5th birthday wishes

5th birthday greetings

It’s easy to congratulate a child on his fifth birthday if you pick up a few ready-made congratulations in advance in our selection of 5th birthday wishes. Here you will find the sweetest and most tender wishes for a little birthday girl, or serious and courageous congratulations for a little knight. After all, what number can be more important for a child than five? At the age of five, children expect miracles from their birthdays! And they will surely happen if you start the holiday with congratulations selected on our website!

5th Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to you, adorable and wonderful child. You are already 5 years old! I wish you never lose your curiosity and mischief.

You are the best child in the world for us. Today you are 5 years old, which means that soon you will go to school. I want you to grow up a happy girl, so that you never feel sad, that your eyes always shine.

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You are already 5 years old and there is a whole world of hobbies, fairy tales and joy in front of you. I wish you never get tired, play with interest and get to know the world around you!

In your beautiful 5 years, I wish you that there are always many fun ideas in your head, that your every day gives you funny games, that your life is always happy and your childhood is carefree.

Your parents were the happiest people in this world when you were born. They always said that you are their pride. We wish you a lot of funny friends, new toys and reasons for laughter.

Congratulations to the birthday man on the first anniversary in his life! First of all, we hasten to wish him health, because for parents it is always in the first place. And may the good wizard fulfill all the wishes of our little treasure!

5th birthday messages

You have a real holiday today because it’s not just a birthday. You have your first serious Anniversary today. A delicious cake was prepared for you today. You must make a wish, and it will certainly come true.

Our baby will celebrate his first anniversary today. Today you are already 5 years old, and this is already a lot. I wish you never cry, not to be sad and not to get sick, because we love you very much.

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I congratulate our dear birthday boy on this important event. I remember how 5 years ago your parents were happy that their son was born. It seems that it was quite recently. May all your childhood be happy and carefree!

Wonderful child, you are already 5 years old! There are many victories ahead of you. I wish you, as in a fairy tale, beautiful miracles, interesting hobbies, and happy days.

I hasten to congratulate our mischievous five-year-old boy. New and exciting adventures await you. The doors to the magical land of new knowledge will soon open before you. I wish you always study well and not upset your parents.

Birthday boy! Congratulations on your first anniversary! May they give you five times as many gifts, and today’s holiday will be five times more fun and interesting than you expected.

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Our little boy is growing so fast! It would seem that you were born only yesterday … And today you are already 5 years old. I wish you to always remain a cheerful child who never sits still and is constantly busy with interesting things.

Kid! This is your first serious Anniversary, which is why so many people gathered at your celebration today. I wish you to be a diligent child for your parents and just a happy person on this planet.

3rd birthday wishes

5 years is a wonderful age and a reason for funny tricks, exciting ideas, and mischievous undertakings. I wish you ringing laughter, bright sun and an excellent mood. 

You are 5 years old today! You grow up as a well-rounded boy who is interested in everything that happens in the world. I wish you one thing: to always be a cheerful and happy boy.

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You are 5 years old, and this is a great time for children’s independence and carefree fun. I wish you to remain a mischievous and restless miracle for your family and always believe in good fairy tales.

You are 5 years old, this is the time for fun games and new knowledge. I wish you to obey your elders and not be afraid in your discoveries. May your life path always be illuminated with the light of joy and good luck.

Congratulations, kid, you are 5 years old today. Let good fairy tales take you to the land of dreams, and exciting walks make your everyday eventful.

I congratulate the wonderful child on the anniversary of a happy childhood. May this world be colorful and joyful in your 5 years. I wish that the adventures in your life do not end.

Congratulations, our little miracle! You are 5 years old today. I wish you to enjoy life and make discoveries, have fun playing and learn something new.

A wonderful date – 5 years. Accept congratulations and gifts soon. I wish life to please you every day with delicious sweets, funny games, parental love, mysterious adventures and fun hobbies.

Dear baby, you are 5 years old today. You grew up so quickly, you made a lot of friends. Let every day discover something new and interesting for you.

I congratulate you on your 5th birthday. I wish you quick catch-ups with friends, wonderful fairy tales on the pages of fascinating books and in your colorful life.

On your 5th birthday, I wish there will always be a rainbow outside the window, the sun will always be bright, the weather – warm, and the laughter – cheerful. Be a happy, cheerful, smart and healthy child!

Dear child, I congratulate you on your 5th birthday. I wish you success in everything because there is such a bright and happy life ahead.

Nice child, congratulations on your 5th birthday. I wish you funny soap bubbles, colorful balloons, funny ideas, more interesting riddles, and sweet moments in your life.

At your five years old, I wish you more happy emotions! Let your eyes shine with happiness as often as possible, because this world is so beautiful!

Congratulations on the 5th birthday of a wonderful child! I wish your stormy imagination to paint the world in all rainbow shades. May all the kindest and most wonderful things happen to you.

5 years is the first round date in my life. I wish that your grasping memory amazed and delighted. Laugh, play, have fun and be positive yourself!

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