Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

birthday messages for ex girlfriend

Do you have a good relationship with your ex-girlfriend? And you want to wish her a happy birthday? Then you are on the right track, you just have to look through our selection of birthday wishes for ex girlfriend. By congratulating her, you will show the highest degree of good breeding and prudence. All our birthday greetings for the ex-girlfriend sound positive. Using them, you can send her a message on social networks, or congratulate her personally!

Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

If we are no longer a couple, it does not mean that we should be enemies. We can still be friends! I hope you enjoy my offer! Happy Birthday! 

Happy Birthday! Let it happen that we were separated by time and space – I often think of you! I will always remember only the best about you. I hope you too.

birthday wishes for ex girlfriend birthday wishes for ex girlfriend Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

If I could not think about you, I would not remind you of myself. It’s your birthday and I sincerely congratulate you on this wonderful and sunny calendar day.

Probably, like no one else, I can wish you a happy birthday first! You and I have known each other for many years, then we were a couple, we hated each other – and now we are friends. I won’t wish anything banal … You know everything yourself!

If you think that I will not break my voluntary vow of silence on your birthday, you are mistaken. And I would be glad, but I cannot. With you I was happy like no other. May everything always be just fine!

I remember only the good things. And all the best that I remember is forever connected with you. I am happy that we were able to remain friends. Happy Holidays!

birthday quotes for ex girlfriend birthday wishes for ex girlfriend Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend birthday quotes for ex girlfriend

I remembered that you are the birthday girl today! Such an event should be celebrated! I invite you to dinner tomorrow! And do not try to refuse!

Forgive me for not holding back and reappearing in your life. But I remember that today is your birthday. And let me just wish you happiness.

Birthday messages for ex girlfriend

I wish you a happy birthday! I cannot say that it is easy for me to do this. But it would not be polite not to congratulate! Don’t be angry with me, I wish you only happiness.

Put together a wonderful puzzle from fragments of wishes on your birthday. And may there not be gray sadness in it, but only rainbow happiness, sparkling love and motley luck!

They say that the highest degree of love is to wish your beloved girl happiness, even if she is not happy with you. I am glad that I have reached such heights in love for you. Be happy.

Remember your childhood! And on your birthday, believe in a fairy tale, and then all your good dreams will definitely come true, and bad thoughts will evaporate forever.

birthday image for ex girlfriend birthday wishes for ex girlfriend Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend birthday image for ex girlfriend

So what if you’re an ex? So what if we are no longer together? On your birthday, I still wish you happiness and great love!

My sun, gone into the sunset, I wish you a happy birthday. Let such a beautiful and gorgeous girl like you succeed. May any doors to success and popularity open before you. 

Funny birthday messages for friend

No matter how far our fates diverge, on your day I want to wish you only good things. Let there be an understanding and reliable person nearby, who truly loves you.

My dear ex-love! I am very glad that after breaking up, we remained good friends. I wish you to be more beautiful than a May rose, softer than a snow-white cloud and brighter than a rainbow!

birthday card for ex girlfriend birthday wishes for ex girlfriend Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend birthday card for ex girlfriend

I am very glad that you are doing well today! This is correct, it could not be otherwise! Don’t count the year – count the minutes of happiness, and let there be more of them!

Congratulations! Always remain beautiful and charming. Let there be a person in your life who will give you a piece of his soul, surround you with warmth and love.

Sweet and charming, but not mine, girl, I wish you a happy birthday. I wish you to shine a bright star in life, be inspired by your cherished dream, always strive for success, and confidently resist any bad weather.

On this beautiful day, when you have become a little older and continue to delight everyone around you with your cheerfulness, I wish you to remain the same kind and never lose heart. Happy birthday, my ex-love.

I wish you, my ex-girlfriend, to make all your dreams come true, to bypass all the failures and losses. I also wish you love pure and complete mutual understanding.

Let the smile freeze on your lips today before bed. You will remember the happiness of today, dear faces and desired words. I wish to transfer this enthusiastic mood to a new day, morning and year. 

I remember the wonderful moments spent together, when we carelessly enjoyed love. I wish your passionate desires to awaken again.

The happiest memories of my life are somehow connected with you. Despite the fact that we are no longer together, you still remain a dear person for me. Be happy!

Memories of you don’t hurt me anymore. I’m glad you were in my life. May you be lucky to find someone better than me. 

Our breakup was painful for both of us. But this is an experience, which means that in the future we will not repeat these mistakes. 

I don’t know if you miss me the way I miss you … But know, my feelings have always been strong for you. Happy Birthday! Please remember only good things about me.

I know I have no right to be forgiven. But you should know, I am sincerely sorry that our couple broke up. I wish you a happy celebration. May only good await you ahead!

Memories of our love still haunt my heart. I’m sorry, but it’s not easy to forget the person who was everything to you. And I sincerely believe that you will find your happiness, birthday girl!

Even though we broke up, I still keep our love in my heart. It was genuine and sincere, and this is a real miracle! I want to carry it with me throughout my life! 

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