3rd birthday wishes

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Is your child celebrating his third birthday? How to congratulate him on the holiday, so that it brings joy to both the baby and his parents? The easiest way is to draw a congratulatory poster and add your congratulations to the funny photos of the birthday boy. You can find lots of 3rd birthday wishes on our website. This birthday will be unforgettable and very fun for all its participants!

3rd birthday wishes

For three years, the baby has already been decorating our world, making it more beautiful. Let her learn new things and grow up as an inquisitive and clever baby.

You have been living in the world for only 3 years, but during these 3 years you have taught us so much. You taught us to be happy from small little things – from your smile, hugs, compliments. Happy Birthday to You! I wish to carry this through all your life.

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As for me, 3 years old is the most wonderful age. I wish your life will be like a fairy tale. Give love to your parents, because they love you madly.

Happy third birthday to you, baby! You give happiness to your loved ones and become more judicious. I wish you to continue to know this world with all its colors.

You grow and do not get tired of surprising us every day. It is impossible to remember all the pranks and funny words that you say. Happy Birthday! Remember only the good.

Today you are three years old, you are already a very big girl! Blossom, delight your family with a charming smile and ringing laughter. Happy Birthday!

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As a gentle ray of the sun descends from the sky, so three years ago you illuminated our life with a new light! We wish you more bright days and new discoveries!

Congratulations to you, angel, on your third birthday! Grow up happy, give us smiles and joy! May you succeed easily and joyfully!

3rd birthday messages

Happy third birthday! With each of your years, the world will open up for you from a new side. I wish you to be smart, obey your parents and be friendly.

Three years have passed since our angel was born! We wish your life to blossom every day and be as pure as the azure sky. On this day, have fun, give everyone smiles and accept gifts!

You are 3 years old today! Let your loved ones present long-awaited gifts with which you will be happy to play!

Three-year-old, I wish only joy to your eyes, a smile shining on your pretty face! May you have the most beautiful and delicious cake with candles on your birthday!

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Sweet baby! The world is beautiful, but you, having been born, made it even better. All the best!

I hasten to congratulate the charming girl on her 3rd birthday. May you always have a magic wand at hand that will fulfill all your wishes and dreams.

Birthday messages for niece

Princess, I wish you to be smiling and give happiness to your family. Make friends with the kids and let your life be full of funny hobbies. Happy 3rd birthday to you!

Congratulations, baby, on your third birthday. I want your parents to raise you a real, sincere and fair child. Remember that you are the most adorable girl.

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Our beautiful ray of light! Happy 3rd birthday to you! Be happy and develop beyond your years.

Congratulations to the sweet berry on its third birthday! I want your life to be sweet, dreams to be the most incredible, and joyful emotions overwhelmed every new day.

You are 3 years old today, and I congratulate you with a smile. Let today be a day full of bright events!

Happy third birthday to the little princess! Together with the sea of positiveness, love and gifts, catch our wishes! Enchant us all with just one look, from which we melt like toffee in your palms!

Baby, you are already three years old, and you are like a magical little fairy from a good fairy tale! Let the world around you be a kind, wonderful fairy tale in which fairies live and fulfill all bright dreams.

I want to thank the Lord for the fact that you were born. With every cell of my body, I wish that your carelessness, cheerfulness and full feeling of happy security remain with you forever.

Today is filled with bustle and preparation for your birthday. How I want to devote every minute of this day to you! Be the queen of every day.

Congratulations on your 3rd birthday! You are a beautiful, cheerful and responsive girl! Be sure to keep these features in yourself. Do not be sick, do not be sad and know that your family loves you very much!

My dear girl, at your three years old I would like to wish you to always keep love in your heart. Being a kind person is difficult. But it is this trait that will attract good people to you and surround you with real friends.

Our dear little man! We, your relatives, want all the flowers to be at your feet. Let all desires come true. Happy 3rd anniversary!

My baby, beloved three-year-old! Let your excellent mood not fade away, and no difficult moments allow you to stumble and go astray.

My adorable baby! You have been with us for 3 years! Stay the same carefree, naughty and lively girl! Enjoy life to the fullest!

Our dear child, you are becoming an adult girl! May loneliness and sorrow, blinded by your laughter, find no way to you. Happy 3rd anniversary!

My dear girl! You are lovely and pure. Let miracles happen every minute. Let a fairy tale live in your soul, and let reality please you with achievements and success.

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