love notes for her


Love notes for her

Lately there is no rest for me: I am tormented by love for you. I know that my future life is useless and empty if you are not in it. It is not attachment or passion. This is true love.

There are many pleasant moments in my life that give positive feelings. But I’m really happy only with you, because I love you so much.

One look at you was enough for me to understand that you are perfect for me! I want you to make me happy every day!

I lived in a world filled with darkness until you came. You have illuminated my days like the sun, and since then they have become the happiest!

I want you to give me the happiness of being your boyfriend and live together from now on, to make you as happy as I am!

The feeling that originated in my heart when I first saw you became stronger each time. Thanks to you, I understood what true love is.

You are the only one who can pacify my loving heart. I want you to be a part of my life forever, and I could make you happy every second of my life!

You conquered my heart from the first second, and at the same moment I realized that I have a feeling of true love for you. Let’s enjoy wonderful love together!

Since I met you, everything has changed in my life. You add rainbow colors to my monotonous everyday life and inspire me to new achievements! I feel like a happy person next to you!

When I met you, I felt an arrow of love pierced into my heart! You managed to conquer my thoughts and take a place in my heart. You are the girl I’ve always been looking for!

I have never loved you more, and I will never love you less than this second. I will forever be yours, and I want you to be mine!

When I wake up, my first desire is to see you! I want my dreams to come true, because in my dreams we are always together!

My world narrowed down to you alone, but at the same time I acquired the entire Universe, because you discovered a beauty for me that I had not noticed before. I love you!

I look into your eyes and see there a world that was unfamiliar to me before. You changed me, and I am grateful to you for that. You make my life deliciously beautiful.

I didn’t know that I could stay awake at night, imagining that I could hear your breathing. I want to live because I breathe the same air with you and I can touch the best girl in the world – you.

With you, I started life from scratch, because you are the perfection to which I want to strive. Trust me, and I will do everything to justify your trust.

You awakened the tenderness and passion that was dormant in me, you turned over my usual sensations of the world. I am madly in love with you.

I want to look into your bottomless eyes all my life, I am ready to fall into slavery to you in order to see your joy and hear your laughter. I love you and this is irreversible.

I want to see and hear you every minute! Your image constantly appears before my eyes. I am ready to lay my life at your feet.

You are like a star that has fallen to Earth from the sky: just as wonderful and desirable! I can hardly find the words and express how I feel towards you! I love you!

Your inner world is like an endless ocean, without which I cannot live. This ocean is stormy and calm, but always beautiful. I love you!

I just have to imagine you, and emotions fill everything around. You are my muse, inspiring good and kind deeds. You turned my understanding of women upside down and I love it.

When I saw you for the first time, I understood what femininity is. You are the embodiment of femininity and beauty! I give you my heart free of charge, without regretting it at all.

You are a lovely flower that I want to hide from prying eyes in my cozy garden. Everywhere I see you, the smell of your body haunts me, your ringing laughter … I fell in love!

There are words in the world – in them you will hear the singing of fabulous birds, the gentle melodies of a spring stream, in them you will feel the beating of my heart. These are my words addressed to you – I love you!

I am inspired by you! Although I am not an angel, but I can rise to incredible heights of happiness only because my love for you takes me to other universes!

My love for you is not a bouquet of luxurious expensive roses or exotic orchids. These are simple field daisies, as delicate, pure and real as you are.

I look into your eyes as in a mirror, and I see there a lot of tenderness, glare of joy and youthful mischief. I see the reflection of my love, which overwhelms all of me.

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