Love messages for wife

Cute love texts for wife

How often do you confess your love to wife? How long have you told her about your most secret desires? Unfortunately, over time, the couple forgets that marriage is also a work. And if you don’t invest energy, time and desire there, sooner or later, this union will crack. It’s in your hands to prevent such a mistake! We have collected for you the most romantic love messages for wife that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Love messages for wife

I wandered around the world in search of my destination. I did not know who and what could help me. But you could. You saved me, and now I pledge to take care of you every day.

Sometimes I get mad at you. But this moment does not last more than a minute. You are the only one who can raise my mood in any situation.

Love messages for wife love messages for wife Love messages for wife love messages for wife

I don’t need friends anymore, because you can handle any role. I enjoy the fact that I can entrust you even the most intimate secrets.

You are the strongest of all women I know. Sometimes you surprise me with the difficulties you can handle. I am proud you are my wife.

I want to be brave and successful for you, dear. You have become my main motivator and incentive for new victories and accomplishments.

Honey, I am your faithful servant. No one has understood me as you have. Sometimes it seems that you are able to read my mind.

Romantic words for wife love messages for wife Love messages for wife romantic words for wife

I am calm next to you. It’s amazing how one person is able to drown out all my thoughts and feelings in my head. Spending time with you treats better than a psychotherapist.

I don’t need to flatter you by talking about how beautiful you are. My compliments are sincere, and this confirms once again how lucky I am with you.

Cute love texts for wife

My dependence on you is not treatable. I want to feel your presence around again and again and enjoy your smell.

I prayed for a wife like you. Sometimes it seems to me that I sleep, and my life is unreal. It’s really hard for me to believe that one person can make a fairy tale come true.

Over the years, we have become not just spouses, but a real team that can cope with any difficulties. Together we will reach our goals faster.

I have been married to you for so much time, but you don’t stop surprising me. Each time I discover new sides of you. You are like a gem, each side of which is unique in its own way.

love messages for wife Love messages for wife love card for wife

I am not ashamed to talk about my feelings in public. I can shout the whole city out the window about how I love you. Let everyone say about our love, I will not be embarrassed.

I want to sing, dance and do crazy things. Maybe someone thinks I’m crazy. I will not argue with him. You drove me crazy.

True love quotes for her

Before you appeared in my life, I led a carefree lifestyle. I liked the fact that I have no obligations and is free in my choice. You changed my opinion so dramatically that now I do not understand how I lived without you then.

I invite you, beloved wife, on a date. Let others be surprised that we are still devoting time to this. But I can’t let our passion fade away.

love words for wife love messages for wife Love messages for wife love words for wife

Now I understand that foolish jokes about the mother-in-law and wife are made by those who are really very unhappy in family life. Fortunately, I was lucky.

Darling, hold on to me tight. I want to go with you all the difficulties of family life and come to old age together.

I protect our love, as the most valuable thing I have. Losing you is tantamount to death.

Wife, there are no words that could express the magnitude of my gratitude to you. I found myself in life, and this is entirely your merit.

My friends despised me for preferring you to them. I changed my lifestyle, and became a family man. I don’t need anyone else besides you.

So many people are unhappy in marriage … I am sure that if they had a wife like you, the divorce rate would be significantly reduced.

Regardless of whether we are fighting, having fun, fooling around, or arguing, I’m still happy with you. In my case, happiness is not the moment. This is all life.

Romantic words for wife

Your presence causes my breathing to lurk and my pulse quicken. Every time I again and again feel like a teenager who fell in love for the first time. And I like it.

It is said that jealousy is a bad feeling. But how can I not be jealous if other men are staring at you? I am proud to be with you, but I am also terribly afraid of losing you.

You magically transform everyday moments into a game. I like being your husband, because every day spent with you becomes unpredictable, and this ignites my attraction to you.

You have my strength and power. Next to you, I feel omnipotent. But as soon as you disappear, I become helpless. Never walk away from me.

When I’m sad, I’m just waiting for your return. I am loyal to you like a dog waiting for a chase. I will always wait only for you, honey.

Do you remember the moment we got married? Even if I knew in advance about everything that we will have to go through, I, without a moment’s hesitation, would choose you again.

If I was asked right now what I am ready to give up in order to con You are not just a wonderful wife, you are a miracle that turns every day into a fairy tale. And the longer I am with you, the brighter my life is from love!

My life next to you is like a rainbow! It is bright and uniquely colorful; there is always the freshness of relationships and the sunshine of love in it.

It is easy to enjoy happiness with you. If all people on Earth were like you, then this would be the best place in the whole world!

You are not just a spouse for me, you are a part of me. Your laugh helps to forget all the troubles. I am glad that you are walking with me through life.

You raised my self-esteem by saying that I should not hide my true face behind masks, fearing the condemnation of outsiders. With you, I feel free, because I can be who I want.

I will never forgive myself for becoming the cause of your tears. Nothing in the world should scare or disappoint you, my dear. I pledge to be your support until the end of my days.

In order to be worthy of you, I have to seek you day after day. I like these games of chance with you.

Every time I feel your touch, everything inside of me is twisted. It is very nice to know that our love is not declining.

You make me feel like a superhero next to you. Your love can motivate me to save the whole world.

I love you no matter where you are. You can be at the other end of the world, but know that you are always there, in my heart.

I miss you even when you disappear for a moment. I know it shouldn’t be like this. But what can I do? My love only increases each time.

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