True love quotes for her

true love sayings for her

Here you will find lots of true love quotes for her.

True love quotes for her

The moon is the satellite of the earth, and you are the companion of my life!

I found my angel, so beautiful that the light fades in front of it. It’s wings are like a spring wind, filled with the fragrance of wildflowers, and it’s eyes are like a sea in which there is no bottom. I drown in it with happiness.

love ecard for her true love quotes for her True love quotes for her love ecard for her

You gave me wings. Next to you, I take off, fill with the most beautiful and feel absolutely happy.

I want my dreams to come true, because in my dreams we are always together!

My love for you is like the whole ocean, which is probably why I feel that I simply can’t live without you!

If the flower bloomed every time I thought about you, the world would become a huge garden!

True love quotes for her true love quotes for her True love quotes for her True love quotes for her

I so want to snuggle up to you, touch my lips with yours, warm your hands, hug and never let go!

In my dreams – you are mine, in my life – you are a dream. I’m losing my mind without you, I’m saddened and I can’t imagine life without you!

True love sayings for her

You can’t imagine how much you mean to me! You are my life, part of my heart and soul, you just bewitched me!

I will give you the dawn, the moon, the stars and the breath of the breeze, as gentle as a touch of lips. I will give you the whole world loving, because I’m crazy about you!

True love sayings for her true love quotes for her True love quotes for her Sweet true love words for her

If the kisses were snowflakes, I would send you a whole blizzard!

My love flares up with every look on you! You are magical for me, amazing! If I had not met you, I would not have believed that such beautiful girls like you live in the world!

If they offered me eternity without you, I would choose a moment, but with you.

A candle can melt, a fire can go out. But love for you will always be in my heart!

You swaddled my soul, your charm fogs thoughts! I want to hug the whole world because you are in it!

There are two endless things in the world: the Universe and my love for you!

Remember, and do not forget the simple formula: the sum of our sweet lips is equal to love and a kiss!

I would like to be with you 25 hours a day and 8 days a week. It seems like I always miss you!

You are pure as dew; delicate, like thin silk; graceful like a flexible panther. You are wonderful! Your love is the best reward for me!

Sweet true love words for her

You are a unique decoration of my destiny, you are the largest diamond that is most dear to me. I hope my feelings will become a worthy setting for such a jewel as you.

Hugging you, darling, I feel the whole beautiful world in my arms, I feel unique bliss when I hear your sweet confessions and gentle touches, smiling, you give me moments of happiness.

I think of you with indescribable love, with warmth and tenderness. My happiness has no limits, because I can call my girlfriend the most perfect creature – you.

You are my world: I plunge into our love, as in a deep wonderful sea. I bask in the sunshine of your soul, which nourishes life and breathe in the mountain air of your tenderness.

Like a waterfall, I fall madly out of love for you, breaking into the charm of your femininity into hundreds of crystal drops of tenderness that shine with happiness in the rays of our feelings!

How much sunshine in your eyes! How much warmth and tenderness in your hands, how many sincere feelings in your warm heart! And millions of diamonds of my happiness are scattered in your smile.

Like a bright and filled balloon, I am happy that the delicate fingers hold it by a string. Do not worry, I will never burst and will not fly away from you!

Among thousands of greenhouses, I found one amazing, beautiful flower, fragrant with the aroma of tenderness, sparkling with unique beauty. This flower is you, darling.

There is one person in the world who pleases me with the radiance of his charming eyes, the sincerity of a wonderful smile and unearthly beauty! It is really comfortable with him. This person is you!

One quick glance is enough to fall in love with you. You are crystal clear, indescribably beautiful. Attracting glances, you fascinate the hearts of the entire male population.

When evening embraces the city in its arms, my soul warms the thought of an imminent meeting with you, my love. You fill my life with special joy, give it meaning, give me hope and faith in myself.

I adore your inner light. Thanks to it, your eyes radiate heat, and a magical radiance comes from your appearance and attracts me like a night moth, which does not know how to resist temptation.

Love is my heart breaking out of my chest when I think of you. This is my soul, which rushes towards you, bringing our meeting closer. It is happiness that fills me at the sight of your smile.

The magic of this moment cannot be expressed in words. Your fabulous beauty overshadowed everything around, blinded all the men. I am fascinated, bewitched by you forever!

I feel like a favorite of fortune, because it helped me win the jackpot from fate. This jackpot is an acquaintance with you. I will always be grateful for you.

The beautiful goddess of my dreams! Give me your stunning smile more often, because when you are happy, I also become happier an immeasurable number of times!

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