Funny quotes about money

funny sayings about money

The topic of money has always caused a heated discussion among people. Not surprisingly, great people from ancient times expressed their opinions about money, which has come down to our days in the form of quotes. Accurate quotes inspire us, motivate, and teach, laying aside on the subconscious and guiding us through life. Our selection of funny quotes about money contains invaluable knowledge from the best businessmen, philosophers, and outstanding personalities of our time. Read them thoughtfully, and then you will not only have fun, but also learn something important for yourself.

Funny quotes about money

If you save a little money every month, then after a year you will be surprised how little you managed to save. 

You can buy a charming dog for money, but no money will make him happily wag his tail.

funny quotes about money funny quotes about money Funny quotes about money funny quotes about money

With the help of money, you can buy everything except poverty. Here you need to seek help from the stock exchange.

A woman can make any man a millionaire, especially if he is a billionaire.

Too many people spend money that they barely earned on things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.

If you do not have money, then you always think about money. If you have money, you only think about money.

funny image about money funny quotes about money Funny quotes about money funny image about money

Those, who want to get rich during the day will be executed within a year.

It is necessary to take money from those who have it, and above all, of course, from the poor. Yes, the poor have little money, but there are so many poor people!

Funny sayings about money

The older a person becomes, the more the desire to make money goes into the desire to save.

You cannot buy love for money, but you can improve the starting position for bargaining.

Money does not bring happiness, but gives confidence in the future and strengthens the nervous system.

Charity is a way to give out a small part of stolen money to justify a large one.

funny card about money funny quotes about money Funny quotes about money funny card about money

You realized that you had matured when you stopped asking your parents for money and started borrowing from them.

A credit is when there’s not so much money at all, but even less.

Funny quotes about office

Salary is very similar to menstruation. You wait for it for a month, and it ends in a week. And if there is a delay, you are very worried!

For some reason, the wind in my head blows money out of my pockets first of all.

thoughts about money funny quotes about money Funny quotes about money thoughts about money

In youth, a person spends time to increase his money, and in old age he spends money to extend his time.

You can be unhappy with a billion dollars, or you can be happy with miserable tens of millions.

Sclerosis is when you do not remember who you owe money to. But insanity is when you forget who owes you.

Money helps to circumvent all laws except the laws of physics.

Money does not happen much or little. Either you don’t know where to spend it, or where to get it from.

Funny thoughts about money

The dull time is not autumn. This is the week before the salary.

Happiness does not lie in money, but in love. A simple, ordinary, human love of money.

The main causes of most stresses and depressions in a person’s life are: family, money, and a family without money.

Love for money is called prostitution, but friendship for money is called business!

When the money runs out, you have to believe that happiness was not in them.

Do not strive for money. Wealth is not outside, but inside you. For example, a kidney.

It’s not scary when you don’t have money and nobody needs you. It’s scary when nobody needs you with your money.

A friend is a person whom we know well enough to borrow money from, but not good enough to lend him.

Money is a way to have everything except a sincere friend, selfless love and good health.

Money is like air: when you don’t have it, you choke, when you have it, you don’t notice it, when there is plenty of it, you can go crazy.

When a person with money meets a person with experience, a person with experience leaves with money, and a person who had money leaves with experience.

A credit is when a bank robs you and you still pay it for this.

Contrary to the law of gravity, the heavier your wallet is, the easier it is for you.

If you ever have to choose between financial independence and sexual attractiveness, choose financial independence. Over the years, it will become the key to your sexual attractiveness.

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