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Inspiring messages about life success

Inspirational words about life success

Here you will find plenty of inspiring messages about life success.

Inspiring messages about life success

Weak desires bring weak results. Just like a small amount of fire gives a small amount of heat.

To live well, you need to work hard. And in order to become rich, you need to come up with something else.

Do not push yourself to what you are not really ready for. Just watch and be honest with yourself about what is happening. Then the change will occur naturally and by itself.

Inspiring messages about life success inspiring messages about life success Inspiring messages about life success inspiring messages about life success

One who does not have the courage to risk life to achieve his freedom deserves to be a slave.

To draw something into your life, imagine that it is already there.

If you want to have something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

People who read books will always control those who watch TV.

From childhood, everyone knows that there are things that are impossible to achieve. But there is always an ignoramus who does not know this. He makes a discovery.

A man without decisiveness can never belong to himself.

motivational thoughts about life success inspiring messages about life success Inspiring messages about life success motivational thoughts about life success

The lucky person is the person who did what others were afraid to do.

If you stumble and fall, this does not mean that you are going in the wrong direction.

Live every day as if it could end at sunset. And then rest, because you have done everything in your power.

Inspirational words about life success

Stop making unnecessary conversations and worry about what the choice will turn out to be. Stop guessing if there is a better opportunity. Start acting right now. There will never be a better opportunity.

The road leading to success is forever renewed. Success is a progressive movement, not a point that can be reached.

Only very few people live today. Most save their lives for later.

If you are waiting for approval from your friends in everything that you do, then you will not succeed in life.

If a person does not attempt to do more than he can, then he will never succeed in doing everything that he is capable of.

Do not hesitate. If you procrastinate, you will not reach the goal. Those who wait – can not succeed.

Each of us makes ourselves either unhappy or strong. The amount of work required in both the first and second cases is the same.

Often between you and what you want to receive from life, there is only the willingness to receive it and the belief that one day you will have it.

We get to the top most often through the wreckage of our cherished plans, discovering that it was our failures that brought us success.

Motivational thoughts about life success

There is no single formula for luck, but there is a single formula for failure – try to please everyone.

The happiest people do not have to have all the best. However, they always find the best use of what they have. This makes them the happiest.

The quality of your life depends on how you see it. Each event has no other meaning than that which we ourselves attached to it.

Everyone has two options: we can just live or create our own life and destiny. The choice is yours.

If you think that you are capable of something, you are right, if you think that you will not succeed, you are also right.

Remember that no desire is given to us separately from the force with which it can be realized.

Allow yourself to live the life that you dreamed about, and then you will have no place for a bad mood.

Only one who is not afraid to cross the line of what is permitted knows how far he can go.

When you have a dream, you must achieve it. Other people will stop you from reaching your goal. But when you want something very much – go and fight!

The average person is preoccupied with how to kill time. A talented person seeks to use it for his own purposes.

Those who passively wait, sooner or later receive the expected, but only what is left after those who acted energetically.

Will is what makes you win when your mind tells you that you are defeated.

Happiness remains unattainable until you choose to be happy now.

The only obstacle to your plans for tomorrow may be your doubts today.

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Funny quotes about happiness

Humorous sayings about happiness

Here you will find plenty of funny quotes about happiness.

Funny quotes about happiness

If you want to know how happiness looks, then look at a well-fed, walked up, sleeping cat.

Happiness in the male concept is when you are sitting on the shore of a lake with friends, and in your hands is a beer mug and a fishing rod. And pecks all the time.

Happiness is the ability to wake up in the morning and fall asleep in the evening, managing to do what you like between these events.

Do you think hamburgers, sushi, pizza and chocolate will make you a happy person? You’re right, they’ll do it.

Funny texts about happiness funny quotes about happiness Funny quotes about happiness Funny texts about happiness

I did not know what happiness was until I got married. But it was too late.

To be happy with a man, you need to understand him well and love a little. To be happy with a woman, you need to love her very much and not even try to understand.

Happiness loves silence, which means that I will be happy if you all shut up and leave me alone.

Happiness is different for everyone. For some it’s the smile of a loved one, but for someone it’s money, and the more the better.

Happiness is not life without worries and sorrows. Happiness is a state of mind.

Happiness is not just being needed by someone. Happiness is to be needed by the one you need.

Funny texts about happiness

Happiness does not depend on the amount of money! But it’s better to be sad in Bentley than in a minibus!

How much does a person need to be happy? Few! But only if others have even less.

Funny quotes about happiness funny quotes about happiness Funny quotes about happiness Funny quotes about happiness

There probably is some kind of blockage of happiness in my body. I don’t know how this thing turns off, but it definitely is!

The main components of happiness in life: a person must work on something, love someone and hope for something.

People can be happy only on the condition that they do not consider happiness to be the goal of life.

If you build a house of happiness, then the largest room will have to be reserved for the waiting room.

Happiness is when you do not have free time to think about the meaning of life.

If you want to lead a happy life, you must be attached to the goal, not to people or things.

Happy is the only person who has a dream and who seeks to realize it. A man who has everything cannot be happy.

One of the most amazing misconceptions is that a person’s happiness is to do nothing.

A person is never as unhappy as he thinks, and as happy as he wants.

Happiness is like health: when you do not notice it, then it is!

Humorous sayings about happiness

It is said that misfortune is a good school, maybe. But happiness is the best university.

Happiness is like a ghost. It lasts a second, but is remembered for a lifetime.

Everything that causes a feeling of happiness is either harmful or illegal.

Happiness does not consist in always doing what you want, but in always wanting to do what you do.

When a person ceases to believe in himself, he begins to believe in a happy event.

A lot of people wait all week for Friday, all month for a holiday, all year for summer, and their whole life for happiness!

What does an average person need for happiness? Permanent declarations of love and a bar of milk chocolate.

To find out what happiness is, you must first do poorly, and then return everything as it was.

Sometimes, happiness does not come with the advent of money, fame or power. You are simply happy if you have good friends, family because you have reached a peaceful life.

A man needs a little peace and a little happiness. That’s all.

Happiness is when the time when you wake up and the time when you get enough sleep coincide.

Happiness is when wishes come true before you have time to make them.

You just need to look for a piece of happiness in every day, and then by the end of your life you will be able to collect its full picture.

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Wishes to get well after surgery

messages get well after surgery

Here you will find plenty of wishes to get well after surgery.

Wishes to get well after surgery

May today bring you health, so that from this radiant gift all your ailments evaporate. You must become full of strength again, and the faster the better!

The worst is over. Now I wish you patience to drink what you don’t want and to eat what you don’t like. Listen to the recommendations of doctors, and then everything will be fine with you!

You look awesome! Your future depends not only on the doctor, but also on you! I wish you to successfully increase your health!

What a pity you are sick! May the illnesses go away from you far and forever, may your strength and vitality return to you, and hope and optimism will fill your soul again.

Wishes to get well after surgery wishes to get well after surgery Wishes to get well after surgery wishes to get well after surgery

May the energy of the sun, the power of the earth, and the support of loved ones help you recover, return to the mainstream of life events, to be happy to create, dream and love again!

I hope that everything will definitely change in the near future, because an illness only takes away the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

I hope that an experienced doctor will surely lend you a helping hand, help you understand how and what to do to restore your health.

It is difficult to accept that you are sick and lose the opportunity to become closer to the realization of your dreams. I ask you only about one thing: get better as soon as possible.

Nice messages to get well after surgery

Such a wonderful person like you should not be ill. If you need my help, let me know, because I will immediately do everything possible to improve the situation.

I want to wish you a speedy recovery! Let the tablets, watching the best films and TV shows have their magical effect, and you will be in excellent health and wonderful mood again!

card get well after surgery wishes to get well after surgery Wishes to get well after surgery card get well after surgery

I wish your body to stop all inflammatory processes in itself, to normalize the temperature and raise the flag of recovery as high as possible!

The most important thing for a person in life is his health. From time immemorial the phrase “In a healthy body – a healthy mind!” Therefore, I sincerely wish you the shortest recovery!

Only a healthy person has the opportunity to actively create and enjoy life. An illness can cripple the morale of any person. In this regard, I wish you a speedy recovery and return to your favorite work.

May the vitality never leave you, and health overflows the vessel of your life. We all need you and look forward to your recovery.

Get well soon, because such an excellent person like you should not get sick. He must make this world a better place, create, dream, strive for goals and enjoy life.

In connection with your illness, I really want to wish you to be full of strength, and your immunity has risen to unprecedented heights and no infection has taken you anymore!

Texts for friend to get well after surgery

I wish you a quick victory in the struggle for your health. Although it’s not very good to get sick, it’s an opportunity to feel how everyone needs you!

Even the sun is sad without you. Each time, looking into your room, it wishes you a speedy recovery. I miss you too, because my favorite sun is you!

Health is the most important thing in life. I wish you to recover as soon as possible and return to the active implementation of your plans.

We are already waiting for you. Promise that you will do everything possible to recover more quickly and again please us with your presence!

For a quick recovery, you need positive emotions, so follow the prescribed procedures with a smile and do not lose heart!

I wish your body, like a fairy-tale giant, to stand firmly on its feet and with a powerful hand of health to break the fetters that bound you to the disease.

Let the gray bird of the disease, which has covered your joy with a wing, fly away under the pressure of good wishes and the tender care of your loved ones. 

Surgery always negatively affects health. But nevertheless, I want to wish that your poor health would yield to your incredible optimism, strong will, and cheerful mood.

God does not send difficult trials to weak people who cannot stand them. You are strong, so you can do it. Remember this and never give up.

There are only a few steps left in this staircase of the disease … Soon it will become much easier for you! Try to be patient, because a happy, healthy future awaits you!

May all troubles with well-being be quickly forgotten, like a nightmare, and never come back. I wish you more strength for a speedy recovery.

Knowing that you are sick, and we cannot help you with anything, we feel not much better than you. Therefore, for our sake, try never to get sick again. We are very worried about you.

Be kind, get well, and stop my joyless existence without you. I wish you the best of health that exists in the world.

Get well soon! I look forward to this bright day even more than you do! I will ask all the higher powers to help you. I miss you so much.

You are trying hard to recover, keep it up! I hope you have enough strength to restore your health to optimal condition. Hold on!

The worst is behind … Now it remains to wait for the return of your brutal appetite, and the desire to work. And then we will celebrate your complete recovery.

I wish you to be circumvented by everything except love, prosperity and excellent health from now on!

Postoperative discouragement is a temporary phenomenon. It makes no sense to succumb to it. All the worst is over. I wish that the rehabilitation period passed for you as soon as possible and faster.

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Funny quotes about family

funny sayings about family

Here you will find plenty of funny quotes about family.

Funny quotes about family

Wife’s salary is her salary! And the husband’s salary is the family’s budget.

A real man must build a house, plant a tree, raise a son, and everything else that his wife will say.

An ideal family is when the husband works and the wife is beautiful.

Funny quotes about family funny quotes about family Funny quotes about family funny quotes about family

All people are born free and equal. But then some of them decide to start a family.

My family is strange: dad is talking with his car, mom – with flowers, sister – with cats. Only I am normal – I speak with a computer and a telephone.

If the family has only one child, then he is an egoist. If the family has 5 children, then the egoist in the family is only one, and this is the father.

My husband came home tired, so he had to pay his marital debt with money.

An ideal family charter: as dad said, it’s sure that everything will be in my mother’s style!

Relatives are given to us from above. Thank God that we are able to choose comrades on our own!

Funny sayings about family

Yesterday I realized that the only dignity in the arrival of relatives is a sense of relief and happiness when they leave.

Relatives are a group of people who are going to periodically recount and eat tasty meals on the occasion of a change in their number.

quotes about family funny quotes about family Funny quotes about family quotes about family

The husband is the one who, simply throwing out the trash, believes that he cleaned almost the entire house.

The less often we see relatives, the more we love and miss them.

Having a husband is wonderful. But what a shame, when you get a bonus to him all his abnormal relatives.

If a man is ready for anything for a woman, then he loves her. If a woman is ready for anything for a man, then she gave birth to him.

If you come from a business trip, and the apartment is cleaned up, the children do their homework, the wife cooks, the mother-in-law knits – they broke your computer!

Women love to feed their men: they will serve a dish, and carefully watch how a man eats. Moreover, the worse they cook, the more carefully they look!

In an ideal family, the wife does not notice where the money comes from, and the husband does not delve into where they go.

Humorous quotes about family

In a family where the wife and daughter have long hair, cat hair is not a problem at all.

In large families, it is necessary to assign not only the honorary title “Mother Heroine”, but also the honorary title “Father-breadwinner”.

In a good marriage, people always teach each other. You teach each other the science of life. Touching daily, you influence each other against your will.

Not for nothing, when people start a family, they put a wedding ring on the finger from which blood is usually taken.

In fact, the main one in the family is the wife. And if a man believes that he is the chief, the wife is also smart.

It is ideal to have common interests in the family: he loves fishing and she loves when he is fishing.

It is better to lose years in search of a worthy partner to create a family than to lose years in a failed marriage.

No matter how big your family may be, today it is your turn to take out the trash.

The strength of the marriage, like cognac, depends on the exposure!

An ideal family is a sports husband, a slender wife and a fat cat. Not when everything is messed up.

The head of the family is not the one who makes money, but the one who spends it.

The dumb family has its advantages: the husband closed his eyes, and the wife screams the way she wants!

The main causes of most stresses and depressions in a person’s life are: family, money, and a family without money.

You are gathering a husband, then a child, then a second child, and then you are trying to quickly assemble yourself, and in the end they tell you that you are going to be the longest.

In family life there are many advantages. But first you need to get used to them.

Matrimony is an art that requires daily updates.

Harmony reigns in a family if she speaks for two, and he is silent for both.

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Sweet texts about a beautiful smile

sayings about beautiful smile

Here you will find plenty of sweet texts about a beautiful smile.

Sweet texts about a beautiful smile

Your smile is very dear to me, because it can warm even in the most severe frosts!

I ask you to smile, at least for a second, because such a second can prolong eternity!

Someone needs to try very hard to achieve universal attention in life, and you just need to smile!

I’m a fan of your smile! Never seen anything more perfect! I’m ready to make your dreams come true only to make you smile!

Sweet texts about a beautiful smile sweet texts about a beautiful smile Sweet texts about a beautiful smile Sweet texts about a beautiful smile

Your smile is a sunny emoticon that illuminates the whole world!

The sun that shines in the sky is very necessary for all of us, but even if it disappears, I will not notice this, because your smile shines even brighter!

Nothing can support me in such a difficult moment like your radiant smile!

Your smile drives me crazy, and cute dimples enchant my subconscious!

If there is something truly magical in the world, then this is your amazing wonderful smile!

Cute sayings about a beautiful smile

With such a snow-white and sweet smile, you should shine on the covers of the magazine!

I never would have thought that someone’s smile could drive me crazy. These dimples on the cheeks … I’m captivated by you!

Lovely thoughts about a beautiful smile sweet texts about a beautiful smile Sweet texts about a beautiful smile thoughts about a beautiful smile

When they ask me what is the meaning of life and what it is worth living for, I answer – for the sake of your smile!

Your smile is a weapon of mass destruction to the point of dizziness!

To melt the ice, to light up everything around, to drive away sadness – all this is subject to your smile!

If you smile at night, then everyone will wake up thinking that it’s morning outside the window, because your smile is sunny and light!

Today you are so beautiful and charming, how did I not immediately notice this? Your charming smile lifts my mood, and your positive energy gives vitality for the whole day.

There are many important things in life, but they do not make sense without your native smile!

Best of all, you know how to smile, so impeccably and lightly, but at the same time, strong and dazzling!

There are 7 wonders in the world, but for myself, I also found the eighth – your smile!

Today I visited paradise. You ask, “Why?” Because you smiled at me!

Lovely thoughts about a beautiful smile

When you are near and when you smile, I understand that I am the happiest in the world!

Your smile is like a ray of light in the darkness. Tell me how I used to live without it?

I am captivated by your beauty and your smile. And I really like it.

You are not a star, but I am your most loyal fan who is ready to admire your smile forever! Just know it!

Thousands of stars in the sky are not able to overshadow your snow-white smile! I was really lucky to see such beauty!

Looking at how you smile, I can forget about everything in the world. I just enjoy this miracle, and I can’t stop doing it!

Your smile shines like a diamond! You are a jewel for me, dear.

Your smile made me believe in a miracle. I came to life thanks to you! How can I thank you?

Native hands, beckoning voice, perfect appearance. What could be more beautiful? Your smile. It was it who endeared my heart.

I am ready to be your humble servant, just to see your smile every day. That would be the best reward for me.

Once your smile conquered me. Since then I can not live a day without it!

Your smile is the cure for me. It is able to heal me even in the most difficult periods of my life!

I am ready to become a prince on a white horse and turn your reality into a fairy tale only so that you will give me your invaluable gift! Your smile!

What could be more beautiful than a pure and sincere smile? I am happy when I make you smile! I swear to do everything for you to do this as often as possible!

When it seemed that there was no way out, I saw in the distance your smile, so sincere and radiant. It was my twinkle of hope. I thank you for it!

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Funny wedding messages for newly married couple

funny marriage greetings for newlyweds

Here you will find plenty of funny wedding messages for newly married couple.

Funny wedding messages for newly married couple

Our beautiful bride is beautiful, like Snow White, hardworking, like Cinderella. On her life’s path met 33 heroes, but she fell in love with only one – the beautiful Prince. We would like to wish your whole married life to resemble a fairy tale!

Congratulations, now you are ringed. I wish to bring these handcuffs of marriage to the end of your days and keep a sincere smile on your face, not a twitching eye, well-being, and not a mental disorder.

Live like happy birds, flying high in dreams and happiness, and may you soon have wonderful chicks.

I wish you, my dear ones, to live without troubles for more than a hundred years, and even when you are old, do not lose your spirit of excitement, trembling feelings and romance in a relationship.

Funny wedding messages for newly married couple funny wedding messages for newly married couple Funny wedding messages for newly married couple Funny wedding messages for newly married couple

I wish that the carrot never let the groom-hare go, that the rabbit bride’s ears curled up with constant compliments, that there were more than just cabbages on your table, and money was always in your wallet.

You have ringed each other, so be kind, holt and cherish to each other, delight each other with kisses, hugs, tenderness and pleasantness. I wish you complete happiness and huge sums of money.

So you put an end to bachelor life. With all my heart I wish wife not to be slippery, like a fish and a screeching saw, and I wish husband not to knock, like a woodpecker and not be a clown fish.

Funny marriage greetings for newlyweds

Well, congratulations to you, my dears. I wish not to edify each other’s horns, to conquer any enemy together, to smash any problem of reality to smithereens.

I wish to dive headlong into the whirlpool of love, immerse yourself in the agony of passion, distracting from everyday life, and, of course, always stay in love with the lucky ones.

Happy birthday to a new cell in society. I want to wish you a fun life, like Tom and Jerry, with incredible adventures, like in the animated film “Well, Wait a minute,” with great love and understanding, like modern Masha and the Bear.

Marriage is a risk. But in your case, I can state with full confidence that this risk will turn into absolute happiness.

humorous wedding wishes funny wedding messages for newly married couple Funny wedding messages for newly married couple Humorous wedding wishes

I wish you always, and even after 100 years, to remain in love with each other, like Romeo and Juliet, and also to remain cool guys like Bonnie and Clyde.

Congratulations on the day of the creation of the marriage, with a great celebration in honor of the birth of a new evidence in our bee swarm.

I wish you to be a cool couple, in love, like d’Artagnan and Constance, as faithful as Master and Margarita, as dreamy as Assol and Gray, happy as Cinderella and Prince.

I want to wish you to live a hundred years in a joint marriage, not peck at each other, but protect, do not get tired of playing in bed and keep up with everything.

I advise you, newlyweds, to water and fertilize your love daily, carefully cultivate your happiness and collect its juicy fruits every day.

Humorous wedding wishes

I congratulate you on the seals in the documents, with the beginning of the history of your family empire. I wish you both always shone with happiness, as if rings shine on your fingers.

I wish you, newlyweds, immortal and restless love for a hundred, or even more, years.

I wish you had no spoilage in your marriage! Let your family live in prosperity, let it be a good way during the day, and burning passion at night.

I wish that the husband will always be ready to get the moon from heaven for the faithful wife and fork out for her every whim, and the wife will cook rich borscht, quickly fed her husband and raise children.

Everything is coming to an end. And you, newlyweds, have now ended lonely nights. All this will now turn into nights with your loved one nearby, daily dates and visits of friends who gathered today with all their heart to congratulate you on your marriage!

Today we have in our program: eat – to the dump, drink – to the general fun, dance – until you drop. And you need to laugh, joke, accept congratulations and gifts. Now you must always be happy, lucky and love each other!

You will not be bored anymore – meet a new relative. A new mother-in-law will teach you life, her son – patience, her husband will tell about his favorite football team. But the most important novelty will haunt you around the clock. This is your wife!

We wish you to have two bowls in the house: one is full, the second is empty. In full let there be love, health, mutual understanding. And in the empty – pain, misfortune, and other negative factors. Take care of both bowls and set them away from each other.

From this moment, the husband must learn to avoid conflicts, not cause tantrums, give gifts in a timely manner. A wife must learn to look attractive around the clock for her husband! Good luck, guys!

Now your life will be like a war. First, you’ll have to fight with the desire to walk longer with friends, then with socks in the corners, and then with the spouse’s not always joyful mood. We wish to always fight on the side of each other!

We wish you life as in a resort: bask in the rays of spiritual warmth, easy go with the flow in a boat of love. Together, hand in hand, climb the career ladder and enjoy watching your kids play next to you.

Let a cloud of happiness come to your home, and send you rain and love and prosperity. May passion be lightning to you. Just don’t forget about us later.

I wish I rather forget about the tram ride – let your car be better! Oh, probably not about that … Of course, health, happiness and love in your home!

I wish you more money! Perhaps material wealth is not the most important thing! But you must admit, money solves many other problems! So, unite in one friendly team, and go up to your dreams without looking back.

Together – the main word at the wedding. We wish to live together in a luxury estate. Together to raise children. Together be happy and love each other.

I wish you to have something that cannot be bought for money! Happiness, love and understanding are the foundation of the family. And work on it. And everything else will come to you by itself!

I do not want to rant right now. I hope you made this important decision by weighing the pros and cons. I want to believe that you are a unique couple who will be together for the rest of your life.

So your bachelor life has ended. I wonder how quickly you get tired of each other’s presence? I bet that this will not happen! I believe in you guys!

How long have I been waiting for this event! Finally, I can congratulate you, and give you my advice! Guys, be wiser! Do not quarrel over trifles! After all, we ourselves are building our own destiny! Therefore, it is in your power to make it what you dreamed of.

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Love proposal messages

Love proposal words

Here you will find plenty of love proposal messages.

Love proposal messages

I can no longer keep my love a secret. And the key that you found to my heart gives me unearthly happiness. Be mine, become my soulmate, fill my life with warmth.

Marry me and we will build a strong happy family. Every day we will give each other only joy, tenderness and love. Do you agree?

My favorite, I think, there were many interesting events and offers in your life. But, I want to offer you to become mine, and not just my wife, but the most important woman in my life.

Love proposal messages love proposal messages Love proposal messages Love proposal messages

Honey, I suggest you become mine. Know that my hand will always hold yours tight and will never let you fall, my heart will always beat to make you happy. Do you agree?

I want to tell you that from the day you appeared in my life, happiness and joy filled my soul, my life has found a new meaning and a great dream.

I offer you my hand, which will always support you and the heart, which will forever become your possession and which will always love you. Be mine, my joy.

 I confidently declare that without you I can not live a day or a minute, you are my light in life, my luck on the way, my love in my heart, my hope in my soul.

On this day, I want to say that you are my angel and my soul, you are my hope and luck. I firmly declare that I sincerely want you to become mine.

Love proposal words

Beloved, here is my hand, which will never leave you, and my heart, which will beat in unison with yours always.

I seriously declare that no one has ever loved so much, sincerely, how I love you. I want to create the brightest and most beautiful world of our family.

I offer you my hand and my heart, my soul and my love in exchange for only agreeing to become my faithful companion along the path of life, whatever it may be.

Love proposal ideas love proposal messages Love proposal messages Love proposal ideas

I want to offer you to share life with me, in all its manifestations and various colors! Be my companion, my friend and lover, my soulmate and integral part!

I promise to make you the happiest person in the world. We will live with you, like in a fairy tale. I really hope for a positive answer. Be my second, most faithful and most reliable mate.

You’re the best in the world. You radiate goodness and tenderness. I love you so much that I’m ready to carry you in my arms all my life.

Honey, be mine. I am sure our union will be the most happy and lasting. I have been dreaming about this for so long. Let our hearts beat in unison, and swan fidelity will accompany us throughout our lives.

I am sure that only you are my destiny. Now I give you my heart! I want so much that there is no – you and I, and that would be – we.

I’m glad that I have you. I am so pleased to listen to your clear voice, to admire your charming appearance, to kiss your sweet lips. Without you I am like the sun without heaven.

You’re my only one. I was so fabulously lucky that every day I am ready to thank fate for such a gift. I want to be with you every minute. Be mine please.

I promise to make you the happiest person in the world. You are the only one with whom I dream to live a lifetime.

Love proposal ideas

You came into my quiet life as a priceless, wonderful gift. I so want to keep our happiness for years to come. My most cherished desire is to go with you all my life!

I so want to be your support and hope. Give me the key to your heart, which I will carefully preserve our whole life.

I love you more than anyone in the world and am ready to fulfill your every desire, just be with me. You are my most beautiful person in the whole world.

Every moment with you is like a miracle. I am very happy for such a royal gift of fate. I adore you and will do everything to make your every day happy.

For you, I am ready to become a kind wizard who is ready to fulfill your every desire. You are the little ray of sunshine that warms me with love, you are my ideal.

You are like a fabulous flower, as beautiful, tender and tremulous. Please fulfill my desire, be mine, give me happiness in life. May the love flow swirl around us, and may our life be full of happiness.

Your love always warms me, and this hot flame will never go out. Because human does not exist, more beautiful than you. My sincere love will always be with you like a shadow.

May all the most songbirds sing to you about my love. Let the most sonorous streams tell you about my love for you. I promise to carry you in my arms if you agree to be mine.

You are perfection itself. I found in you everything that I was looking for. I live and breathe only for you, and I want to make you the happiest in the world.

I beg you to be with me all your life. I promise to make our life a fairy tale. I love you, my soulmate.

I am grateful for your presence in my life. I dedicate all the warmest and most tender words to you. I’m always comfortable with you. Please be mine.

Like sunshine in the rays, you warm me with your love. I am so happy that I have you. My love for you knows no bounds. Without you, I simply don’t exist.

I offer you a hand and a heart. I will do everything as you want, and expectations will never deceive you. And all your dreams will become reality.

Every time I want to fall asleep and wake up with you together, to give you my tenderness, kisses. I will turn your life into a fairy tale, fulfill your most cherished dream, only give consent.

Be with me all my life, my only love. Let there be a place for me in your heart.

You look like a scarlet flower that attracts with its extraordinary beauty. I admire you. My most cherished desire is to be with you all my life.

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Welcome messages for new employees

welcome words for new employees

Here you will find plenty of welcome messages for new employees.

Welcome messages for new employees

We are glad to see you among our friendly team. I am sure you will feel comfortable here.

Our team invites you to our friendly family! Do not be shy, feel at home here! We are glad to see you!

For so many years we worked in an unchanged composition. And here is a new colleague. We are glad to see you, friend! Hopefully, you will pour into the working rhythm quickly and comfortably.

Our friendly team is always happy to open the door for new people who are ready to work and earn decent money. We are glad that you chose this way!

Welcome messages for new employees welcome messages for new employees Welcome messages for new employees Welcome messages for new employees

How many people came to us, so many left. Yes, our work is not easy. But we will make every effort so that you like it with us!

Each employee of our company is an individuality. We value each of our employees. I hope we complement our unique team with our persona.

Everyone who comes to our company is afraid of failures and mistakes. I assure you, we are not as terrible as you might think. We clearly understand that mistakes are part of growth. Therefore, make mistakes, but also, do not forget to learn from it.

Congratulations on joining our team of professionals. Ahead of you are waiting for the best years of life, believe me. Go ahead, it’s time to conquer the peaks.

Looking at you, I got the impression that you are exactly what we lacked all these years! I am happy to have found you! Congratulations on getting a new job!

The first days at a new job are always scary. But believe me, everyone was scared. But now they feel confident, and can proudly call themselves professionals. I wish you to go this way as soon as possible.

Nice welcome words for new employees

Welcome! You just appeared in our team, and we are already glad to see you! I hope that you quickly get used to the mode of work, and you will enjoy not only the salary, but also the process itself.

I welcome you to our close-knit team. I sincerely wish to feel emotionally comfortable here. I hope that we will inspire you for career growth and personal development.

welcome texts for new employees welcome messages for new employees Welcome messages for new employees Welcome texts for new employees

If you came to us, then you are definitely on the right path in life. I wish you to live as you want, and not deny yourself anything.

Our team is a cure for depression! Be sure, it will bring new colors and events to your life! Welcome!

You came to work with us, and now, we meet you with open arms. You may be wondering why we are so glad to see you? Because we always welcome people who are not afraid to change their life to the best!

We wish you further success in your career! The main thing is desire. And if there is a desire, then success will certainly come!

You have chosen the sphere of activity that you truly like. We wish you never to be disappointed in this!

I wish you to quickly get used to the new team! Become one of its members! Find good and faithful friends here! I wish you always felt support in the team! And finally, achieve promotion up the career ladder and high position!

We wish you to quickly get used to the specifics and characteristics of the work and, thanks to your personal qualities, very quickly gain the respect of employees.

I want to wish that the work brings pleasure, and that hard work is rewarded with gratitude and a decent salary.

Welcome texts for new employees

Welcome to our team! Let the work only pleases you and inspires you to new exploits. Do not allow yourself to lose heart over trifles, to be sad, because you can always find positive moments in life.

Our work team welcomes you! We wish you personal success, interesting work and incentives from superiors both in material and in verbal form.

Hello dear colleague! I wish you to be happy in your new life at your new job! May this life be no less productive than the past.

I wish you enjoy every moment of a new chapter in your life! We are really glad that you are with us now.

Let your new voyage at a new job be calm, let the storm pass you by, and the path itself be not only easy, but also fun.

Let the new work open new horizons for you. I wish you to succeed in your new position!

May the future that you create for yourself in a new job be wonderful. I am glad that you decided to create yourself here in our team.

Congratulations on receiving a position at a new job! Let the work be fruitful, efforts always rewarded, and plans implemented.

Let this work bring only joy and good income, help you to fulfill your potential and make new friends, make useful contacts, and visit new countries.

I wish you easy climbing up the career ladder in your new workplace. We are pleased to welcome you to our team of professionals!

I wish you, colleague, to take up the post that you undoubtedly deserve, to join our team as soon as possible, showing your best qualities.

I wish you to prove yourself not only as an excellent employee, but also as a good person. Let this new work bring the desired, sufficient income and moral pleasure.

Congratulations on your new job. I wish to get rid of all sorts of experiences and prove yourself as excellent specialist – a master of your craft!

Let everything always work out in a new workplace! We, as your colleagues, promise to help you with this!

I wish the new work to live up to your expectations! Let the salary pleases with its size, let there also be many interesting ideas, glorious victories and well-deserved awards.

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Birthday wishes for younger brother

birthday messages for little brother

Here you will find plenty of birthday wishes for younger brother.

Birthday wishes for younger brother

Dear brother! I wish that the girls ran after you, your friends respected you, mom and dad were proud, teachers encouraged you.

Although you are younger than me, but you are still my best friend, with whom we have many common secrets. I want to wish you only pleasant moments and colorful events to fill your life!

You are growing up, but for me you will remain my little brother, whom I still want to take care of. I wish you to remain the same perky and full of energy and wonderful boy.

Let all your ideas come true. Love, travel, develop, strive for the best, experiment and believe that all dreams come true!

Birthday wishes for younger brother birthday wishes for younger brother Birthday wishes for younger brother birthday wishes for younger brother

I wish you not to leave your desires aside, and always confidently go forward, not paying attention to the rumors and absurd conjectures of others.

May your life always be illuminated with the lanterns of joy and happiness, may there be no obstacles or enemies in your way.

I want to wish you to fly high and beautifully through life, as a virtuoso pilot, that any work that you have begun is beneficial, that you always strive for the best and be a truly happy person.

May you have a lot of strength to achieve success, may there be a kind and open soul to let happiness into it, may the mood be merry, so that life is easier.

On this magical holiday, I give you my congratulations! I wish that the fairy tale in your life never ends, that you are surrounded by miracles and goodness! Dream more and color the world with bright colors.

May the guardian angels always be with you and protect you from all troubles! Grow healthy and strong!

Sweet birthday messages for little brother

So you became one more year not just older, but wiser. All our childhood memories are valuable to me. I wish you well-being, health, light and good.

Dear brother, I wish you the fulfillment of a cherished dream. May miracles accompany you, and magic fill your life!

birthday greetings for younger brother birthday wishes for younger brother Birthday wishes for younger brother birthday greetings for younger brother

Brother, congratulations on your birthday! Be successful in everything! I wish you good health and unearthly happiness!

On this day, the sun shines brightly, rejoicing at your birth! And I congratulate you. May the world give you everything you dream about!

I want you to always meet exceptionally good people in your life, believe in miracles and not forget how to dream! How wonderful that I have you.

I wish you not to waste that fire in the soul that warms everyone and everything that surrounds you with its warmth. I love and appreciate you.

You are not so much a younger brother to me as constant support. You are a wonderful person and I am glad that I have you! I wish you to preserve all the best qualities in yourself and carry it through the years.

Brother, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday! Let everything in your life turn out the way you paint in your dreams.

Let the stars fulfill all your desires, and small wings behind you easily carry you through life!

May life give you the desired gifts. Let all your plans come true, let fortune become your best friend, and a good genie always lets you pull a hair out of his beard!

I congratulate my beloved little brother and wish him all that he wants, but only twice as much, stronger, longer.

Happy birthday greetings for younger brother

May courage and strength accompany you everywhere, may prudence and wisdom allow you to reach the highest peaks.

I wish that the girls were crazy about you, but there was always the only one nearby for whom you would be ready to surpass yourself.

I wish you to always be faithful as a good person, and not to forget about your family. Confidently go through life, knowing that you will always be supported by those to whom you are dear. Thank you for your concern, for your advice, for your love.

You will always be the most important person for me, and with all my heart I wish you to remain the way I know now: kind, sympathetic, caring, brave and real man!

You are growing, and so I want to give you a couple of tips. Life will not always be fair. I wish you more wisdom and patience in order to easily overcome all the difficulties that will be encountered on your way.

You are already an adult boy. Let adulthood meet you only with pleasant surprises, and good news. I just wish you simple human happiness.

You are not just my little brother, you are a part of my soul. I appreciate you and our relationship. Let me give you this present as a sign of my love for you.

Brother! I am glad to be able to tell you warm wishes. Take care of yourself! And take all the trials of fate as a new life lesson. I love you.

I wish you happiness, the attention of loved ones and excellent health! The best thing always comes with a change of place, and I believe that you will finally find your star!

Even a small dot on the map is someone’s place in life. And let you now far, far away from me, I mentally give you support. Be a confident, honest, open person! Do not leave the chosen path!

Closer than you, I have no one, I love you very much, rejoice at your successes, proud of your achievements. You are a great brother, a wonderful person, the soul of a company and a favorite of women! Stay like this always.

Since childhood, you have been a spoiled child of fate – be it further. I am sure that everything you dream about will come true quickly and easily. I wish you this with all my heart!

There is so much positive and charm in you that even the capricious Fortune will not be able to resist you! I wish you health, family happiness, material well-being. May your hands be strong, your heart hot and your eyes cheerful!

Honestly, sometimes you are unbearable, but I remember how you can be and immediately soften. I am very glad that I have you. I’m proud of you.

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Goodbye messages to friends

Nice goodbye wishes to friends

Here you will find plenty of goodbye messages to friends.

Goodbye messages to friends

I don’t want to say a lot of unnecessary words, they still will not make it easier. Just know that you will forever remain that special person who managed to touch my soul.

You are leaving and very soon these stations, bags, hugs, sad smiles will plunge us into your world. No matter how many mistakes we make, I wish you happiness.

So painful to say goodbye now. I sincerely believe that everything will be fine with you, and you will find your happiness. At least I wish you so.

Our friendship had a happy beginning, a long story, but, unfortunately, this story has to end. May our separation add to both of us strength and confidence, freedom.

Everything in our life has a beginning and an end. Unfortunately, our friendship ends. I want you to know, that you are a man with a capital letter!

Goodbye messages to friends goodbye messages to friends Goodbye messages to friends goodbye messages to friends

I still don’t realize that my future life will be without you. Without you, life will fade, and the days will become uninteresting. I would give everything for you to stay with me.

 You were the reason for my smile, which, unfortunately, I have to let go. I am saddened to have to say goodbye to you.

It is sad to realize that we need to leave. But, I hope that this does not lead us to negativity and resentment. May each of us find his own happiness. All the best to you.

Friend, I’m very sorry, but it so happened that we must leave. Let your heart not cry. Let your soul not be sad. Let everything in your life be wonderful.

Nice goodbye wishes to friends

I hate parting. I want to wish you to always be happy! May you be lucky on the journey of life. I believe that warm and good relations will remain between us.

It’s always difficult to part. Friend, you are a wonderful person who helped me see this world from all its beautiful sides. I hope we remain good friends.

The time for parting has come, the soul is sad and empty. But, we will cope with all the troubles, with all the problems, thoughts and the barrier of time. The main thing is to believe in the best.

Farewell words to friends goodbye messages to friends Goodbye messages to friends farewell words to friends

From today, the time will stop for me, because you will not be there. It feels like part of me is leaving with you. I believe we will meet again.

Today I will be extremely sad, and all because I say goodbye to you. Our friendship was a joy to me. I will inconceivably miss you!

I knew that someday we would have to say goodbye. But I don’t want to do it now! I hope you make new friends. But do not forget about me!

Today, together with you, I am letting go of part of my soul. Take care of it, without it I cannot exist in this dull and uninteresting world.

I admire you, friend! I would like to have at least part of the decisiveness that you have! Come soon, because without you everything fades and loses its color.

Farewell words to friends

You will be far away, and now I will know life without you. Realize yourself, and comprehend the heights you strive for. Enjoy life and remember that I am always there.

I don’t want to say goodbye to you now, but I understand what is needed. I was glad to chat with you. You are a perfect friend to me!

How sad it is to say goodbye! I will always remember you! Let’s agree to meet in the nearest future?

The time of our friendship will forever remain in my memory a bright spot. I’m glad I knew you!

I hate parting. It is a pity that this moment cannot be missed. However, I wish you happiness, friend! You, like no other, deserve it!

May I hug you one last time? I do not believe that I will not see you again. I would like to stop time!

I will forever remember our stupid jokes and pranks. You were a reflection of me. Thank you for showing me what genuine friendship means.

You were the only one who could cheer me up. You were the only one I could trust. You were my only friend. And you will forever remain him.

I really don’t want to leave you, but this is a necessary measure. I believe that each of us will find our destiny in life.

Let me tell you how much I love you. I never told you that. But it’s true. I will always remember you, friend!

May your life path be bright and cheerful. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend it. But I will always be mentally close. I believe in you!

People leave, and this is the norm. I will not blame you for this. Just know that I was happy with you. Let only important and necessary people meet on your way!

We have always been inseparable. And this feeling of mutual understanding gave me happiness. I’m sorry to let you go. But I have to. Be happy!

I would like to hide in your suitcase and go with you! It’s a pitty it’s impossible. I will miss you very much, friend! I hope you too!

I never would have thought that we would have to part. But, nevertheless, I believe that true friendship always remains in the heart. I am sure we will see each other again.

Parting with a loved one is always difficult. But we can handle it. I am sure that each of us will find his happiness. Otherwise it cannot be.

Goodbye my friend! Do not forget me! Write letters! Share the news! And dare not even think that I can forget you! I will always be happy to hear you!

I am saddened to have to say goodbye now. I hope we’ll meet again. Just say it in advance. I promise to prepare a holiday cake in honor of your arrival!

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