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Birthday wishes, messages, and greeting cards for friends, family, loved ones.

birthday card for cousin sister

Happy birthday wishes for cousin sister

Sometimes a cousin becomes closer to you than a sibling. For such a person you always wish all the best. From an excess of tender feelings, it is not always possible to beautifully...
birthday messages for little brother

Birthday wishes for younger brother

The younger brother will forever remain for you a funny and thoughtless person! Even if you do not have a big age difference, brother will still feel your guardianship and responsibility for...
Happy birthday greetings for dad in heaven

Happy birthday wishes for dad in heaven

The collection of congratulations below for a dad who is not alive will help you tell your loved ones about your father all the most important things. These are lines in which...
birthday wishes for sister-in-law

Birthday messages for sister-in-law

Following the love of your husband, it is come tender feelings for his relatives. The husband’s sister becomes a close person for you. That’s why you will certainly want to surprise her...
Funny birthday wishes for friend

Funny birthday messages for friend

Nowadays, the concept of true friendship is not familiar to many people. But, nevertheless, real friends are still there, and it is customary to treat their congratulations with special attention. If you...
birthday messages for best friend girl

Birthday wishes for best friend female

Is your best friend's birthday? And you know him so much time that there are no more ideas how to surprise him? For you, we have compiled a large selection of various...
Happy birthday wishes for boy best friend

Birthday wishes for best friend male

A friend’s birthday is only once a year. And therefore, it should be remembered with sincere wishes and positive emotions. To create such a mood, we have prepared for you the best...
birthday wishes for boss

Birthday greetings for boss

When it comes to birthday, each boss expects congratulations and pleasant words addressed to him from employees and subordinates. You can wish your boss anything you want. But it will be best...
birthday messages for son from dad

Birthday wishes for son from dad

At all times, the son was a great pride for a man. Perhaps the reason for this is fear for the fate of the clan, or it is easier for the father...
Birthday messages for son from mom

Birthday wishes for son from mom

Son’s birthday is the most important holiday for any mom. But sometimes it’s difficult to pick up such words in order to contain in them boundless love for the child. In this...