Happy birthday princess

birthday greeting for princess

Are you going to the little princess’s birthday and wondering how to congratulate her? The best way to congratulate a child is to give the desired gift and read the congratulation! Practice in advance so that the verse sounds expressive and beautiful. Even if this is a short congratulation, you still need to read it from the heart! Choose the best from this collection of happy birthday princess wishes and greetings.

Happy birthday princess

May your every moment, every day and every year be successful and happy! Love, dare, create! Happy holiday to you, dear!

My bright and brilliant princess, we all know your wonderful positivity and attitude. I wish that dreams always flutter like butterflies in your soul.

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Sweet princess! Let colorful balloons fly up on this day, each of which will contain your dream. And let, the higher they rise, the more accurately it will be fulfilled.

You are my ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Let new adventures come into your life every day.

The most gentle and kind princess, happy Birthday to you! May life give you the brightest colors of the world!

Let no life hurricanes knock the ship of your destiny off the right course. Nothing in the world can replace you for me. Happy Birthday, Princess!

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A long time ago, in a country where only goodness and happiness live, a girl of indescribable beauty was born. So, today, this girl celebrates her birthday. And I, in my turn, hasten to congratulate her on this event!

Happy Birthday! May you have everything you need for the happiness of the little princess. And may your childhood be unforgettable and carefree!

Birthday wishes for princess

Happy Birthday! Your life is just beginning. I want to wish you the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Dear birthday girl! Let there be as few sad moments as possible, and let joyful events happen every day. Be happy today, tomorrow and always!

I wish you, my princess, that good luck would follow you in a long train from behind, scaring off all setbacks and problems. Start every day with a smile and do not forget to do good!

You have become a year older today. But childhood still does not end! Let it be filled with wonderful impressions, and let your parents and friends be always there. Happy holiday, princess!

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You, like the sun, illuminate the lives of many people, including me. May heaven help you achieve your goals, and people around you warm you with their smiles.

It is said that childhood is the most wonderful and fabulous time, and then, with the advent of adulthood, problems come. So today, princess, I wish you that in your soul, you will always remain such a child as you are now.

Happy birthday Angel

You are like my guardian angel, and a thousand words are not able to describe you. May no one ever bring sadness and disappointment into your life! Happy Birthday!

Today you have grown up for a whole year, learned a lot. Let life become for you a fairy tale, in which you can feel like a real princess!

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On this festive day, open your soul for love, and let the angel hold his amulet over you! Happy birthday, dear princess!

Today even the sun shines brighter and sends you my light, warmth and smile! My dear girl, do not you dare never get upset over trifles. I wish you to feel like a real princess today!

I wish you to meet your prince on a white horse, who will carry you in his arms and be careful with you. Be the most beautiful princess that gentlemen cannot take their eyes off.

The number of your merits is countless, and therefore I wish you to continue to be the most active and optimistic girl I have ever known. Happy Holidays!

You are a really smart girl, a little princess who is rapidly achieving her goals. Dream, because only imagining a wonderful future, you can fulfill your desires. Happy Birthday!

A princess! Let there be no place for sadness in your mischievous eyes! Happy birthday!

Today was born a princess, the goddess of happiness and beauty. I wish you all the best, as well as the embodiment of all cherished dreams.

My princess, I wish you to be the most irresistible. Let you always and everywhere be surrounded by friends who will be able to appreciate the kindness of your heart and the beauty of your eyes.

Sweet and wonderful princess! Happy Birthday to you! Always be beautiful like Cinderella, kind like Snow White, curious like Rapunzel! Let your life be like a fairy tale!

My dear little girl, I congratulate you on the holiday. I wish your dreams to come true by magic!

Happy birsday, my dear! You have a wonderful age – there is still so much to come! I wish you to fully enjoy all the opportunities that life gives you.

Happy birthday to the cutest and most charming princess! Let there be as much magic and fairy tales in your life as possible!

A princess! May your everyday be bright, full of discoveries, travel, smiles and constant positive! Love, strive, be enveloped in attention and sincerity.

Congratulations to our lovely princess. We wish that your teenage excitement, innate talents and a little bit of luck will help you achieve your goals. Happy Birthday!

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