Birthday wishes for son from mom

Birthday messages for son from mom

Son’s birthday is the most important holiday for any mom. But sometimes it’s difficult to pick up such words in order to contain in them boundless love for the child. In this case, ready-made birthday congratulations will help you out. On a special day for your son, express all the best wishes in the form of sincere congratulations. Indeed, warm mother’s words surpass all the most expensive gifts in their soulfulness.

Birthday wishes for son from mom

Happy birthday to my cutest little boy. I just want to say the biggest thank you for opportunity to be your mom and to feel such an unconditional and pure love. I’ll always be with you, my darling. Love you!

The day when you were born, you brought happiness into my life. And I want to share this happiness and love with you, my little son. I promise to be the best mom for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Birthday wishes for son from mom birthday wishes for son from mom Birthday wishes for son from mom birthday wishes for son from mom

Happy birthday to little boy who stole my heart completely. I can’t imagine life without you, son, so be good and let your mom be happy for you. Love you, my boy. Congratulations!

The angel is not always in the form of a man with wings and a halo. He appeared to us in the form of a boy, ordinary at first glance, but in fact so unique. Love you son!

Happy birthday to my dear boy who tests my patience every day. Despite everything, love you endlessly!

Happiness definitely exists. And it is called, baby! Son, thank you for being here with us so many years!

Birthday greetings for son from mom birthday wishes for son from mom Birthday wishes for son from mom birthday greetings for son from mom

Many years ago, I saw your clear eyes, and since then my heart has belonged to you. Happy to call you my son!

Congratulations to the most disobedient, the most spoiled child. But at the same time the sweetest, most tender, and beloved person in the world.

Birthday messages for son from mom

I could not find an occupation in my life, until the moment of your birth. Immediately after that, I realized that being your mother is my favorite pastime. Happy Birthday!

Today is my favorite day of the year! Let everything go smoothly and according to the plan! Happy holiday, my boy!

Son, forgive me for being too intrusive and caring at times. Understand, I will always worry about you. Happy holiday!

Seeing your son grow up every day is the greatest reward for any mother. Thank you for spending every birthday with us, dear!

birthday card for son from mom birthday wishes for son from mom Birthday wishes for son from mom birthday card for son from mom

Son, I dedicated my life to you. Please do not think badly of me, and try not to be angry at trifles. Remember that your mom wishes you happiness!

Maternal love is limitless and omnipotent! Remember, dear, that you can always rely on me. Happy Birthday! Kiss!

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I would do some sort of feat to show how important you are to me. But, I hope that you see it in my eyes full of love. You are my universe, son! Happy Birthday!

Close your eyes and count to ten. It’s time to give you gifts, son! After all, today is your birthday, which means I can pamper you!

birthday greeting for son from mom birthday wishes for son from mom Birthday wishes for son from mom birthday greeting for son from mom

Son, your birthday has always been in my memory, as the most important event in my life! I was happy to raise such a beautiful boy.

Son, you are the most important figure in my life. I can not imagine how my life would have been if it were not for you. Happy Birthday!

Perhaps I am exaggerating, but I love you so much, son, that when you are happy, it seems to me that everything around becomes better and more beautiful. Happy Birthday to You!

Son, your years have passed completely imperceptibly. On your birthday, I see a young man in front of me with confidence in his eyes. May good luck accompany all your deeds.

Sonny, today you have a big holiday! I wish you to walk through life only with your head held high, and no obstacles will ever frighten you.

What an important day you have today. You have crossed a significant threshold in your life. Youth is before your feet. I wish you many unique moments that will remain in your memory as happy memories.

It seems that you are already such an adult. But there is still a whole life ahead! You must go your way and become a real man. Happy birthday, son!

How quickly the years pass, taking your childhood with them. I want you to get a lot of pleasure from every day you live. Smile and be the happiest, my boy, happy birthday!

Son, on this day I want to wish you that your adult life will never kill your inner child. Being an adult is too boring! Look for happiness in the details! Love!

Me, like any mother, cannot wish you grief. Happiness is something you should always strive for. Just know that I will love you all my life. Happy holiday!

Birthday greetings for little son from mom

Son, I want you to never know what evil looks like. Let the good fill your life with bright moments. Happy Birthday!

Son, you will not believe, but I still cannot realize that you are already an adult and independent person. It seems that a moment has passed since you were born, but in fact, a whole life has passed. I love you more than anyone in the world!

I’m so grateful I have a son as cute and sweet as you. You are entire world for me and I need to hug and kiss you right now. May God bless you for all your life, my b-day boy. Love you so much. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my little sweetie! I hope that this birthday will be a beautiful beginning of another unforgettable journey. You are the greatest little guide with all your wishes and desires. Love you. Kisses!

Son, you are the best thing I’ve ever created. You are such a beautiful, cute and little boy that I want to kiss you all. Love you, my world. Happy birthday and the sweetest birthday cake!

My boy, with every year I want more and more of one thing – to stop the time. It runs so fast and you grow faster. The only one thing which calms me now – you still are a little mom’s boy. Happy birthday, sweetie!

The sweetest happy birthday to my little prince! You are such an amazing and lovely boy that I’m just crazy for you. Today I’ll turn your birthday into a fairy tale. Promise. Happy birthday!

It’s wonderful thing to know I have such an incredible son. No matter you are a little boy, but I know you’ll be good and kind man . Hope, my insights will come true one day. Happy birthday, my love!

As a mother of a fantastic little boy, I can say you are man who take over all my thoughts. Thank God, you are in my life because with each day you’re changing me more and more. Happy birthday, son. Love you!

Birthday messages for adult son from mom

Although you are a grown man, your mom still wants you to say the biggest happy birthday! You are a perfect son and thank you for caring me so much. Love you. Congratulations!

So much time has passed since your birth, but with every birthday I feel the happiest mom. Now you are an adult man, but in my heart, you’ll always be my little son. Love you, darling. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to an amazing man who is my sweetest and loveliest son. Your kindness and generosity are the best proof that my efforts weren’t fruitless. Love you, son. Hope you have a good day!

Son, no matter which birthday is today, your mom will always be behind you and support you in every step of the way. I believe in you because you are the best son and man. Happy birthday, dear!

Son, I’m not too old to wish you a good birthday celebration. So, have fun today! I know you are responsible adult man who can protect himself. Love you. Happy birthday!

The easiest way to congratulate your adult son with birthday is to say – a happy birthday, son! Hope your plans and future desires will come true soon. Love you and hug you!

Son, I still want you to say thank you for putting a smile on my face with every day. I’m so glad I have such a wonderful son. You are much more than everything for me. Be the happiest one today! Happy birthday!

Whatever you are a little boy or an adult man, you still are my biggest love and happiness. Wish you to have successful next year and I’ll be with you no matter you’ll decide to do. Love you, son. Happy birthday!

You are much more than an adult man, you are my son, my love and hope. Keep this in your minds, dear. Hope you have a special day with your special ones. Send you my love. Happy birthday!

The biggest happiness for mother is to have an adult son who is happy and enjoy his life. So, I just wish you especially good day and birthday celebration, son. You are the best! Love you, son. Be happy and happy birthday!

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