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candle light sayings

A beautiful romantic dinner with candles, rose petals, a slow dance of two under the moonlight … All these events are accompanied by wonderful feelings, which are reflected in quotes about romance. Beautiful candle light quotes can be romantic or inspiring. These quotes so elegantly and beautifully express the depth of feelings that a person with a sensitive nature will be very pleased to read them, especially by candlelight.

Candle light quotes

Do not expect light from others – light your candle and share its light with others!

A candle becomes most beautiful only when it emits light. The same can be said about a person.

candle light quotes candle light quotes Candle light quotes candle light quotes

Someone lights a candle, someone – lanterns, someone – stars … And someone lights other people’s eyes with happiness.

And even finding yourself in the darkness of the past, light a candle of hope for a brighter future …

The candle cries forever, and even when it tries to smile sweetly, it is brutally blown out.

To grow wings, you need to believe in love. And so that your candle does not go out, you need to cover its wick with your wings.

candle light words candle light quotes Candle light quotes candle light words

One candle is not enough to illuminate your life path.

You cannot light a candle with your eyes, but you can incinerate a person.

Candle light sayings

One small candle can give the soul more light than the bright sun’s eyes.

It is wonderful to be the last light of the night. Is there anything more sentimental in the world than a candle?

Leaving a candle to burn, you doom it to death. By depriving a candle of its flame, you take away its meaning of life.

The sun in the sky does not think so highly of itself as a candle lit in a cellar. It all depends on the environment.

candle light thoughts candle light quotes Candle light quotes candle light thoughts

Each person has his own inner light. Only for some it is the light of a candle, and for others it is the light of a lighthouse.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and its life will not get any shorter. Happiness doesn’t diminish when you share it.

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Only those who have passed through the pitch darkness are able to sincerely admire and rejoice at the dim candle light.

There are two ways to diffuse light: be a candle or a mirror that reflects it.

candle light card candle light quotes Candle light quotes candle light card

A candle does not lose a single particle of light if you light another candle from it.

The wind blowing out the candle fans the fire in the brazier.

Candles are not a fashion statement. The light bulb shines for everyone, and the candle shines only for you.

Candle light thoughts

Separation kills a weak feeling and kindles a strong passion, just as the wind extinguishes candles and fancies a fire!

In man, I love light. The thickness of the candle is not important to me. The flame will tell me if the candle is good.

A person loves society, even if it is the society of a lonely burning candle.

Thought is a candle from which you can light someone else’s candle, but for this you need to have fire.

No one lights a candle to hide it behind the door, for light then exists to shine, to open people’s eyes, to show what miracles are around.

In a world of people blinded by darkness, the sun can appear as a candle flame.

Closing the door behind you, I realized how a moth felt when a candle was blown out in the room.

Love burned out by itself, like a lighted candle, forgotten in an empty room.

If the candles in the birthday cake cost you more than the cake itself, then old age is just around the corner.

Do not rely on your neighbor: you will be left without a candle.

Sometimes you have to light a candle not only for the angel, but also for the devil.

Whoever you see off with a candle will meet you with a candle.

 When a person loses his eyes, he no longer needs candles.

True happiness consists in not reacting to the mood from the outside: to preserve the light, as a candle, covered with glass from the wind, keeps it.

We were like two candles that burn out, but cannot burn out to the end, creating the deceptive impression that they will never go out.

Do not curse the darkness and do not fight it. Light a candle, and its light will immediately dispel the darkness. It is not good deeds that make a person good, but his soul, thoughts and intentions.

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