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Why do we need a smile? Do we always do this to express pleasure? A smile is another language, a way to express what we cannot express in words. It is complex and can reveal a lot to us: the happy smile of a lover, the shy smile of a timid man or the insinuating smile of a seducer … All this is a way of expressing your emotions. We have chosen for you the best sayings about a smile. We hope you enjoy them!

Smile sayings

Smile and do not give up, even if it seems to you that everything is against you.

Silence and a smile are two powerful weapons. A smile is a way to solve many problems, while silence helps to avoid them.

smile sayings smile sayings Smile sayings smile sayings

Be with those people who make you smile even in the worst of times.

Smile while you’re alive. After all, this is not given to the dead.

Life is like a photograph. It turns out better when you smile.

If the loser smiles, the winner loses the taste of victory.

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Any depression must be met with a smile. Depression will think that you are an idiot and will run away.

Sometimes one smile of a loved one is enough to become happy.

Inspirational quotes about happiness and a happy life

A smile, like a talisman of love. If you want your love to last as long as possible, make your partner smile.

A smile always wins in a tough argument, because it’s hard to argue with a person who smiles in your face.

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A smile does not cost anything, but how much does it give? It draws happiness into the house and increases the number of friends.

Tears can mean more than a smile. Because we smile at everyone, and we cry only because of those we love.

Nice thoughts on smile

It’s nice to see how a man smiles with happiness. It is doubly pleasant when you are the reason for his smile!

The openness of a person can be determined by his facial expressions. The corners of the lips in a smile are proportional to the degree of freedom of the person.

If you have no reason to smile, smile in advance!

There is a moment when time stops. This happens when you smile.

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People with an enchanting smile just fascinate me. I should have thought about what makes them smile so beautifully.

You have to smile so broadly that problems stumble over your smile.

Wrinkles are just an indication of the place where a smile often occurs.

A smile is a universal remedy for spleen. Everything inside is warming, calming down, and without knowing why, you begin to smile.

It is enough to see how a person smiles to determine exactly how many negative traits he has.

In fact, determining the state of mind is very simple. Analyze his smile. What a man has a smile, such a soul.

Smile quotes

You should smile if only because life is a wonderful thing, and there are many reasons for smiles in it.

Smile, because youth is fun for no reason! This is it main charm.

If your interlocutor is sad, smile! For you this is a trifle, but for someone a miracle.

Just one smile can change the world around you, but never let the whole world change your smile!

Girls should remember that any sin is forgiven for a beautiful smile.

A smile is a normal state of a normal person.

A charming smile is part of the truth about a person, and, usually, this part is one of the most important.

Smile, not because you want to, but because you need to! It is necessary that people see that everything is fine with you and that extra people do not ask unnecessary questions. And not superfluous and through a smile everyone will see.

The best smile of a woman is for a mirror, not a man.

If you can always smile at life, life will always smile at you.

A smile, like a kiss of the soul. You cannot touch it, but it makes you warmer.

Your wrinkles can say one thing: either you are constantly angry or you are constantly smiling.

The interlocutor can extract even more from a smile and facial expression than from a conversation.

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