First birthday wishes for baby boy

first birthday wishes for baby boy

Looking for cute first birthday wishes for baby boy? We have prepared for you the best wishes in prose. Congratulate the boy on his first most important date with a sincere wish and kind words. Just choose what you like and use it in your congratulatory speech! Or send a message if there is no opportunity to meet. In any case, everyone will be delighted with such a gesture!

First birthday wishes for baby boy

My boy, how fast time flies and how fast you grow. Like a big one-year-old boy, today you have so much to do – play games, blow off candles, eat birthday cake and be happy all the time. We all love you so much, sweetie. Happy 1st birthday!

The sweetest birthday congratulations to my cute little pie! How adorable boy you are, darling. Hope this day will be special and I‘ll see you as the happiest child in the world. Love you! Happy 1st birthday!

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My little boy, thank you for the endless love and happiness you’ve brought to us. You are the brightest thing in our live and will always be our pride. We love you and wishing you the happiest 1st birthday! Kisses!

You are the cutest baby boy in town, sweetheart, and no matter you are happy or angry, we love you the same. Hope you have a good mood today because all your aunts want to enjoy you. Be ready for kisses! Happy 1st birthday, cutie!

Happy 1st birthday to my lovely and sweet baby boy! Although you’re one-year-old today, you are the smartest and the most ingenious boy I’ve ever seen, not to mention innocence in your eyes. I wonder what you look like… Congrats my boy!

Let me give you the sweetest kiss, b-day boy! Today is your first birthday and everything will be like a fairy tale and you‘ll be like a Prince. Our sweetest and the most adorable Prince. Love you, sweetie, and have fun!

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The loudest hurray to my birthday boy! It’s an amazing day because of you, sweetie. It’s your 1st birthday and I’m full of emotions. Hope you are as happy as me. Thank you for that. Happy 1st birthday!

Happy first birthday, my little pumpkin! Your cheeks are so bubble and your smile is so nice, that today you‘re going to steal all our hearts. But, be ready for many touches and little kisses! Congratulations, dear!

Happy 1st birthday wishes for son

No one can resist to your loveliness, baby boy. You‘ve conquered our hearts from the first day we‘ve known about you and it‘s going to be forever. You are the whole world for us. Love you, my boy! Happy 1st birthday!

Enjoy this sweet day of yours, darling! It’s your 1st birthday and you have the full right to eat your birthday cake as much as you can and want. Have a good time and have fun! Just remember, we’ll be watching you.

My world starts with you, son! I’m so happy I have you, because there’s no more special boy like you. You are everything the best for me. Love you, dear. Happy 1st birthday!

Having and looking at you is something magical. I’ve never thought I could be happier than I’m now. Thank you, son, for every smile and love you give to me. You are the biggest happiness of my life. Congratulations on 1st birthday!

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Son, your birthday marks a special day of my life. You’ve come into this world and turned it into a fairy tale. Hope this day will be your fairy tale and you‘ll be the cutest Prince. Love you, son. Happy 1st birthday!

Your laugh is the most beautiful sound for my ears and your smile is the most beautiful view for my eyes. You are an amazing boy, son, and I can’t imagine life without you. Hope you’ll always be so little and cute baby boy, because I need you only for myself and for all my life. Love you so much. Happy 1st birthday!

Birthday wishes for son from dad

The biggest congratulations on completing the first year of life, son! Now you’re a big and strong one-year-old boy, so you can have fun and enjoy this day. Your birthday cake is waiting for your cute little hands. Sweet 1st birthday, cutie!

Happy 1st birthday to our sweet little angel with a strong character! This year was wonderful, and you were even more wonderful, but given to this, I can say you‘ll be strong and cool boy in the next year. I wish you this and never stop making us amazed. Congrats!

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Happy 1st birthday to my precious son! I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you, and I perfectly know, that my love for you will always be infinite. You are the purest feeling in my heart, sweetheart. Thank you for this and thank you God for you. Love you so much.

It was just one year ago I saw you, son. You are the greatest thing in my life and I’ll always be grateful to the God for you. Hope this day will be filled with your joy and laugh because there’s no more precious view than your smile and those big happy eyes. Love you, darling. Happy 1st birthday!

Positive thoughts about life

 The older you are, the more you are like us, son. Although you are one-year-old today, but I hope we are a good example for you and you‘ll grow into a kind and honest man. We love you and we wish you the best first birthday of your little life. Have a sweet time, son! Congratulations on 1st birthday!

Happy 1st birthday to the most curious and inventive boy on the Earth. You perfectly know how to get attention or how to surprise us. I still can‘t figure out where you are from, but you are an amazing, son! Love you the most. Surprise us today and always!

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Dear nephew, I have a great honor to congratulate you with 1st birthday! You are the sweetest boy all over the world and I love you so much. Hope this day will be as good and cute as you are. Hug you!

Happy 1st birthday to the most lovely and cute boy! Today my heart is glad for you and I have the biggest smile on my face. You are the reason of all these emotions. Thank you, nephew, and wish you sweet and tasty cake! Love you!

Happy 1st birthday wishes for nephew

Have fun, nephew! Although today is your 1st birthday, but your curiosity and jauntiness show me how wonderful boy you are going to be. Now, enjoy your big day and let me to kiss you. Happy birthday, nephew!

Happy 1st birthday to my little nephew! In truly, I was afraid of children before you’ve came into my life and now, I adore them. Thank you for showing me how wonderful to love something so small and faint. Love you the most, nephew!

Hurray to my nephew! Time flies really fast and today you are a one-year-old baby boy. Congratulations on 1st birthday, darling! Shine today and all over your life. You are amazing!

Nephew, how amazing boy you are! Your eyes, smile, and little hands have stolen my heart and I feel addicted to you. Hope you’ll always be next to me and I’ll be able to share my love with you. Happy 1st birthday, nephew!

 A blessed birthday to my cutest nephew! May God protect you from all dangers and allows you to have easy and good life. You are the best boy and I really happy I have such a wonderful nephew. Congratulations on 1st birthday, sweetheart!

Happy 1st birthday to my awesome nephew! Although you still are very small, but I‘ve already noticed how strong you are. I think, you‘ll be a great fighter and champion. So, be healthy and strong, my boy. Congratulations!

I just want to hug and kiss you on this beautiful day, nephew! Today is your first birthday and I‘m super happy about it. Hope you‘ll have super-amazing and cute day, because you are so. Love you and wish you the sweetest time! Happy 1st birthday!

365 days when you are in my life, nephew. It‘s a great and strange feeling at one time, but I‘m absolutely convinced, you are the biggest love and happiness of my life. You are so cute, aaa… Love, love, love you! Happy 1st birthday, my boy!

Sweet birthday messages for little baby boy

Happy birthday to my dearest little angel! Enjoy your little birthday party and be the happiest cutie in the entire planet. Love you so much, my boy. Congratulations!

Congratulations on birthday, my little star! May your birthday and all the next little year be the brightest and full of lights. I promise you love, care and protection. You are everything for me. Love you, sweetheart.

 The warmest birthday wishes to my precious little baby boy! Enjoy your beautiful childhood and take all the most beautiful moments. You are my deepest love and I’ll always be with you.

A year ago, a noisy, small, but so dear and very beloved lump appeared in your house. I wish that his small achievements in life, like the first steps, bring you only cheerful laughter and a storm of joy.

I congratulate you on your first significant date. I wish you health for rapid growth and endless energy for everyday knowledge, such a large and interesting world.

I wish you, birthday boy, good luck to stomp on the roads, clap your hands cheerfully, charm everyone around with your wonderful smile, be the greatest joy for the whole family.

On this small, but very solemn date, I wish you to grow up, not getting sick and not being capricious, but learning new things and becoming more mature and independent every day.

Happy first birthday! There will be many more such birthdays, but this one will remain the most memorable, because it is the first! Live happily, baby!

Happy birthday, my baby boy! I love you so much, even my heart can’t express it. You are the biggest gift of my life and I’ll always be thankful for God, I have you, cutie. Hope this day will be perfect. Kisses!

Happy birthday to my little giggle boy! May your tight voice sound today and everyone knows is your birthday. I’m so happy and can’t wait to see your wide and cute smile. Love you, darling. Congratulations!

I see strong and charming man in you, my little boy. Hope one day we’ll be the best friends and we’ll be able to talk about everything, from A to Z. You know, girls, school and etc. But now, enjoy your little birthday celebration.

Sugar time for my little birthday boy! Hope this day will be as sweet as you are, cutie. Enjoy your day, cake, gifts and time you have. Happy birthday! Love you!

Happy birthday to my one and only baby boy! Hope this day will be full of the first times, because I know how curious you are. But, the more interesting, the more fun. Congratulations, my boy!

You drive my crazy sometimes, but you still are the biggest love of my life. I can’t imagine life without you, your smile, eyes and all the happiness you give to me. Hope this day will be the most amazing in your little life. Love you, sweetie.

Perfect birthday day with Mom, Dad and your favorite cake, sounds perfect, right? Hope we’ll turn all your dreams into reality, no matter how strong you can surprise us. We love you, boy, and we wish you the happiest birthday!

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