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Self motivational thoughts

Sometimes it is so difficult for us to get down to business that even we cannot force ourselves to do it. Laziness and apathy replace vital energy, and then it seems that nothing can help you. Self-motivation and switching attention come to the rescue. It is necessary here and now to feel like a completely happy person, able not only to share information but also to receive a new one. Below you will find the best self motivational quotes from great people for your inspiration.

Self motivational quotes

If you want to be successful, stop chasing money. Follow your dream.

If you have an idea, make it your life. Let your thoughts, dreams, every part of your body be filled with this idea. And then success will certainly come to you.

Self motivational quotes self motivational quotes Self motivational quotes self motivational quotes

Many people fail because they give up two steps away from their goal.

Make your dreams come true now. Otherwise, there will be a person who will hire you to fulfill his own.

Opportunities don’t come by themselves. We create them ourselves.

The secret of successful people is simple: they just do what unsuccessful people don’t want to do.

Self motivational words self motivational quotes Self motivational quotes self motivational words

Always remember that your determination to succeed is more important than anything else.

To reach the goal, a person needs only one thing – to go.

Self motivation sayings

Doubt aside. Over time, you will regret what you did not do, rather than what you did.

Achievements need to be measured by the obstacles you had to overcome in order to achieve your goals.

Strength comes not from victories, but from struggle. When you go through difficulties and decide not to give up, you become stronger.

The biggest mistake people make is that they are afraid to take risks. In our ever-changing world, there is only one strategy for failure: never take risks.

Self motivational image self motivational quotes Self motivational quotes self motivational image

We are born to be persistent, because only persistence makes us understand who we really are.

Faced with difficulties, you cannot give up. You must tirelessly seek solutions and believe in the best. Patience is the key to victory.

Starting over quotes

Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you are going to die today.

If you have set a goal, act immediately. Things need to be done, not endlessly pondered.

Self motivational card self motivational quotes Self motivational quotes self motivational card

One way to learn to do something right is to do it wrong at first.

Obstacles appear only when you are distracted from your goal.

To be successful, your desire for success must be bigger than your fear of failure.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always received.

Your only purpose in life is to become who you choose to be.

If you want to be successful, you should defy the rules. Without deviation from the norm, progress is impossible.

Avoid those people who are trying to lower your self-esteem. A great person, on the contrary, inspires you with the feeling that you can become great.

If you want to change your life for the better, try harder.

When you feel that your strength is running out – do not try to give up. Instead of thinking about your own fatigue, raise your head and pick up the pace.

If your acquaintances cannot succeed in life, then this is their personal problem. You should not apply other people’s failures to yourself.

The responsibility for achieving your goals lies entirely with you.

Better to aim for perfection and miss than aim for imperfection and hit.

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Birthday wishes for elder sister

Birthday messages for elder sister

An older sister is a wise mentor, helper, and reliable support in life. Surely you are responsible for choosing a gift for your older sister’s birthday. However, it is not enough just to buy a material thing. Words that come from a pure heart are no less important. On our website, you will find the most sincere and sincere birthday wishes for elder sister.

Birthday wishes for elder sister

Our magical birthday girl! I wish you success always and in everything! Let the Universe always generously endows you – and you, in turn, will give those around you warmth, tenderness and your radiance!

Happy birthday to my elder sister! Let everything that surrounds you be filled with the wonderful light of your kindness.

Birthday wishes for elder sister birthday wishes for elder sister Birthday wishes for elder sister birthday wishes for elder sister 1024x1024

May the next 365 days be happy and happy for you! Today I wish you not to be bored and get a lot of positive emotions. 

Sister, may your life be bright, like a cloudless morning, sunny, like a clear summer day, and carefree, like in childhood!

Let the fireworks of joy flare-up over you with bright lights! Be always loved, and remember that I am always with you, wherever you are!

Sister! May all sorrows go far on this day, and only the tender sun smiles at you in the morning.

Birthday greetings for elder sister birthday wishes for elder sister Birthday wishes for elder sister birthday greetings for older sister 1024x1024

Dear sister! Sometimes I don’t even believe that you have become such an adult. I wish you female happiness because it’s so great when you love your life and the whole world is open for you!

Sister, may incredible luck lead you by the hand along the easiest roads, on which there will be no barriers!

Birthday messages for elder sister

Today is your birthday. And it seems that today the sun is shining brighter, the birds are singing more melodiously, and everything around has changed. Stay always the same charming and enjoy everything that happens in your life!

Happy Birthday! I wish you to be the most beautiful, funniest and most successful in order to be fully armed to meet your prince on a white horse and charm him!

Sister, today is a great date, because on this day you were born! Just look ahead and remember that you are a wonderful girl and you deserve happiness!

No matter how many years have passed, I always remember about you. May such prosperity descend on you on this festive day that you yourself will be amazed at your luck!

Birthday image for elder sister birthday wishes for elder sister Birthday wishes for elder sister birthday image for elder sister 1024x1024

I wish you, sister, to feel like a happy person – which means to be able to love, dream, believe in the best and receive unexpected pleasant surprises from fate.

My wish for you, sister, is the following: be open to everything new and firmly believe in yourself, because all the ways are open for you now and you just have to choose the best one!

Birthday wishes for best friend female

Sister! Let only positive and benevolent people surround you. And finally: believe in yourself and your success – and your life will be transformed immediately.

Fate rewarded me by giving a sister like you! Continue to carry joy and love within you, and then the world will be at your feet!

Birthday card for elder sister birthday wishes for elder sister Birthday wishes for elder sister birthday card for elder sister 1024x1024

On your personal holiday, I wish you pleasant surprises, successful projects, and true friends! Let failure only temper you and become the engine for progress!

You don’t have to count your years today. Be glad that for another year you were happy, cheerful and healthy. Believe in the magic power of this day and feel free to make wishes.

On this beautiful day, when you have become a year older, I wish you to remain the same kind, sympathetic girl, and never lose heart.

How many joyful plans you have shared with me, sister. On your birthday, let me share with you the most intimate – love for you. Whatever happens – hold on, know that you are not alone.

This is a beautiful day, because you were born into the world! Go boldly your way, love yourself and enjoy every pleasant moment.

Sister, you are a faithful friend, helper and advisor. I love you very much and wish that your life is always filled with joyful events, new pleasant moments and positive impressions.

Old age sneaks up on you, sister! So quickly shoot it with a bottle of champagne, shower it with sweets, let it burst with laughter and choke with envy of your youth and beauty.

Dear sister! You are a special person to me. No matter what happens, you can always rely on me. Happy Birthday!

With no one in the world I have such a unity of souls as with you, sister. Life is fleeting and beautiful, enjoy it! 

Today you sparkle and decorate this world, like a delightful delicate flower! Always remain the same charming girl, let your eyes always shine with happiness and anticipation of miracles.

You are the most valuable and most precious thing that I have, sister. Keep in your soul faith in magic and a little childish naivety, and, of course, always be happy! 

More important than you, sister, there is no person in my life. Set a goal for yourself – and by the next birthday you will get even more joy, because everything planned will come true.

Sis, I want you not to know a reason to be upset for your whole birthday. May happiness never leave your heart, and goodness bloom in it.

My dear sister! Be as cheerful as a mountain stream, light as a bird, tender as a violet petal. May only good wizards meet in your life, presenting you with the most valuable gifts: intelligence, health and luck!

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I am sorry messages

I am sorry words

Sometimes it happens that quarrels arise between two people. And sometimes there are not enough words to express your regret for a certain act. A great solution is beautiful apology phrases that fit different situations. Even one small message can reconcile two people who have inadvertently quarreled. Say unmatched words of apology brightly. Here is a great collection of I am sorry messages.

I am sorry messages

I am ready to sacrifice a lot, just to make up for the scar of resentment on your heart. Let me touch this scar with my soul, begging for forgiveness.

Let me sew up your wound of resentment with the threads of sincere forgiveness. I hope that your trust in me is not lost.

I am sorry messages i am sorry messages I am sorry messages i am sorry messages 1024x1024

I know my act was terrible. But I believe that you will forgive me, because a heart that truly loves will still find a place in itself for forgiveness.

Forgive me if you find the strength for this. I will apologize until you believe in my remorse. 

Sorry for those hurtful words that flew from my lips in a fit of anger. Don’t take them personally. I am sincerely sorry for what I did.

My prayer for forgiveness, like a light breeze, will gently touch you and fly into heaven, in search of your forgiveness…

I am sorry sayings i am sorry messages I am sorry messages i am sorry sayings 1024x1024

I ask you one thing – be able to open your soul for forgiveness. I will not be able to be free as long as I am tormented by the pangs of my conscience. Deliver me from them.

Holding a grudge, you will forever extinguish the fire that burned in our hearts. Be able to forgive, and then we will be together, as before.

I am sorry sayings

Please do not hold grudges in your soul. Let all misunderstandings remain in the past, and your heart will become easy!

Having decorated our lives with bright colors, the artist suddenly decided to change the picture and added a black spot of resentment. Forgive me. Let’s get rid of this stain and find the long-awaited happiness?

You are my battery. Next to you I am charged with energy and desire to live. Do not deprive me of this happiness. I beg you, be able to forgive me…

Don’t be angry in vain. Let’s turn over this sad page of life, and start our relationship with a clean slate!

I am sorry image i am sorry messages I am sorry messages i am sorry image

Our world, woven of desires and fantasies, was overshadowed by my wrongdoing. I admit my guilt. Admit you, too, that your offense must be consumed by forgiveness.

My lies were like a thunderstorm, but your forgiveness will return us a clear palate in our relationship. Forgive me for all that I have done.

Sorry quotes for best friend

Let’s replay the last scene. I admit that I blabbed too much. Please come back.

My soul is covered with a dense layer of the snow of separation, which takes away all the warmth you have given me lately. Sorry. Don’t let me freeze.

I am sorry card i am sorry messages I am sorry messages i am sorry card

Our relationship is very important to me. And I want no grievances and disagreements to come between us. Most of all now I want to make peace with you!

There are no perfect people in the world, and I am no exception. Sorry for causing you so much inconvenience sometimes. I will try to fix it.

We sometimes want to stop time or turn it back. After all, we are people, and we tend to make mistakes. Only your kind heart will forgive me for my mistakes.

We are human beings, and sometimes we make mistakes for which we are ashamed. I made such a mistake recently … And now my soul is very bad. Please give me one more chance.

Life is too short to waste precious moments in meaningless quarrels. Forgive me! Let’s catch up as soon as possible!

I would like to turn back time and correct the error, but, unfortunately, this is unrealistic. Know, I am infinitely sorry for what I did.

I regret everything that I have done and I understand that nothing can be returned back! Just know that no matter how your fate turns, you can always rely on me.

Everything that I have done is difficult to understand, but I beg you to forgive me! I hope that you can still put everything back or start over.

I understand that I have been wrong more than once, but still I ask you to give me one more chance! A chance to fix everything and make you the happiest man in the world!

Tell me what do I need to do to make you forgive me? I know I disappointed you, but I miss you.

This message is my attempt to renew our relationship. I’m very sorry that this is how it turned out. I dream of bringing everything back.

Now there is the emptiness inside me and resentment against myself. I want to see your messages again, wait for the call and run to your meetings. Forgive me for the stupid wrongs.

If I could turn back time, I would never have made those mistakes. I am insanely sorry that my rash prank turned out that way.

I didn’t know that you would be offended so much, and it pains me to know that I am to blame for this quarrel. I promise that I will never commit any rash acts from now on.

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Get well messages for mom

get well wishes for mom
get well wishes for mom

There is nothing worse than a time when the person who is dear to you is sick. Especially, if it is mom. At this time, you do want to support her, wish her a speedy recovery and be always there. If there is no way to visit her, then you can cheer her up and convey your experiences with the help of original wishes for recovery. The ability to hold a loved one and cheer him up – all this can be solved with our help. On our site, the best get well messages for mom are collected, which combine the wishes of a speedy recovery, good health, as well as pleasant words of support.

Get well messages for mom

My mom is the strongest woman, which means that she will cope with her problems very quickly. Successful recovery of you! I love you!

Mom, you always looked after us but forgot about yourself. And now your body is malfunctioning. Promise me that this time you will follow the instructions of the doctors.

get well messages for mom get well messages for mom Get well messages for mom get well messages for mom 1024x1024

Mommy, you always looked after me when I was sick. And now it’s my turn to look after you. I promise to do my best for your speedy recovery!

I really want you not to worry about your condition, because all this will pass. Now, get enough sleep and gain strength. Get well soon!

Me, like any person, want my mother to be the healthiest and strongest. I wish you as much strength and energy as possible because you really need them now!

get well words for mom get well messages for mom Get well messages for mom get well words for mom 1024x1024

I don’t understand how you allowed your health to deteriorate so quickly. Now I want you to obey me and take medications in time, which will speed up the process of your recovery.

My mom is sick, which means that you neglected your health. I will take care of your treatment because you need to fight back this hated disease.

Get well wishes for mom

I can no longer look at you in this state! From now on, I will personally deal with your treatment. And let no more sore stick to my dear mother.

It’s time to talk about how you misbehaved since you allowed your health to deteriorate so much. I hope this does not happen again, because I value you, mom.

Mommy, I miss your lectures so much, and now you have almost no strength. I hope that you will take all your medications on time because your speedy recovery depends on it.

Mommy, I don’t want you to be sick … I wish you good health, which will never let you down!

get well card for mom get well messages for mom Get well messages for mom get well card for mom 1024x1024

Mommy, the image of a sick person does not suit you in any way. I won’t let you take care of your health so badly! Rather, let’s drink delicious tea that will give you strength.

Mommy, today you are sick, but you can be sure that in a few days you will already be full of strength and energy. I will do anything for you because I want you to get better faster.

I know that now you dream of getting to work as soon as possible. But trust that it’s not going anywhere, so you can rest assured. Now it’s time for you to take vitamins again because they help you recover faster.

Inspirational quotes about life and struggles

I wish a speedy recovery to my dear mom because she is sick now. I really want you to get better because I miss the spark that came from you earlier.

I really want this disease to leave you faster because I see how bad you are. Let no illness stop you from enjoying these wonderful and such sunny days.

Mom, how did you get sick? I want you to regain your strength as soon as possible because I miss you so much!

get well image for mom get well messages for mom Get well messages for mom get well image for mom 1024x1024

I’m worried about you, mom. I’ve never seen you feel so bad! I wish you to quickly gain vitality and energy because we want to see you joyful as before!

Mommy, I am very worried about you. I do not like the moments when you get sick, because you immediately become so weak. A speedy recovery to you!

A few days ago you got sick, and then I remembered that when I got sick, you left all your business to look after me. Know that I will not leave you, because you are my beloved mommy.

During the period when you are sick, you become so defenseless. But you can rest assured that I will look after you! I wish you a speedy recovery, which will be so easy that you will not even have time to notice.

Mom, I really want you to never get sick again! Know that your daughter is ready to take care of you around the clock so that you get better as soon as possible.

You’re so defenseless right now. I even feel sorry for you. But I’m sure you will feel better in a few days. Get well, mommy.

I want to wish you that this illness will leave you alone. I would like to wish you good health, as well as everything that can cheer you up.

I know how hard you endure these diseases, so I hope that everything will go away so quickly that you will not even notice. Now, gain strength and energy, because they will definitely come in handy.

Now you are not in the best condition … But I dream that everything will pass quickly and you will again delight us with your bursting laughter!

Your illness has taken away all your strength. But very soon your body will recover. I wish you everything that can please you in order to recover faster.

Mommy, you don’t have to worry about your illness, because in a few days you will feel better. I really want to wish you a great mood, thanks to which you can recover faster.

Your attitude should be fighting, because you have to fight back the hated disease. Mommy, I will do everything to help you recover as soon as possible.

My strongest mom is sick, but even now she makes us happy with her jokes and laughter. May your recovery go as quickly as possible, because I want you to forget about these tasteless medications and return to your normal routine.

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45th birthday wishes

45th birthday messages

At the age of 45, a person blooms anew with a more mature beauty. In addition, this is the period when children are already adults, and grandchildren are not always there. Therefore, a person has time to devote to himself. At 45, you can go on a journey, start a new hobby, open a new business – the main thing is not to sit still! Prepare for the holiday in advance by choosing a wish from our collection of 45th birthday wishes and congratulations.

45th Birthday Wishes

Happy 45th birthday! I wish you to live feeling pleasure and joy, radiating love and light. Let fate bring only pleasant surprises.

45 years is a wonderful age. This is a time of self-development and tremendous changes. So be healthy, strong in spirit and full of inspiration. May every new day bring joy and love bloom in your heart.

45th birthday wishes 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday wishes 1024x1024

Happy 45th birthday! With the most interesting period of your life! Color your life in bright colors! May the best happen and all dreams come true!

45 years is the age when you already stand firmly on your feet, confidently step forward and clearly see your goals. I wish to strive and achieve, wish and receive! Happy Birthday!

45 years is the age when experience and life wisdom are acquired. But at the same time, there is still young excitement and enthusiasm. May there always be this balance – wisdom, and craving for the unknown.

You are already 45, and this is the most beautiful age – the dawn of strength and creativity! May this year be fun, noisy, with lots of fireworks, bright colors, and gifts of fate!

45th birthday greetings 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday greetings 1024x1024

You are 45! Everyone can envy your achievements, but you do not stop there. I wish you to remain the same purposeful, persistent and energetic person.

You are already 45! But you have your whole life ahead of you. You are cheerful, courageous, and adventurous. So let your close people always support you in everything, and you have enough strength for all ideas!

45th birthday messages

 Happy 45th birthday! On your anniversary, I wish you with joy and inspiration to continue your journey, make your plans come true, and give the world your positive! Let all the stars be at your feet.

Happy 45th birthday, dear! May a loving family be always there! I wish you a life full of interesting events and an endless supply of vitality and strength!

45 years is the heyday. You have already achieved a lot, and there are still so many achievements ahead. Cherish what you have and do not let yourself be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Happy 45th Anniversary! May career and family flourish. Let happiness in every day you live become your motto.

45th birthday card 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday card 1024x1024

I sincerely congratulate you on your 45th birthday! Let all the flowers give you their fragrance, and each ray warms your heart! We wish you peace, light, sun!

Happy Holidays! You are forty-five years old today. And let it be wrong to all those who say that this is old age, because they just envy your beauty and wisdom. Congratulations!

Birthday blessings for friends

Each passed year is a step on the ladder of life. And today you have stepped on the 45th step! Let many more interesting, brilliant and bright steps call you into the future!

You have already passed 45 stages of experience, victories, and achievements, and each of them was unique. So let every new day bring pleasant little things and surprises into your life! Happy Birthday!

45th birthday image 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday wishes 45th birthday image 1024x1024

Happy Holidays! You are forty-five years old today. And let it be wrong to all those who say that this is old age, because they just envy your beauty and wisdom. Congratulations!

45 is not even half of life, but rather only a third of it! Therefore, I wish you not to be sad or sick! Let the desire to infect people around you with optimism and cheerfulness do not fade away in your soul!

Our dear 45-year-old! Give your positive and inspire the desire to imitate you! Live energetically, melodic and tasty in every sense of this word! Happy Holidays!

Today you are 45 years old, which means that you have already gained a lot: invaluable experience, wisdom and many friends! I wish that the fire of knowledge and aspirations only flares up every year.

45 years – the heyday of human life. We congratulate you on achieving a certain social status and great success. May happiness always be a constant companion on your life path.

Happy 45th birthday! We wish you a safe journey, surrounded by loyal friends and under a peaceful sky. Love, make friends, create, travel.

Congratulations on your 45th anniversary! May this wonderful and momentous day remind you of how much you are loved and respected.

Your 45 is a great holiday for all of us! I wish that the sources of happiness and warmth tirelessly bubbled up, filling your life with pleasant memories!

I would like to wish you to look at your age easily and naturally, because 45 is the time when life begins to boil with renewed vigor, enriching the experience of past years!

Happy 45th birthday to you! A wonderful time, because these are years of rich experience and achieving goals! Let this invaluable experience help you to realize your most cherished dreams!

We wish you to look at your age easily and naturally, because 45 is the time when life begins to boil with renewed vigor, enriching the experience of past years!

Congratulations on a wonderful anniversary. We wish you to always remain the same amazingly cheerful, bright woman who makes others smile and become kinder.

We wish you on your 45th birthday that inspiration and vitality are always in full swing! May there always be health, strength, and luck, and all problems can be easily solved!

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75th birthday wishes

75th birthday messages

Usually, celebrating his 75th birthday, the jubilee invites all relatives and friends living in the distance. Indeed, not every day such date as the 75th anniversary is celebrated! Meeting at the table with such dear guests, the jubilee forgets about his age, indulging in the memories of his youth. That is why, as a guest, it is so important for you to prepare your congratulatory speech in advance. You can find lots of original 75th birthday wishes for this special anniversary on our website.

75th Birthday Wishes

Today you are 75 years old! This is the age of wisdom, universal respect and honor. So let the sympathetic and caring and beloved people always be around.

The number 75 is very solid, like the person who has his birthday today! Keep your spark and joy of life! Thanks for your experience and advice.

75th birthday wishes 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday wishes 1024x1024

Happy 75th Anniversary! With an important, special, significant date! Let your wisdom, experience and knowledge find their fans and followers!

Happy 75th anniversary dear! I wish you every day to experience the thirst for life and the feeling of sincere joy that you are living a fulfilling life!

You are 75 years old today! I wish you to glow with happiness, joy and pleasure! Let the burning interest in life not fade away, and positive emotions inspire new life exploits!

75 years is a huge wealth that not everyone has in life! Everything that was, is and will be – everything is valuable and unique! I wish you to remain in this wealth and live it for many more years!

75th birthday card for friend 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday card for friend 1024x1024

Our dear birthday boy! Today you are 75 years old! Rejoice in the rain and sun, wind and thunder. Accept the gifts of life with gratitude and be blessed!

May fate on your 75th birthday present you with all possible honors, give you spiritual and heartfelt warmth, warding off bad weather. Let joy and health not leave you.

75th birthday messages

At your 75 years old, we wish you strong and lasting health. Let your life experience help in any situation, and your wisdom help you make the right decisions.

Happy 75th anniversary! We wish you only positive emotions and pleasant moments, not only on this day, but forever! Good health and only a positive attitude!

75 years is a golden date, and I congratulate you and wish you to always burn with your soul, like a torch, illuminating and warming everyone around!

Happy 75th birthday! How many trials fell in life – and you remained strong, cheerful, setting an example for the young. I wish you to receive congratulations from your great-grandchildren on your centenary!

75th birthday image 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday image 1024x1024

Today you have a wonderful holiday, behind you – seven and a half decades. I wish you good health, more strength and energy in order to continue enjoying this wonderful life.

My dear old lady, we have lived such a long life with you! Happy 75th birthday! Let the path of happiness continue to wind along the path of good luck.

50th birthday wishes for mom

The sun is in a hurry to wish you a happy birthday, and I join! 75 is a solid figure and beautiful, an indicator that the mission has been completed. We wish you health and longevity!

My dear old lady! Happy Birthday to You! I wish you health, fortitude, and flexibility in your body! Let only joy and love accompany you!

75th birthday greeting 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday wishes 75th birthday greeting 1024x1024

Happy 75th anniversary to you! May this beautiful day of the anniversary allow you to relive the most pleasant and unchanging memories!

Congratulations on your anniversary! 75 years is three times 25, let the soul always remain 25, and the body also strives for this age.

Happy 75th birthday to you! We wish you to celebrate many more anniversaries and always keep your health and strength. Let your relatives come to visit more often!

Happy 75th Anniversary! Long life, early morning freshness and good spirits. Let health not fail, relatives visit more often, and everything conceived is fulfilled at the same moment.

Happy 75th birthday, my beloved old lady! Let the capricious fate graciously fulfill all your whims, and the optimism and desire to live will not dry out for many years. Happy anniversary!

As a bright autumn bouquet, be beautiful in any mood and outfit! Delight those around you with optimism and good spirits. Happy 75th Anniversary!

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in getting to the 75th anniversary. But before us is a lucky break. Congratulations on an important date to a wonderful person with a bright and interesting destiny. We wish you further progress and a lot of health.

Happy 75th Anniversary! We wish you many years to come, early morning freshness and good spirits. Let health not fail, relatives visit more often, and everything conceived is fulfilled at the same moment.

7 dozen and another 5 years – a beautiful combination of numbers. And what incredible stories lie behind these numbers! We wish on the 75th anniversary of good health, not fading, not to lose mental alertness and love of life.

Today we have gathered for a really wonderful occasion – it is 75 years of an interesting personality. We wish you to have what goals to follow in the future.

Our dear! Today is your 75th birthday! Being in the company of someone like you is precious and memorable. Let life bring warmth from loved ones, joy from communication, pleasant little things, and health remains strong.

Today you are 75 years old, but you are still full of determination and enthusiasm, and these character traits have always inspired us. Sincere and most honorable congratulations to the hero of the day!

Happy 75th Anniversary! I wish that your heart will always be calm, may there be peace in it and may there be calm grace around it too!

Anniversary 75 years! The number 75 itself says a lot. And yet the number 100 sounds incomparably better, and I wish you the same confident and reliable way to reach your centenary!

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5th birthday wishes

5th birthday greetings

It’s easy to congratulate a child on his fifth birthday if you pick up a few ready-made congratulations in advance in our selection of 5th birthday wishes. Here you will find the sweetest and most tender wishes for a little birthday girl, or serious and courageous congratulations for a little knight. After all, what number can be more important for a child than five? At the age of five, children expect miracles from their birthdays! And they will surely happen if you start the holiday with congratulations selected on our website!

5th Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to you, adorable and wonderful child. You are already 5 years old! I wish you never lose your curiosity and mischief.

You are the best child in the world for us. Today you are 5 years old, which means that soon you will go to school. I want you to grow up a happy girl, so that you never feel sad, that your eyes always shine.

5th birthday image 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday image 1024x1024

You are already 5 years old and there is a whole world of hobbies, fairy tales and joy in front of you. I wish you never get tired, play with interest and get to know the world around you!

In your beautiful 5 years, I wish you that there are always many fun ideas in your head, that your every day gives you funny games, that your life is always happy and your childhood is carefree.

Your parents were the happiest people in this world when you were born. They always said that you are their pride. We wish you a lot of funny friends, new toys and reasons for laughter.

Congratulations to the birthday man on the first anniversary in his life! First of all, we hasten to wish him health, because for parents it is always in the first place. And may the good wizard fulfill all the wishes of our little treasure!

5th birthday messages

You have a real holiday today because it’s not just a birthday. You have your first serious Anniversary today. A delicious cake was prepared for you today. You must make a wish, and it will certainly come true.

Our baby will celebrate his first anniversary today. Today you are already 5 years old, and this is already a lot. I wish you never cry, not to be sad and not to get sick, because we love you very much.

5th birthday messages 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday messages 1024x1024

I congratulate our dear birthday boy on this important event. I remember how 5 years ago your parents were happy that their son was born. It seems that it was quite recently. May all your childhood be happy and carefree!

Wonderful child, you are already 5 years old! There are many victories ahead of you. I wish you, as in a fairy tale, beautiful miracles, interesting hobbies, and happy days.

I hasten to congratulate our mischievous five-year-old boy. New and exciting adventures await you. The doors to the magical land of new knowledge will soon open before you. I wish you always study well and not upset your parents.

Birthday boy! Congratulations on your first anniversary! May they give you five times as many gifts, and today’s holiday will be five times more fun and interesting than you expected.

5th birthday card 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday card 1024x1024

Our little boy is growing so fast! It would seem that you were born only yesterday … And today you are already 5 years old. I wish you to always remain a cheerful child who never sits still and is constantly busy with interesting things.

Kid! This is your first serious Anniversary, which is why so many people gathered at your celebration today. I wish you to be a diligent child for your parents and just a happy person on this planet.

3rd birthday wishes

5 years is a wonderful age and a reason for funny tricks, exciting ideas, and mischievous undertakings. I wish you ringing laughter, bright sun and an excellent mood. 

You are 5 years old today! You grow up as a well-rounded boy who is interested in everything that happens in the world. I wish you one thing: to always be a cheerful and happy boy.

5th birthday wishes 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday wishes 5th birthday wishes 1024x1024

You are 5 years old, and this is a great time for children’s independence and carefree fun. I wish you to remain a mischievous and restless miracle for your family and always believe in good fairy tales.

You are 5 years old, this is the time for fun games and new knowledge. I wish you to obey your elders and not be afraid in your discoveries. May your life path always be illuminated with the light of joy and good luck.

Congratulations, kid, you are 5 years old today. Let good fairy tales take you to the land of dreams, and exciting walks make your everyday eventful.

I congratulate the wonderful child on the anniversary of a happy childhood. May this world be colorful and joyful in your 5 years. I wish that the adventures in your life do not end.

Congratulations, our little miracle! You are 5 years old today. I wish you to enjoy life and make discoveries, have fun playing and learn something new.

A wonderful date – 5 years. Accept congratulations and gifts soon. I wish life to please you every day with delicious sweets, funny games, parental love, mysterious adventures and fun hobbies.

Dear baby, you are 5 years old today. You grew up so quickly, you made a lot of friends. Let every day discover something new and interesting for you.

I congratulate you on your 5th birthday. I wish you quick catch-ups with friends, wonderful fairy tales on the pages of fascinating books and in your colorful life.

On your 5th birthday, I wish there will always be a rainbow outside the window, the sun will always be bright, the weather – warm, and the laughter – cheerful. Be a happy, cheerful, smart and healthy child!

Dear child, I congratulate you on your 5th birthday. I wish you success in everything because there is such a bright and happy life ahead.

Nice child, congratulations on your 5th birthday. I wish you funny soap bubbles, colorful balloons, funny ideas, more interesting riddles, and sweet moments in your life.

At your five years old, I wish you more happy emotions! Let your eyes shine with happiness as often as possible, because this world is so beautiful!

Congratulations on the 5th birthday of a wonderful child! I wish your stormy imagination to paint the world in all rainbow shades. May all the kindest and most wonderful things happen to you.

5 years is the first round date in my life. I wish that your grasping memory amazed and delighted. Laugh, play, have fun and be positive yourself!

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50th birthday wishes for mom

50th birthday messages for mom

Looking for congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your mom? On our site, you will find the best collection of 50th birthday wishes for mom. Congratulate your mother on her anniversary with a beautiful poem or cool congratulations in prose. Choose what you like and send in a message, or even better, congratulate her personally. Your mom will be delighted to receive a beautiful congratulation on her personal holiday!

50th birthday wishes for mom

My mother is not only the most beautiful mother in this world but also my best friend! Today I wish you a Happy Birthday! I wish you to live long years in prosperity!

Mommy! Let your eyes always shine with happiness, because it is this radiance that inspires our whole family to strive for the best. Happy anniversary!

50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 1024x1024

Mommy, thank you for your boundless love. On your birthday, I wish you to always remain the same as today: cheerful, surrounded by family and friends, beautiful and blooming!

50 years is just a little and, at the same time, a whole life. But no matter how old you are, you will still be the best and most beautiful mother for me.

Mom, happy anniversary! Tears are sparkling in your eyes, but I know they are tears of happiness. You have a worthy life partner, you have raised your children with dignity. Be healthy and enjoy every moment of life.

Mommy! Let the anniversary in your bottomless eyes kindle sparks of radiant happiness! I promise that your divine guardian angel and I will protect you from unexpected troubles and carry you more often in our arms!

50th birthday greetings for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday greetings for mom 1024x1024

Mom, thank you for coming to this world fifty years ago. After all, without you, there would be no me. I believe that we will celebrate many more of your anniversaries. May everything in the world bring you joy!

Mommy … How many nights did you devote to us, your children? Today we say thank you with great love. Let life give you only pleasant surprises. Happy 50th Anniversary!

50th birthday messages for mom

Mom – you are my most faithful friend and advisor. Let your destiny be the most successful. And don’t forget to keep your heart open to your dreams. Happy 50th birthday to you!

Mom, on your anniversary, I wish you that with each new day you become only healthier, happier and more successful! May every day of your life be the best!

On your anniversary, I wish you a thousand wishes every day. May you always have the strength for household chores, and may your rest bring new strength and unforgettable memories!

Mom is the dearest person. And today this dear person is celebrating his 50th anniversary. Let the sun always shine in your life, there will always be a reason to smile, and we promise to never upset you and surround you with care!

50th birthday card for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday card for mom 1024x1024

Mommy! Every day and every minute, throughout your life, you gave me your love! On your 50th birthday, I wish you to continue to dream, believe, and know that there are still many good years of life ahead of you!

What a bright, sunny day today! And all because, mom, it’s your anniversary. Be happy every day, live without burdensome worries and unnecessary troubles, and I will help you with this. 

Happy 50th birthday wishes

Mom is a warmth and happiness. My dear, on this holiday, I wish that there will not be trouble in your life, and tears will come out only for joy.

For every inhabitant of our planet, there is no person dearer than mom. That is why, today, postponing all matters, I hasten to congratulate you on your anniversary! Let there be fewer global problems and minor troubles, and more incredible events.

50th birthday image for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday wishes for mom 50th birthday image for mom 1024x1024

I want to say the most important words that are always so hard to say. Mom, I love you. Thanks for all. Happy 50th anniversary!

How much we know that mom is the dearest person in the world, and how little we do to make her smile. Forgive me this, Mom! I hope you will accept my sincere congratulations on your holiday!

Mommy! May the circle outlined by this date become your protection and reliably protect you from the hardships of life, and health and luck never leave the limits of your circle. Happy Holidays!

Mommy, happy anniversary! Thank you for the inspiration, thank you for your kind smiles, and for your boundless love! But most of all thank you for my life! I wish you not to know troubles and disappointments!

You are my dearest person in the world because, without you, there would be no me. It was you, mom, who taught me to be who I am now. Congratulations on your 50th birthday, be happy!

I cannot express in words what my heart is telling me. After all, you mean unthinkably much to me … I wish you to be the same as you have always been to me: the best! Happy anniversary!

50 years is that wonderful age when life flows into a new channel, when all difficulties are behind, and only a life full of happiness lies ahead. I wish your health to always be as strong as my love for you.

You are already 50 years old. Let the calendar inexorably turn the pages of days, but your old age is still so far away. I wish you to live in health and with a clear mind for the same number of years.

Mommy! I thank God for giving this world a person like you. You are my compass for life. May happiness, wealth, and health never pass you by.

50 years is a great date! Let all worries disappear around because we have organized this holiday for you. Live, smile, and regret nothing.

In your 50s, you still smell of warmth and happiness. Today is the day when you simply have to rest. Let the bad weather remain only outside the window, and in the house, there is always peace and love.

Mommy! Today you are 50 years old, but do not let this sadden you! May good luck come to your house every morning, happiness will surely visit you in the afternoon, and the evening calls to your window all the stars that fulfill your desires!

Mommy, you have an anniversary today. You have never liked this holiday because you do not want to grow old at all. But you don’t need to be sad anyway. After all, happiness lies in the little things! I wish you find it daily.

Mommy! You are a bright star for me, illuminating the life path of our entire family. Live without grief and sadness and may your home always be filled with holiday regardless of the date on the calendar or the season.

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Little girl quotes

little girl sayings

A little girl is an image of a child who is not afraid of anything, looks ahead with interest and still believes in miracles. How we sometimes lack these qualities in adulthood! We stop believing in fairy tales, in a better life, and in the fact that everything will work out. Our site has selected the best little girl quotes. Read, be inspired, and never neglect the desires of your inner child!

Little girl quotes

A little girl in the house is a bunch of pink hairpins, elastic bands, dresses and a lot of happiness.

Every little girl is a princess. And it can’t be otherwise.

little girl quotes little girl quotes Little girl quotes little girl quotes 1024x1024

I cannot love someone more than the one who calls me mommy.

If you have a daughter, you become happy. Immediately.

My little daughter doesn’t have to be strong. She must be affectionate.

A little girl is a bright sun. Who else can smile so beautifully?

little girl thoughts little girl quotes Little girl quotes little girl thoughts 1024x1024

Yes, she keeps me awake, but at the same time she gives me an incentive to move on.

Every mother should remember that one day her little daughter will follow her example and not her advice.

Little girl sayings

The only girl that I will carry in my arms from the first minutes of our meeting is my daughter!

There is no greater joy for old people than a daughter. At least until the little granddaughter appears.

A girl shouldn’t be obedient. She should be happy.

A little girl is of great value not only for parents but also for all relatives.

little girl card little girl quotes Little girl quotes little girl card 1024x1024

My little girl calls me mom. And from this happiness, I suffocate.

Daughter is too harsh a word. I have a little girl, a little princess, but already a very big dream.

Happiness has settled with us for a long time. And all because our daughter was born.

Quotes about kids growing up

Even though any daughter is very similar to her mother, she is still unique.

Try to get better every day. Just to set the right example for your daughter.

little girl image little girl quotes Little girl quotes little girl image 1024x1024

She will grow up, and we will gossip with her about guys. But let’s not tell Dad anything!

Even if someday we do not understand each other, I will still love her, my little girl.

As soon as you look at your daughter, every time you think: how did you live without her at all?

It’s always nice to hear a timid “love”. Especially if your little daughter said it …

Love your little girls, because they feel all your emotions!

You are a good mother if your daughter trusts you with her secrets.

Have a daughter? Forget saving, but get ready for true love!

Happiness is lying on the edge of the sofa, while there is a little girl in the center, and this is your daughter!

The weak point of the father is his little girl, his own daughter.

Do everything so that your little daughter dreams for a longer time and believes for a longer time that dreams can come true.

Her childish heart clings to me, and I clearly understand: she loves me more than anyone else in the world.

I believe that my baby is the most beautiful girl. And I will not allow her to doubt it even for a second.

If you want to be surprised every day, look no other way. Give birth to a daughter!

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3rd birthday wishes

3rd birthday image

Is your child celebrating his third birthday? How to congratulate him on the holiday, so that it brings joy to both the baby and his parents? The easiest way is to draw a congratulatory poster and add your congratulations to the funny photos of the birthday boy. You can find lots of 3rd birthday wishes on our website. This birthday will be unforgettable and very fun for all its participants!

3rd birthday wishes

For three years, the baby has already been decorating our world, making it more beautiful. Let her learn new things and grow up as an inquisitive and clever baby.

You have been living in the world for only 3 years, but during these 3 years you have taught us so much. You taught us to be happy from small little things – from your smile, hugs, compliments. Happy Birthday to You! I wish to carry this through all your life.

3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday wishes 1024x1024

As for me, 3 years old is the most wonderful age. I wish your life will be like a fairy tale. Give love to your parents, because they love you madly.

Happy third birthday to you, baby! You give happiness to your loved ones and become more judicious. I wish you to continue to know this world with all its colors.

You grow and do not get tired of surprising us every day. It is impossible to remember all the pranks and funny words that you say. Happy Birthday! Remember only the good.

Today you are three years old, you are already a very big girl! Blossom, delight your family with a charming smile and ringing laughter. Happy Birthday!

3rd birthday quotes 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday quotes 1024x1024

As a gentle ray of the sun descends from the sky, so three years ago you illuminated our life with a new light! We wish you more bright days and new discoveries!

Congratulations to you, angel, on your third birthday! Grow up happy, give us smiles and joy! May you succeed easily and joyfully!

3rd birthday messages

Happy third birthday! With each of your years, the world will open up for you from a new side. I wish you to be smart, obey your parents and be friendly.

Three years have passed since our angel was born! We wish your life to blossom every day and be as pure as the azure sky. On this day, have fun, give everyone smiles and accept gifts!

You are 3 years old today! Let your loved ones present long-awaited gifts with which you will be happy to play!

Three-year-old, I wish only joy to your eyes, a smile shining on your pretty face! May you have the most beautiful and delicious cake with candles on your birthday!

3rd birthday messages 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday messages 1024x1024

Sweet baby! The world is beautiful, but you, having been born, made it even better. All the best!

I hasten to congratulate the charming girl on her 3rd birthday. May you always have a magic wand at hand that will fulfill all your wishes and dreams.

Birthday messages for niece

Princess, I wish you to be smiling and give happiness to your family. Make friends with the kids and let your life be full of funny hobbies. Happy 3rd birthday to you!

Congratulations, baby, on your third birthday. I want your parents to raise you a real, sincere and fair child. Remember that you are the most adorable girl.

3rd birthday card 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday wishes 3rd birthday card 1024x1024

Our beautiful ray of light! Happy 3rd birthday to you! Be happy and develop beyond your years.

Congratulations to the sweet berry on its third birthday! I want your life to be sweet, dreams to be the most incredible, and joyful emotions overwhelmed every new day.

You are 3 years old today, and I congratulate you with a smile. Let today be a day full of bright events!

Happy third birthday to the little princess! Together with the sea of positiveness, love and gifts, catch our wishes! Enchant us all with just one look, from which we melt like toffee in your palms!

Baby, you are already three years old, and you are like a magical little fairy from a good fairy tale! Let the world around you be a kind, wonderful fairy tale in which fairies live and fulfill all bright dreams.

I want to thank the Lord for the fact that you were born. With every cell of my body, I wish that your carelessness, cheerfulness and full feeling of happy security remain with you forever.

Today is filled with bustle and preparation for your birthday. How I want to devote every minute of this day to you! Be the queen of every day.

Congratulations on your 3rd birthday! You are a beautiful, cheerful and responsive girl! Be sure to keep these features in yourself. Do not be sick, do not be sad and know that your family loves you very much!

My dear girl, at your three years old I would like to wish you to always keep love in your heart. Being a kind person is difficult. But it is this trait that will attract good people to you and surround you with real friends.

Our dear little man! We, your relatives, want all the flowers to be at your feet. Let all desires come true. Happy 3rd anniversary!

My baby, beloved three-year-old! Let your excellent mood not fade away, and no difficult moments allow you to stumble and go astray.

My adorable baby! You have been with us for 3 years! Stay the same carefree, naughty and lively girl! Enjoy life to the fullest!

Our dear child, you are becoming an adult girl! May loneliness and sorrow, blinded by your laughter, find no way to you. Happy 3rd anniversary!

My dear girl! You are lovely and pure. Let miracles happen every minute. Let a fairy tale live in your soul, and let reality please you with achievements and success.

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