Funny quotes about education

Funny sayings about education

Here you will find plenty of funny quotes about education.

Funny quotes about education

The educational system is structured like this: those who are not interested in the answer ask those who cannot answer.

Nobody has died from science yet. But it’s not worth the risk.

This desk is so boring! I am ashamed to sit behind it!

Funny quotes about education funny quotes about education Funny quotes about education funny quotes about education

The university develops all abilities, including stupidity.

Note to all students! Everything you say on the exam can be used against you!

Students are people who swim on the surface of science and dive into its depths twice a year.

Remember: not the professor himself is terrible. His lectures are terrible.

The university taught me that I must be able to correctly formulate my idea, regardless of its presence!

Do not snore at a lecture! First, think of your sleeping companion!

Education is a science that teaches the necessary and the unnecessary, in every way interfering with distinguishing one from the other.

The biggest lie when writing an essay: “List of references.”

They say that no one died of knowledge, but the skeleton in the biology cabinet worries me.

Funny sayings about education

When setting a homework, teachers count on students, but parents get it

As soon as I wanted to study, the school year ended. Everything is against me.

There is such an expression: if you come earlier, you will leave earlier. But, unfortunately, school is an exception to the rule.

Short humorous texts about education funny quotes about education Funny quotes about education humorous texts about education

On the exam, our group becomes like one big family. But, unfortunately, the family is not without a freak.

My principle of studying at the university is to be important as a politician in the lessons. It doesn’t matter if I know or not. The main thing is to make a smart face.

I used to think that learning lessons is the worst thing in the world. Now I know the truth. The most terrible thing is to learn lessons with a child.

In high school, independent work ceases to be independent. It becomes collective.

It was only once to skip classes, how it became a habit!

The scariest phrase of school childhood: “Remove textbooks and get double leaflets.”

All diseases miraculously worsen on Monday before going to university.

Short humorous texts about education

I live in constant fear that one day school knowledge in geometry will be useful to me.

The Internet has given me more knowledge than school education.

Only a student who has a girlfriend can be hungrier than an ordinary hungry student.

Session is the most transient period of study. Before the exam, there is always either a lot of time or one day.

The school year, like pregnancy, lasts 9 months, and begins to feel sick from the 2nd week.

The session best makes human supernormal abilities manifest. He ceases to need food, sleep and other entertainment, and begins to seek only knowledge.

When I rewrite the compendium and cannot understand which word is written, I try to portray the same nonsense in my compendium.

A modern student, instead of preparing for a session, is looking on the Internet for a beautiful status about the complexity of being.

Are there really effective methods for preparing for an exam other than prayers?

If you want a change in life, go to school. There are changes every 45 minutes!

The school taught me to rally with the team in difficult times! It is a pity that our collective work, teachers call cheating.

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you have with your classmates. On the exam, you become one friendly family.

Many university teachers have never seen me. They just spread rumors about me. I feel like a real legend!

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