funny quotes about yoga


Funny quotes about yoga

Before you try yoga in practice, theory is useless. After that – the theory is obvious.

Yoga teaches us to heal what we do not need to endure and endure what cannot be healed.

Are there people who are not subject to yoga? Of course. These are lazy people.

The photographer makes people pose for him. A yoga instructor makes people pose for themselves.

Flexible people are blessed because they cannot be put in an awkward position.

The most important elements needed to practice yoga are your body and your mind.

The beauty of yoga is that people come to it for flexibility, and take away much more with them.

If you got the idea to sign up for yoga, consider that wisdom has already visited you.

The first thing yoga taught me is that not every person is able to do the splits.

It’s great that there is a spiritual practice that allows you to kick yourself in the ass!

Yoga is when your body is twisted in an incredible way, and at the same time you experience peace!

If you decide to get rid of addictions – do yoga. And then you will get rid of bad habits, but acquire a new, useful one.

The basic principle of all yogis: if no one is near you, love the space.

There is no better music than hearing your own rapid breathing while doing yoga.

If your therapist and antidepressants are no longer helping, it’s time to buy a yoga mat!

By doing yoga, you will stop feeling the pain of disappointment in others.

Reaching a high level in yoga means becoming grateful towards other people.

Yoga is the art of living in the present, forgetting about the past and not assuming that someday there will be times better than now.

Yoga is when your body is in harmony with your consciousness.

The most important elements required for yoga practice are your body and your mind.

My life is like doing yoga: my ass is always somewhere nearby.

Yoga allows us to be beautiful regardless of age. It is worth taking care of the state of mind and beauty will come.

Yoga is the practice of accepting the consequences of being yourself. 

Yoga is a light that will never be dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.

Yoga is not just a headstand. This is the tranquility of the mind.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. Yoga helps us in this.

Yoga is a method that allows a person to come to the unconscious mind. This is the science that allows us to be in the moment.

Yoga reveals to you the beauty of mindfulness and transforms you into the essence of the endless present moment.

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