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Thinking about how to tell your soulmate about your feelings in an original way? Quote sensual statements about love from famous and legendary people. These quotes will fill your soul with warmth, give you another opportunity to believe in a fairy tale, and prove that this feeling is really eternal. Feel free to talk about your love, declare it loudly and passionately. You must be proud of this feeling. Here are short love quotes:

Short love quotes

You just can’t imagine how lucky I am that you chose me among thousands of other men. Such beauty deserves to have a real defender next to her, and I’m ready to cope with this role!

You and I have already been together for so long, but I still cannot believe in the happiness of being with you, possessing you, loving you.

short love quotes short love quotes Short love quotes short love quotes

I think I have never loved so much. I ask only for one! Be the happiest! To do this, I will try to make a lot of effort.

You are the best girl I have ever met. Your hair is like the sea, I want to swim in them, like in cool waves and pass them through my palms.

You are like a treasured prize, like a tidy reward for difficulties in my past difficult life. I love you and value you very much.

You are beautiful, like the morning dawn, my love. Your lips are beckoning like precious rubies, and cause an unquenchable passion. Your eyes attract and scare, like bottomless whirlpools.

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I keep you very carefully in my heart. I keep every look of your beautiful eyes, every word that your angelic lips uttered, every second that we were there.

I’m always having fun with you. For you, darling, I am ready for anything, because you gave me a new life full of colors and joyful minutes.

Short love sayings

You’re perfect. You completely filled my soul and heart with you. My heart cannot exist without you anymore.

My sweet baby! I want to repeat this to you forever. I love everything in you, your beauty, your habits, your laughter, your jokes. Finally, I found you – the girl of my dreams.

Before meeting with you, I could not think that this is possible. That I can love so much. But you changed me. I’m getting better next to you.

I fell in love with you at first sight. And this is true. I want, and I am ready to be with you all my life.

love quotes short love quotes Short love quotes love quotes

When we are together, everything changes around. The world is becoming brighter and more colorful. How did I live before? And what would I do without you, love?

I am grateful to fate for such a gift, and I am grateful to you that you are exactly who you are, and I do not need another.

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I can always talk about my boundless love for you. For your sake and for the sake of our future family, I am ready for anything. You will never cry because I simply will not allow it.

From the very first minute, I realized that you are mine, you are my own person. I want your eyes to always shine with happiness, and your sweet smile never leaves your beautiful face.

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When I first saw you, I realized that I don’t need a girl anymore, because I found my soul mate. Let’s just live and enjoy every moment we spend with each other.

I am ready to do anything for you. Allow me, and I will do everything to make you always happy. Believe that everything will be just cool with us. We deserve it.

Now you and I will walk together on the path to our dream – creating a family. Do not even doubt that you and I will be the happiest.

Love cannot be explained in words. Only one who feels it can fully understand the meaning of this word. So this feeling touched me, and I want to tell you now that for me in this world there is no one dearer than you.

I can not imagine a day without your smile, without your kisses. You can’t even imagine how dear you are to me.

Short love words

Even all the words that exist on the planet are not enough to explain how much I love you. Just feel it in my confession to you.

I love you more than life, I want to be only with you. You are the most incredible girl in the world! And now I understand that I can’t live without you.

I keep in my heart every look of your beautiful eyes, every word uttered by your tender lips, every minute that we were together. I realized that I can’t live without you.

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think about is you. You have become the meaning of my life.

I am ready to scream everywhere that I love you. Believe me, with me you will be the happiest girl in the world.

I’ve always dreamed of a girl like you. You are the one I want to be with forever.

All the birds are ready to gather in a choir to decorate your speeches with my singing, and I, like them, am always ready to be there to share all the joys and sorrows with you, to meet the dawn with you, to be always together.

How happy I am that I have a beloved girl to whom my sincere declarations of love are addressed. Thanks to you, my heart is filled only with warmth and positive emotions.

You are my dearest person. Your eyes inspire me to smile. Your gentle voice gives me strength to go. Your care gives a feeling of reliability and security.

I want to see your happy eyes, your joyful smile on your face. When you are happy, I experience a huge sense of joy and contentment.

I ask you to forget all the negative aspects, to leave only positive moments in your memory. In turn, I promise not to stop creating pleasant and new emotions for you and your heart.

You know very well about my feelings for you. But I want to tell you about it personally. I love you madly, and I have no doubt about my feelings.

Everything has changed for me since you appeared in my life! I realized that you are the best, and I do not need anyone except you.

My love becomes stronger every day, and it’s harder for me to be without you, because my life only makes sense when you’re around. You are forever in my heart.

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