Funny quotes about men

funny words about men

From ancient times men wondered how women are arranged, and what is their nature? This question still remains open, and to this day it torments the minds of many great people. But few people wondered: “How are men arranged?” This is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of nature, which only a woman can solve. Read below fascinating, wise and cool quotes about men. Perhaps you will also unveil the curtain of this incomprehensible mystery! Here you will find plenty of funny quotes about men.

Funny quotes about men

The difference between a man and a boy is the value of their toys.

The best way to get a man to do something is to hint to him that he is already too old for that.

funny quotes about men funny quotes about men Funny quotes about men funny quotes about men

A man does not think about himself only in those moments when he is sure that someone else thinks only about him.

Men are like soap bubbles: the first is always unsuccessful, the second is already better, but only the third is truly beautiful and cheerful.

No matter how bad a man thinks about women, any woman thinks about him even worse.

The man’s house is his fortress, but only outside. Inside it is most often a children’s room.

funny sayings about men funny quotes about men Funny quotes about men funny sayings about men

Women know that men are not as stupid as they usually think. They are even dumber.

Men need to remember the important truth that heat can only harm snowwomen. For real women, this is only beneficial.

Funny sayings about men

The prettier the guy, the less you can trust him. This is the law!

Men usually do not listen to what they are told. They listen to what they are going to say.

A miniskirt annoys men in one instance: when a wife wears it.

Cats are better than men, if only because they never interrupt.

funny card about men funny quotes about men Funny quotes about men funny card about men

Never thank men for anything. They do only what they like.

In order to hide the face from men, a woman does not have to wear a burqa. The miniskirt is much more effective.

Funny quotes about relationships

If there were no men, they should be invented! After all, someone should always be to blame!

Men are like books: they are boring, they are interesting, but it happens that money is hidden in them.

funny image about men funny quotes about men Funny quotes about men funny image about men

For men, driving a car is like having sex. Almost everyone thinks that he knows how to do it better than others.

There are only three types of men who do not understand women: young men, middle-aged men, and older men.

The alarm triggered outside the window best lifts the man from the couch.

Women came up with a real man to scare their husbands with it.

Even in the worst man, you can find something good if you carefully search him.

Funny thoughts about men

Men who once managed to prove that they are right have long been divorced.

Most of all men are worried by two things: an incomprehensible noise in the car engine and a girl who suddenly became affectionate and kind.

The man came up with a kiss, because he could not find another way to close the woman’s mouth.

It is simply amazing how much easier it is for a man to understand a woman if he is not married to her.

There must be something bright in the life of every man. For example, a blonde.

Only after thirty men deliberately enter into marriage. Earlier this age, they plunge into it.

There are two stages in the life of a real man: on the first, he shows his masculine virtues, on the second he talks about it.

If a man gives a woman everything she asks for, then she asks for too little.

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

Some men, before moving on to the “Father” stage, must first exit the “Sonny” stage.

Men are still defenders! They snore to protect women from wild animals!

A real man always takes the first step. He likes the picture on the social network.

Some men, like a carriage for Cinderella: all day they hang around somewhere, and after twelve they turn into a vegetable.

When a man is interested, he can be very inventive. So do not entertain yourself with the illusions that circumstances hinder him.

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