Sorry messages for her

Sorry quotes for her

Here you will find plenty of sorry messages for her.

Sorry messages for her

I do not recognize myself. I became cruel, and I’m afraid my actions could hurt you. Forgive me!

I know our relationship is not perfect. But I feel that we have the potential! Let’s apologize to each other for everything that was, and will begin to live in a new way.

I took your allegiance for granted. I had to make many mistakes to figure out how much I appreciate you!

No matter how much we are together, it’s never too late to say “I’m sorry.” I will always learn this, dear.

I admit, I was selfish. I had to look at myself from the outside to realize the whole tragedy that I became the cause of. I still hope for your forgiveness.

I’m just trying to avoid a repeat error. I am ready to apologize to you a million times so that your look becomes warm and dear again!

Sorry messages for her sorry messages for her Sorry messages for her sorry messages for her

Time changes people. I became different, and I regret the day when you first cried. I can’t promise that it won’t happen again. I can only hope for your forgiveness.

You are my ocean, dear. My main need is to drown in you every day more and more. Just do not go away! I will do everything for you to believe in me!

Until we met, I thought I was a loner. But now I understand that without you my life is not sweet. Do not leave me, please.

Sorry quotes for her

Without you, I feel like a soap bubble that can burst from the light blow of the breeze. Just understand that I can’t live if you leave.

I confess I’m a fool. But I can explain myself! I became a fool after I fell in love with you.

Your beauty disables my ability to react sensibly to the situation. Sorry for that incident. It was terrible.

I have undermined your trust in me. I understand that I destroyed the connection that was between us. I hope you give me a chance to fix it.

Sorry words for her sorry messages for her Sorry messages for her sorry words for her

You are a girl in a million! And I cannot find a single excuse for my act. Please understand and forgive!

Being able to ask for forgiveness is great wisdom. Your stupid guy did not understand this before. I’ll change. Honestly.

I know that just “Sorry” is not enough. However, I want you to know that I sincerely repent of my deeds.

I made a fatal mistake. I managed to destroy the foundation of our relationship, which was built over the years. I will never forgive myself for this.

You have every right not to forgive me. I deserve it. Feel my remorse now! I sincerely repent. I don’t want to repeat mistakes anymore.

Sorry words for her

Forgiveness is a great power. You forgive me again and again, and that means that you are truly a great and wise woman.

I didn’t want my words to cause your tears. I still have not forgiven myself for this. I ask you to think and give me a chance to fix everything.

You accepted all my shortcomings, but alas, they upset you again and again. I know it’s hard to put up with. But if you stay with me, I will try my best to change.

I can’t see my future without you. I don’t know if there are words that can make amends for you. I hope you love me as before.

I have sinned. I betrayed you, my angel, and there is no excuse for my action. I am ashamed to ask for forgiveness. I ask you to accept the choice, because this conversation is painful for me.

I could not keep my promises. Now I feel like an empty place. I am ashamed to even look you in the eye. Please forgive me, dear.

I cannot express all my regret for what I did. I did not think that everything would happen that way. Likely life will not be enough to atone for my guilt.

I have cooled down. I realized everything. I accept that my actions were terribly selfish. I don’t know if you can forgive me. But I really want this!

After that trick, I hate myself. I made you cry, although I promised that I would protect you from offenders. I’m definitely not worthy of you, honey.

I feel insignificant, because I let you down, at that moment when you so needed my support. A thousand words of forgiveness for that occasion!

I don’t know what came over me. It was as if I was in parallel reality, and did not understand what I was doing. I do not deserve you. But I sincerely believe in our future!

You look at me like I’m a stranger to you. I guess I deserve such an attitude. Honey, what should I do to make you believe in me?

I am sincere when I apologize. I don’t want to lie anymore. I promise I will change, or leave on my own, so as not to torment you anymore.

I feel like a kitten thrown out on a rainy day. Please take me home. I will no longer behave badly.

My mistakes taught me a lesson that what has been built over the years can collapse in an instant. I will no longer step on the same rake.

People say that you need to learn from mistakes. This statement is about me. I made mistakes, and I learned a lesson from them. I hope you still have a desire to continue our relationship.

I’m a scoundrel. How could I question your loyalty? I will atone for my guilt all my life!

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