Happy 2nd birthday wishes

2nd birthday messages

Is your baby 2 years old? Do you want to congratulate him with the first verses in his life? If you are a parent, then there is a great selection of congratulations for your baby. And if you are friends or relatives of the baby’s parents, then in the congratulatory texts we took into account your desire to congratulate not only the child, but also his parents. Choose the perfect text among this collection of happy 2nd birthday wishes!

Happy 2nd birthday wishes

Happy second birthday to the little angel! I wish him a happy childhood, so that he pleases his parents with every step he takes.

Our little joy, we congratulate you with all our love on your 2nd birthday! We wish you, baby, a whole world of fun entertainment and unquenchable energy for your every day.

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Today you are two years old and you are not such a kid. Let every day be a real holiday full of new discoveries.

Dear child, at your 2 years old, I want to wish you that miracles in your life happen every day, so that the sun always shines for you and the world is beautiful.

You are only 2 years old, and you illuminate this world with bright light and colors of miracles. I wish you to live in your fairy tale, where every day is fun and perky.

Today you are already two whole years old! You walk boldly and play fun. I wish you, baby, to grow up as a happy child, in whose eyes there will always be interest, and in the hands – the key to success.

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2 years is such a small part of the future life, but how much has changed during this time. Our little miracle, we cannot imagine our life without you. Happy birthday to you, honey!

At your 2 years old, I want to wish that every day was a bright holiday of your wonderful life. Let your eyes shine with happiness, let your arms hug your parents tightly, and the ringing laughter fills the house with joy.

2nd birthday messages

For two years now, the baby has brought us happiness, smiles and pride in achievements. May the little hero of today’s celebration be healthy, obedient, relaxed and happy.

Congratulations, baby! With each of your years, the world will open up for you from a new side. I believe that you will become a real hero of the modern world.

Congratulations on a wonderful date, on your second birthday. I wish you to be an obedient baby and the happiest child in the constant environment of loved ones and the joy of life.

May all roads be open for you, may every day open up great potential for you and give you a cheerful mood. Happy second birthday to you, baby!

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Cute little fidget! In your 2 years, you have already achieved a lot and learned a lot. Continue to be the same inquisitive, obedient and intelligent child!

Two years is a big event. Let your every day pass in exciting games and incredible adventures. I wish you to grow up as a brave hero!

Happy birthday princess

Congratulations on your second year! I wish you to grow up as an active and friendly baby, and to develop quickly! To make it easy for your parents to raise you!

With great pleasure we are in a hurry to congratulate the nice baby on a wonderful date – 2 years old! We wish you to grow up as a real hero, not to know the problems and enjoy your childhood!

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Today, on the day of your 2nd birthday, may you be delighted with surprises, a fun holiday and your loved ones. Grow up a strong and brave child, and always be lucky.

Small miracle, I congratulate you on your two years old. Let the sun smile at you, and let your everyday be interesting.

On this day, just two years ago, you were born, making your parents the happiest people! I wish you to fully enjoy your wonderful childhood!

You are a real pride for your loving parents. We wish you to grow as soon as possible and run with your legs towards various miracles. 

Happy 2nd birthday to you! It seems that you were born quite recently. In fact, 2 years have passed. I wish you every day to become smarter and grow a strong boy!

Today you are 2, you enjoy life and open up new horizons of happiness. May your destiny be happy!

Happy Holidays! I wish you, two-year-old child, mischievous undertakings, good gifts and an endless stream of delicious sweets in a vase.

The little miracle is 2 years old today! I wish you, baby, fascinating walks, amusing fun with mommy and fun pampering with daddy.

I congratulate you, dear child, on your second year. Let the world around you become even brighter and more interesting, and let every day give you a lot of fun.

Congratulations on your 2nd birthday! Let your life be a fairy tale, in which you, like a knight, will certainly conquer any difficulties.

You already know how to do almost everything, and the difficulties of the first year of life are left behind. At your 2 years old, I wish you never to be upset and always be in the center of attention of loved ones.

I congratulate a wonderful child on his 2nd birthday! May the sun of happiness shine for you during the day, and stars of hope give you wonderful dreams at night.

How quickly time passes, today you are already 2 years old! Let you have all the toys in the world that you want.

Our little, but already such a big baby! Today you are two years old! May you have a great mood today, may small, mischievous sparks shine in your eyes, and may there be a charming smile on your face!

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