forward.

Boss! We wish you authority among subordinates and respect from partners, as well as financial well-being and ordinary everyday joys. Happy Birthday!

On the birthday of a wonderful boss and a great man, I wish you to fly and be naughty like Carlson, have a good and faithful friend like Watson.

birthday card for boss birthday greetings for boss Birthday greetings for boss birthday card for boss

Dear boss! I want to say that it is a great honor for me to work hand in hand with you. Let work not take strength, but only increase the level of your success.

Boss! We wish you to always go forward and conquer new peaks with interest and persistence inherent in you. So that always sickness, envy and grief pass you by. Thank you for the experience given for work and wisdom.

Thank you messages for boss

Happy birthday to our superman! We wish you to always be a hammer and hammer any nail! In addition, we wish you to combine a wonderful lover, commander, well-known personality and soul of the artist.

Congratulations on the holiday, dear boss. Let every idea come true. Let any business bring success and profit. May every day be eventful and fruitful!

birthday greetings for boss Birthday greetings for boss birthday greeting for boss

Boss! We wish you that your subordinates sincerely respect you, and your relatives love you deeply. May fate grant peace and good, and all your decision will be right.

Happy birthday, wonderful person. Being a respected and beloved boss is not easy, but you do it very well. I wish you an optimistic mood and absolute self-confidence.

On the boss’s birthday, I would like to be cooler than Chuck Norris and more agile than James Bond, sweep any competitor out of the way and attract money! Do not be afraid to prove yourself a predatory beast in a battle for your happiness!

I congratulate an important person and a part-time chief with happy birthday. Be a brave and formidable lion at work, and an affectionate and purring cat in the family. We love you!

Short birthday messages for boss

I hasten to congratulate you today! I want to sincerely wish you success in all areas of life, as well as patience and satisfaction from everyday work.

Boss! I wish you to conquer new heights of life and fulfill all your cherished desires. Let life be full of joyful moments and positive excitement.

Boss! We wish you successful prosperity of your affairs, career heights and material well-being. As well as good health, a strong position among competitors and stable relations with important people.

Boss! We wish you good and trusting relationships in the family, so that the foundation of your hearth is strong enough and resilient to any anger and trouble.

It is not an easy task to be the head of the team, but you are doing it perfectly. Please accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday! Do not lose your leadership qualities, and we will always support you.

Happy birthday, boss! I wish you to be a generalissimo of success, a follower of brilliant ideas, a favorite of luck, and also the owner of a happy ticket in any direction!

From the bottom of my heart for the best boss I want to wish you self-confidence and good luck, reliable friends and colleagues, as well as a loving family and friends.

Dear boss! Always be out of competition, achieve victories and always remain a happy person, full of beauty, inspiration and determination.

A wise boss is the key to the prosperity of the company! You have all the qualities of a great leader! We sincerely wish you a happy birthday and wish your wise leadership and kind heart to please us for many more years!

Boss! Let your health not fail! We wish that the mood will always be excellent, the work successful, and the relations in the team warm and friendly! Love and understanding for many years!

If a person is a leader, then this is for a long time. And in your case, most likely, for life. We wish you and our common cause many years of prosperity.

You have achieved a lot, but there is no limit to perfection. Therefore, we wish you even more achievements and conquest of new heights of business.

In our aircraft crew, you are the best pilot. We wish you to lead us through the sky of business, cleverly bypassing the clouds of failures, and every flight to end at the airport arrived.

Happy birthday to the amazing boss! And let each subordinate be a gift of fate! We, as before, are ready to follow you in any element!

As a conductor, you lead us brilliantly, revealing all talents, and provide an opportunity for further development. We wish you to continue to occupy a responsible post of the leader.

On your birthday I want to wish you a successful working day, financial recovery and family well-being. I wish you bright days, positive outlooks for the future, the embodiment of all your grandiose plans and many spectacular ideas.

I congratulate you on your birthday and want you to always remain the happiest and most wonderful person, the wisest and most rational boss I knew!

Congratulations to you, boss! Thank you for the good example you set for us. We wish you successful work for many more years for the benefit of our common goal and inspire us to high achievements!

Our team is very lucky with the leader! Therefore, on your birthday, let us wish you good deals, successful negotiations, new horizons and a positive atmosphere. We really appreciate you!

Dear captain of our working ship! We wish you new successful projects and personal achievements, new financial flows, good health and luck in everything!

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Funny quotes about cold weather

Funny words about cold weather

People say that “There is no bad weather”. But life shows the opposite thing… It often happens that every time when some kind of special event is planned, the weather is terrible. We present a collection of the funniest quotes about cold weather for you. Add a little positive vibe to your day, and then maybe the bad weather will not be a reason to change your plans!

Funny quotes about cold weather 

Winter is the best time to gain some weight because nothing can warm you as well as a layer of fat.

If you met your love in wintertime, then you can be sure that this is real. Only few people can notice the beauty of a person behind a thick scarf and hat.

Funny quotes about cold weather  funny quotes about cold weather Funny quotes about cold weather funny quotes about cold weather

Cold weather makes me retarded. Apparently, frost penetrates the brain and affects the speed of its work.

If you feel cold, just think about family. Your heart will warm instantly!

Winter has come, and this means that it is time for warming each other’s hearts.

The most terrible is to freeze not from the cold, but from the lack of love and affection.

Humorous sayings about cold weather  funny quotes about cold weather Funny quotes about cold weather humorous sayings about cold weather

If you are afraid to freeze, just hug your loved ones. They are the best warmers in the winter.

Summer is needed in order to get tired of the scorching sun and have time to miss the winter.

Funny words about cold weather 

Winter is a period of warm hugs, sweet gatherings by the fireplace and warm tea. This is the time for the solitude of our souls.

The frost is not terrible if there are those nearby who make your heart burning with the fire of love.

Frost is harmless if you are surrounded by people who warm you with their love from within.

Without knowing the cold, we would not have expected heat. Without knowing the heat, we would not have expected the cool. Everything is relative.

Funny quotes about happiness

Winter allows us to distinguish cold and gloomy people from those who are filled with love and warmth.

Sometimes it seems to me that a house can give its heat to residents, and freeze itself. I would prefer the houses to have their own houses.

funny card about cold weather funny quotes about cold weather Funny quotes about cold weather funny card about cold weather

The cold season does not allow you to relax. Every second spent in the cold determines the degree of your frostbite.

The cold makes me move faster. I like this winter snowdrift cardio.

A huge layer of ice is an indication of the strength of frost. This is the best motivation in order not to walk long on the street.

Winter makes us clumsy and funny. Frost blushes our cheeks and layers of thick clothing make us look like penguins.

Nothing in the world can make me rush except the fear of frostbite, and fingers that are already beginning to lose sensibility.

Do not be scared if the summer is not soon. Love of loved ones can compensate for the lack of warmth.

If the soul is filled with love, then no cold can penetrate and displace it.

Sometimes it seems to me that winter is playing with a thermometer, and every day it is trying to reach an increasing mark “-“.

Humorous sayings about cold weather 

It was very cold, and I was looking for someone who could fill me with inner warmth. So I found my wife.

White snow makes you squint, and we become like people with poor eyesight.

Do not let winter into the house. It is the main enemy of your comfort.

Winter can bring discomfort only to those whom love does not warm.

The frost was strong. And the cat that pursued the prey did not run, but walked.

Having gone out for food in a severe frost, I realized that I’d rather starve than die from hypothermia.

I hate to wait for someone in the cold. Inaction combined with cold makes me feel like a statue.

We stocked up on food, as if an apocalypse was approaching. After all, no one knows when the winter will end.

Winter is three months of cold weather, and the fourth cold month is a gift.

Cold weather is when you sit at home and open the refrigerator to keep warm.

If you admire the cold and snow from the window, then winter seems like a good season.

The cold awakens the appetite. While it’s cold outside, chocolate is the best medicine.

When it’s cold outside, all people stop walking as usual and start walking like penguins.

Winter is a time when you can express your love not with words, but with knitted things and fragrant tea.

Do not kiss in the cold. You run the risk of staying together in this position until warm.

The child learned to run in the winter. This is the best motivation for not freezing.

Frosts are not terrible if you carefully prepared for the exit, and put on a couple of layers of clothing.

Winter will make you a homebody. You will love your house, even if before it did not satisfy you.

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