Love proposal messages

Love proposal words

Here you will find plenty of love proposal messages.

Love proposal messages

I can no longer keep my love a secret. And the key that you found to my heart gives me unearthly happiness. Be mine, become my soulmate, fill my life with warmth.

Marry me and we will build a strong happy family. Every day we will give each other only joy, tenderness and love. Do you agree?

My favorite, I think, there were many interesting events and offers in your life. But, I want to offer you to become mine, and not just my wife, but the most important woman in my life.

Love proposal messages love proposal messages Love proposal messages Love proposal messages

Honey, I suggest you become mine. Know that my hand will always hold yours tight and will never let you fall, my heart will always beat to make you happy. Do you agree?

I want to tell you that from the day you appeared in my life, happiness and joy filled my soul, my life has found a new meaning and a great dream.

I offer you my hand, which will always support you and the heart, which will forever become your possession and which will always love you. Be mine, my joy.

 I confidently declare that without you I can not live a day or a minute, you are my light in life, my luck on the way, my love in my heart, my hope in my soul.

On this day, I want to say that you are my angel and my soul, you are my hope and luck. I firmly declare that I sincerely want you to become mine.

Love proposal words

Beloved, here is my hand, which will never leave you, and my heart, which will beat in unison with yours always.

I seriously declare that no one has ever loved so much, sincerely, how I love you. I want to create the brightest and most beautiful world of our family.

I offer you my hand and my heart, my soul and my love in exchange for only agreeing to become my faithful companion along the path of life, whatever it may be.

Love proposal ideas love proposal messages Love proposal messages Love proposal ideas

I want to offer you to share life with me, in all its manifestations and various colors! Be my companion, my friend and lover, my soulmate and integral part!

I promise to make you the happiest person in the world. We will live with you, like in a fairy tale. I really hope for a positive answer. Be my second, most faithful and most reliable mate.

You’re the best in the world. You radiate goodness and tenderness. I love you so much that I’m ready to carry you in my arms all my life.

Honey, be mine. I am sure our union will be the most happy and lasting. I have been dreaming about this for so long. Let our hearts beat in unison, and swan fidelity will accompany us throughout our lives.

I am sure that only you are my destiny. Now I give you my heart! I want so much that there is no – you and I, and that would be – we.

I’m glad that I have you. I am so pleased to listen to your clear voice, to admire your charming appearance, to kiss your sweet lips. Without you I am like the sun without heaven.

You’re my only one. I was so fabulously lucky that every day I am ready to thank fate for such a gift. I want to be with you every minute. Be mine please.

I promise to make you the happiest person in the world. You are the only one with whom I dream to live a lifetime.

Love proposal ideas

You came into my quiet life as a priceless, wonderful gift. I so want to keep our happiness for years to come. My most cherished desire is to go with you all my life!

I so want to be your support and hope. Give me the key to your heart, which I will carefully preserve our whole life.

I love you more than anyone in the world and am ready to fulfill your every desire, just be with me. You are my most beautiful person in the whole world.

Every moment with you is like a miracle. I am very happy for such a royal gift of fate. I adore you and will do everything to make your every day happy.

For you, I am ready to become a kind wizard who is ready to fulfill your every desire. You are the little ray of sunshine that warms me with love, you are my ideal.

You are like a fabulous flower, as beautiful, tender and tremulous. Please fulfill my desire, be mine, give me happiness in life. May the love flow swirl around us, and may our life be full of happiness.

Your love always warms me, and this hot flame will never go out. Because human does not exist, more beautiful than you. My sincere love will always be with you like a shadow.

May all the most songbirds sing to you about my love. Let the most sonorous streams tell you about my love for you. I promise to carry you in my arms if you agree to be mine.

You are perfection itself. I found in you everything that I was looking for. I live and breathe only for you, and I want to make you the happiest in the world.

I beg you to be with me all your life. I promise to make our life a fairy tale. I love you, my soulmate.

I am grateful for your presence in my life. I dedicate all the warmest and most tender words to you. I’m always comfortable with you. Please be mine.

Like sunshine in the rays, you warm me with your love. I am so happy that I have you. My love for you knows no bounds. Without you, I simply don’t exist.

I offer you a hand and a heart. I will do everything as you want, and expectations will never deceive you. And all your dreams will become reality.

Every time I want to fall asleep and wake up with you together, to give you my tenderness, kisses. I will turn your life into a fairy tale, fulfill your most cherished dream, only give consent.

Be with me all my life, my only love. Let there be a place for me in your heart.

You look like a scarlet flower that attracts with its extraordinary beauty. I admire you. My most cherished desire is to be with you all my life.

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