Overcoming depression quotes

overcoming depression sayings

Depression is a condition familiar to almost everyone, even the most cheerful people. Everyone has dark streaks in life. Nevertheless, you should not despair, because a dark stripe is always followed by a bright one. These quotes will help to look at depression from the other side. Read them, be inspired, and may happiness always reign in your home.

Overcoming depression quotes

Depression is a thief who steals good memories and the ability to think rationally from us.

The main spiritual illness is erroneous views that are not consistent with reality.

overcoming depression quotes overcoming depression quotes Overcoming depression quotes overcoming depression quotes

A miracle is always waiting for us somewhere near despair.

At any twists and turns of fate, one can always find hours of contemplation and a creative state. These pauses must be found. They allow us to pause our running a bit and wait for our soul to keep up with us.

You will not be strong until you learn to see the positive side of everything. You have to laugh at what torments you, otherwise sooner or later you will go crazy.

Stop looking around, better take a look. The way out will appear only at the moment when you stop looking for help on the side. Only you can help yourself.

Depression is like a lady in black. If she came, do not drive her away, but invite her into the house as a guest, and listen to what she intends to say.

Nothing is lost, even when everything seems lost or hopeless. All is lost only when the soul refuses efforts.

Overcoming depression sayings

We can never go beyond the borders of the past until we can endure suffering.

Depression and a sense of uselessness will always be somewhere nearby, no matter how much we want to get rid of them. Think of them as a constant reminder of an upcoming task. Even if you feel their constant presence, you still should not despair.

That cave, which you are afraid to enter, hides the treasure that you are looking for.

Until we get lost, we will not go looking for the real ones.

overcoming depression words overcoming depression quotes Overcoming depression quotes overcoming depression words

You should welcome everything that happens to you, even the worst, for the meaning of such accidents is the health and integrity of the universe.

You are not what happened to you, but the one you have become of your own choice.

Positive quotes about change

Each person can visit paradise at least once a day. It depends on us only whether we can catch such moments from a daily routine.

Self-knowledge is what you really need to get out of depression.

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There is only one way out of depression. In order to heal suffering, you must experience it completely.

You will never change anything if you struggle with the existing reality. If you want to change something, create a new one so that the old one is just out of date.

overcoming depression thoughts overcoming depression quotes Overcoming depression quotes overcoming depression

When a person is desperate, he only thinks about who will help him. At this moment, it is very important to understand: you are the person who is able to help you.

When you get into trouble, you should not forget that it may protect you from something worse. Any mistake can bring more benefits than the most reasonable, according to others, the decision.

The treatment for depression is not in pills and therapy, but in wisdom and self-knowledge.

The opposite of happiness is not grief and suffering, but depression that results from internal infertility.

There is only one path to greatness, and this path goes through suffering.

Overcoming depression words

Through suffering and sorrow, we can obtain bits of wisdom that are not acquired in books.

Sorrow is the most useful, most soothing place of man, because no one can ruin this place.

Happiness is good for the body, but only grief develops the ability of the spirit.

Suffering and joy get used to each other. When they become one, happiness will be born. Such happiness will be indestructible.

There are victories leading to a dead end. There are defeats that open up new paths.

If it rains in your life, focus on the flowers that bloom thanks to this rain.

Our psyche often uses depression to attract our attention and tell us that somewhere deep down lies lie.

One has to endure and believe, and inspiration will inevitably appear to the one who managed to defeat his depression. Inspiration comes only from labor.

If you want to succeed, continue to believe in yourself even when no one believes in you.

To heal the soul, you need a sense of illness. Self-knowledge is one of the first stages of treatment.

Depression comes from a false idea of what is happening to us. Deep knowledge of people and sound judgments about events bring us closer to happiness.

Anyone who intends to do good should not expect support from outsiders. He is obliged to calmly accept that which may hinder him. Overcoming these difficulties can only be great power.

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