Birthday wishes for son from dad

birthday messages for son from dad

At all times, the son was a great pride for a man. Perhaps the reason for this is fear for the fate of the clan, or it is easier for the father to raise his son. Dad brings up a man, teaches him the right thing and gives a good example.  On a holiday, the son expects congratulations from his father, because his words are very important to him. On our website you can choose a suitable birthday wish and please your son.

Birthday wishes for son from dad

Son! Let the stars come together in such a way that all your dreams come true. I just want you to never be sad. May your life be a miracle for you!

My boy! I am proud to be your father! Your mom and I wishes to raise a real man, and we are very glad that we succeeded!

Birthday wishes for son from dad birthday wishes for son from dad Birthday wishes for son from dad birthday wishes for son from dad

Son, you have become an integral part of my world. I prayed for you, and the news that I would have a son caused me tears of happiness. Always be happy, dear!

I am glad that we have overcome this important stage of life together, son. You taught me to be patient, and I taught you to be purposeful and persevering. Be happy, son!

It seems to me that every father wants to experience the power of fatherly love on himself. But, alas, not everyone can do it. Thank you for your love, son! Happy holiday!

Son, I know that I didn’t spend much time with you. Yes, I rarely told you that I love you. Forgive me for not being able to be the perfect father! I love you, my pride! Happy Birthday!

Birthday greetings for son from dad birthday wishes for son from dad Birthday wishes for son from dad birthday greetings for son from dad

Your appearance changed my worldview. You, by your example, showed me what childlike joy, spontaneity is, and taught me to rejoice at insignificant moments. I’m glad we have you!

I am pleased to hear friends admire you, son! After all, you have manifested my work invested in you in childhood. Proud to be your father, dear!

Birthday messages for son from dad

I hope that someday you also feel pride in your son, as I feel it now. Happy birthday, dear!

Let the rest of parents envy me! On this momentous day I want to declare that I am the father of the most wonderful son in the world! Hooray!

I think now is the moment when I can say such important words. Son, I’m happy I can rely on you. I know that if something happens to me, you will take care of your relatives. Love you!

You became part of my soul the moment you were born. So many years have passed, but nothing has changed. But now my son is no longer a little boy, but an adult independent man.

Happy birthday, son! My mother and I spent half our lives in order to raise a good person out of you. And spend the same amount in order to rejoice that our efforts were not in vain.

birthday card for son birthday wishes for son from dad Birthday wishes for son from dad birthday card for son

Son! Joy overwhelms me today! You make me feel full. You are proof that my life mission has been accomplished. Happy Birthday!

Me, like your father, know you better than anyone. I admit that sometimes I was too strict with you. I want to apologize for not supporting you then. On this festive day, I want to confess my love to you and say that I will never repeat the mistakes of the past!

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I know how hard it is to raise a decent son. Children can not hear the advice of parents, and build their lives wrong. I am glad to understand that my advice and instructions invested in you were not in vain!

My heart is calm when I leave home. After all, there remains a real man who can protect and take care of his family. Son, no words are enough to describe how proud I am of you!

birthday greeting for son birthday wishes for son from dad Birthday wishes for son from dad birthday greeting for son

Son, you are my exact copy! From an early age, you showed that perseverance, that charisma and a note of egoism that is in me. Happy to see you inherit my genes. Happy Birthday!

Once upon a time on this day, I received my most important gift – you. I want you to be a real man! Let the obstacles not scare you, but only motivate you to become stronger.

Son, you have become a year older, and I have many new reasons to be proud of you. May everything in your destiny turn out so that you are always happy!

The son is the heir to the father and the successor of the family. On your birthday, I congratulate you from my father’s heart! Be happy, son, and pass on what is the best in you to your children!

I confess that I did not dare to dream that my son would be such a nice guy! In you I see the best extension of myself! Enjoy life and make others happy! Happy birthday to you!

Son, you are still so young, but you have already become a real man and a strong wall for your family. I wish you always find the right solution in any situation and always remain a winner.

Son! More and more interesting talents appear annually in you. I dare to assume that the whole world will know about you! At least I wish you this!

On the day you were born, I realized that my life would never be the same again. And it was true. You changed everything in it, and made it rich and unique. I am happy that your mother and I raised such a wonderful son!

Happy birthday wishes for little son from dad

Happy birthday, my strongest little boy. I’m so happy you are my son and today is your birthday! I’m the happiest and the luckiest dad. Promise you to make this day unforgettable! Love you!

Son, thank you for coming to my life because you changed it fully and now I’m the happiest man. I know you’ll be a good boy and we’ll an amazing time together. Love you, son. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my little future helper. I think we’ll be a good team in the near future. Hope, this birthday will also be fantastic and full of good memories. Love you, son and thank you for being!

I don’t know the biggest gift than a son. So, may God bless you, my boy, and I wish you the cutest smile on your face and the greatest happiness into your eyes. You are an amazing little boy. Congratulations with birthday!

 Dear son, no matter how much you have grown, you are always going to remain my little baby boy. Yes, yes, you are a little right now, but time passes very fast. I need to enjoy you in every minute. Be happy, my boy. Happy birthday!

Thanks Son for opportunity to know what a wonderful feeling is to be a father. You are the best in my life, of course, with your mom, but now my life is full. Hope this day will be amazing for you, too. Happy birthday, little boy!

Best birthday, my little boy! Hope this day will bring a smile on your face and you’ll be the happiest kid! Enjoy your childhood and carelessly yeas. I’m always with you. Congratulations, son!

The best part of having a little son is his smile and eyes. Thank you, son, for the opportunity to see those moments every day. Hope, this day will be filled your joy and laugh. Happy birthday!

Congratulations with birthday, my little superman. I know how much power you have to wake up us at night, but it’s so great to see you in every time. May this day be super powerful for you. Love you, son. Happy birthday!

Thanks Son for making me the best person. I really have changed when you were born, because I need to be the best father and your friend. Wish you all the best in your little life and promise me to be the happiest. Happy birthday, my son!

Birthday wishes for adult son from father

Happy birthday to my favorite friend and person in my life, to you Son. I’m really happy we are so close because you’ll always be my boy. Send you all my love. Congratulations!

How’s the feeling son to be an adult man? More work, more responsibilities? Now you understand me perfectly. But, I hope this day will be easy and without any worries. Congratulations with birthday, son!

It’s so good to know I have strong and calm son who will always can help me. Yes, I’m talking like a being an old man, but you know me. Love you son for being so amazing. Have a good birthday party, too. Congratulations!

Happy birthday, son! An adulthood doesn’t mean you are enough adult to your parents, because you’ll always be little son. Hope this birthday will bring you even more happiness and love. Congrats!

Happy birthday to my only one and the best son! This day is your time to do everything you want because your father won’t say you anything. Enjoy your celebration! Love you!

My dearest son, I’m not enough up-to-date to use Facebook and leave congratulation on your wall, so I just want you to say a very happy birthday! You are the best thing in my life and I promise to support you in every day. Love you!

Happy birthday to my best boy and an adult man! May this year be especially good for you because you are worth to have everything the best. Hope this day will also be one of the happiest into your life. Congrats, son!

The greatest birthday congratulations to my lovely son! As an older man, on this birthday I just want to wish you health, wealth, love and happiness. Everything else will come on its own. You deserve the best! Be happy, son.

Stop thinking about tomorrow and enjoy your day, son! Everything can wait, just not your birthday! Your father wants to see you happy! You know you’ll always be my little funny boy. Love you, son. Happy birthday!

Have an amazing birthday, son! Your father is not too old to celebrate your day, so I just want to warn you, I‘ll be in your party! Ha, ha, you don‘t resist me. Congratulations! P.S. I just want to see my son happy on his special day.

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