Positive quotes about Monday

Positive sayings about Monday

They say Monday is a hard day. But I bet that it can be the most productive day, if it treated appropriately. So, what needs to be done on Monday morning so that the day goes quickly and productively? Of course, tune in to positive! For you, we have prepared positive quotes about Monday, which will set you in the right mood in the morning and make it clear that Monday is not just the beginning of the work week. This is a chance to make a difference.

Positive quotes about Monday

My constant plan for Monday is to wait for Friday.

Believe in yourself, and then Monday will give you new opportunities, not new challenges!

Positive quotes about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday positive quotes about monday

Mondays become less terrible when you work for pleasure. Think, maybe it’s not about the day of the week?

Monday is a new opportunity to start living anew. Therefore, if you put off your business every Monday, then it is your time to act!

Mondays every time lead us out of our comfort zone. So, thanks to Mondays, we are developing.

If the days of the week were colored, then Monday would be the darkest spot. It’s good that this day is not endless.

Encouraging words about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday encouraging words about monday

Do not forget that Monday is the beginning of work, and you work for the good of your family. So you are doing a great job!

Monday parted me from my beloved. With a favorite bed! I can not forgive him that! But how nice to know that my faithful will be waiting for me in the evening!

Positive sayings about Monday

Monday is the same day of the week as the other six. Therefore, do not attribute to it terrible events! Remember that your thoughts materialize!

Only you can make Monday your favorite day of the week! Think positively and then you will not have any unloved days of the week!

Monday is said to be a tough day. But it is difficult only when you work in an unloved job. Think, maybe it’s not about the day of the week, but about you?

Monday is a little eternity. This is the day you are afraid of, and which never ends! Stop treating it negatively, and then it will become easier for you to live!

positive image about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday positive image about monday

Monday is cruel because it makes me part with my favorite bed! I hope the day comes when it will be canceled!

My week is: Monday, second Monday, third Monday, fourth Monday, Friday, Saturday, the day before Monday. Some kind of hellish cycle!

Good thoughts about life

Monday is merciless. He is able to make a good half of people evil one!

Mondays are different. That Monday, which is located before Tuesday, is still bearable. But the one that comes right after Sunday is just a nightmare.

positive words about Monday positive quotes about monday Positive quotes about Monday positive words about monday

There is nothing to blame the mirror if the morning fell on Monday.

A person usually has two problems: finish it until Friday and not die until Monday.

How a whole week goes by determines how you spend Monday. Therefore, it is worth trying to make Monday not a terrible end to the weekend, but a great start to the week!

Encouraging words about Monday

After the weekend, it is difficult only the first five days. The other two are passing so easily and quickly, as if time is beginning to go many times faster.

The greatest power of attraction has a bed on a Monday morning.

I do not want to hear about how I look on Monday morning. Believe me, I feel about the same

Monday is the day of judgment, on which we pay for sinful weekends.

You shouldn’t tell me on Monday morning how I look … I feel about the same.

Monday is the day of judgment on which we pay for our sinful weekend.

The shortest day of the week is Monday. I haven’t woken up yet, and it’s time to leave work.

A pipe dream: from every Monday to Friday, fall into a lethargic sleep while keeping your paycheck.

The coming Monday morning is a very bad omen. You will probably have to work for at least five endless days.

Old age is when you wash your head not on Friday before the party, but on Monday before work.

There is a sign that if the plug falls, then a woman will come. If a knife falls, a man will come. And if the mood drops, then Monday will come soon.

I decided to start a new life on Monday. I liked it, imperceptibly pulled in. Now every Monday I start a new life and have never regretted it yet.

It’s not so hard to wake up on Monday morning. It’s hard not to fall asleep again and not oversleep work!

Monday is the egg from which Saturday hatches over time. Only it still needs to be sat.

Monday is my curse. I avoid it, I run farther and farther from it, and in the end, anyway, it comes.

It seems that Monday and Sunday are working in pairs in order to finally squeeze all the juices out of me. This period you just need to survive.

It is Monday again. The beginning of the work week came again. Try to forget all the failures of the past, and start creating success again!

By and large, it is not so much Monday that depresses as the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week.

In order to increase the number of happy people on the planet, it is enough to reduce the working day of Monday to four hours.

Monday is such a day when instead of a badge you want to hang a sign: “Watch out, angry dog!”

The sociologist’s first rule is to never do a public opinion poll on Monday morning.

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